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I am not YOU!

I am not YOU!

As we walked in the woods
You saw dry leaves and tall trees
I heard birds chirp and colorful wings that fly high

As we walked in the heavy crowds
You saw human bodies rushing
I saw emotions and feelings flashing

As we walked in the beach sand
You were focusing on the sunset and the boat shadows
I looked back and watched our foot prints and grinned

As we held our hands and walked side by side
Night, Rain, Lights, Rainbow, Glossy sparkles
Shiny objects, rusted buildings, classy cakes
Our Experience is unique
Our Emotions are niche
Our Feelings are unparalleled

Two beating hearts
Four curious eyes
Same yet different
I am YOU
Yet, I am not YOU!

~ Savvy


Silent Musing!

I saw peace
I saw war
I saw love
I saw hate
I saw people live
I saw people extinct
I saw movement
I saw death
I saw rebirth
I saw greed
I saw nature bleed
I faced life
I felt life
I still stand straight
I still attract
Past, Present and Future
I am here to stay
You can’t skip me whatever it may!

– A building’s silent musing

~ Savvy

Pic: Cambridge, MA


Bazaar of life

In the bazaar of life
Love is one way
Hate is two way!

As I stroll on the streets
I see people next to me
Not beside me

I see wide smiles
Heavy hearts
Some hide tears
And some smiles

Same road same path
Different expectations
Multiple experiences

It was never the same day
It was never the same night
It’s better be a crooked line than flat!

~ Savvy



You see these wrinkles on my face
they are happy lanes
The scars are memory lanes

As I age gracefully, my eyes wandered
every street of life
Eye lids widened on strange streets
And closed to feel known houses

Seasons changed their identities
Climates changed their directions
Hair changed its attitude
Nevertheless my smile was adamant to change

As I age gracefully, my smile learned
The tricks of impressing people miles apart
My laugh echoed right expressions

When I cried, my tears were comforted by smile
When I am alone, my thoughts were comforted by tears
Thought expression of emotions is a milestone,
I was wrong, it’s called Maturity, period

When I met happiness, sorrows in the mid of
Cross junction, I controlled myself, and my feelings
I was told, we are responsible for who we are
I was told, it’s YOU who can control your feelings, emotions, expressions and reactions

As I age gracefully, I mastered the art
The art of being Mature
The art of choosing battles
The art of graceful aging
The art of ageless grace!

~ Savvy



When it was raining, I wished to be next to you
When you were next to me, it rained
Feelings didn’t change much but
The time indeed! ~ Savvy


Thoughts …

Spray of water in my eyes
Ray of sun shine in my house
Gush of breeze in my garden
Splash of memories in my mind
Bring best times alive
Makes me to relive!

Life is good!


!!The Glass Cube!!

I am in a cube of glass
I can see the world
World can watch me


As the crowd dancing
Holding a glass in the hands
The sparkles of their teeth
Illuminated the dark

Radium bands, high volumes, tipsy groves
Took them to roads they were never before
Lost in their own world
Forgot their physical presence

The blonde, the brunette, the redhead
The fade, the Mohawk, the undercut
Everyone looked the same
with that masquerade sham

Hourglass was passing regally
I was seeing the world
World didn’t notice me
A pair of eyes and their curious looks
Bothered less to the careless crowd
Who lost in the entertainment fountain

As the party reached its zenith
Crowd turned into Zombies
The dark uninvited the light
Callousness captured the kind
Reality snubbed the fantasy

I saw crowd coming towards me
I smiled, I got the rage back
Break the glass cube
Cheers to bloody glasses
Cried all Zombies

I waited, waited, and waited
For the world to look at me
For the first time, it watched me
Alas, pity was my position
Gosh, cruelty was their disposition

They smelled empathy
They smelled compassion
They want to nib mercy
They want to slice big-heart

The glass cube started flying high
As they came closer
My hands prayed God
To take me out of this situation

Suddeny I saw a beautiful tiny brightness
Light that froze Zombies tight
A little girl with golden hair and flowery crown
Transcending straight into the glass cube
As I stared at her in awe
She hugged me and said, “I am called LOVE”

I am with those who sees me in others
I am with those who expects me the least
Let me take you to the world you belong
I am LOVE, I am with you forever

I am in a cube of glass
With entire world watching me!
With the world itself next to me!

~ Savvy

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