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Katama Rayudu

The Movie: Katama Rayudu


Caption:  Just the name is enough

Savvy’s Rating: 3.25 / 5

Zephyr: An entertaining movie ; Director handled PK well.

Brush off:

  1. Shruti Hassan looked different and unrecognizable (compared to her previous movies) ; her costumes in all songs were disastrous
  2. Obvious glitches like 1) when the kid is missed at the temple, why can’t family call her and fretting bad whereas Katama calls her to play hide and seek ; 2) didn’t have proper closure of Radia and his son’s story
  3. Wonder why all brothers were asked to have beards and only Katama is clean shaven; this ended up other brothers looking stale and older in front of Katama
  4. Many fighting scenes and some are real barbaric
  5. Not a fan of showing JanaSena logo in the movie. Suggestion to PK: keep movies and politics separate. It gives clarity to YOU and People. Else there comes a day where people don’t vote if they are miffed up with your flop movie ; they boycott your movie, if they are unhappy with your political career. You will be in catch22 situation. Oh btw, you are creating this situation, dude!  😉

Savvy’s Rede:

A movie must be embraced and loved by all, if it stands by its primary motive which is to provide entertainment. Katama fits the bill.  

Story in a nutshell:

Remake of Tamil movie, Veeram, but customized to enhance political aspirations and enlarge commercial image of Pawan Kalyan. It’s a treat for fans and a good entertainer for rest of the audience.

Movie starts off with 5 aged brothers with no aspirations of marriage. Of which, elder brother is treated as God. As it revealed, 3 of his brothers are secretly in love.  It reminds you of “Peddarikam” movie. Before one could jump into conclusions, things change as the story moves along. Katama is known for his ferocious handling of enemies and compassion for poor and the needy. There comes a love interest in his life by name Avantika, who’s is a fan of nonviolence. As the love tryst getting serious, Katama’s enemies list is growing.

Whether Katama leaves his violent behavior? Whether Avantika accepts Katama as he is or expects him to change for her? What happens to Katama’s enemies? Is there any story behind Katama’s life? Watch the move onScreen to get answers.

What worked well:

  1. I have immense respect for the Directors who handle big heroes, especially PK. Kishore Kumar Pardasani (aka Dolly) got most out of PK in a controlled manner. You would see PK’s performance to the point showing varied versions of Katama like mature version, silly version, and romantic version 
  2. I loved watching PK in a love proposing scene. His eyes, more than his body language, were perfectly captured / set to express the love. My fav scene from the movie
  3. Supporting characters have given their genuine performance. Of all brothers, my vote goes to Ajay. He just outdid his character ; Rao Ramesh has done tremendous job but sadly his role was not fully justified and left unfulfilling
  4. Few songs are good. I liked “Emo Emo” written by Ananth Sriram
  5. Veeram was a super duper hit in Tamil. Betting on a remake, with PK as the Lead, is a safe bet. Can’t ask more. Producers and Distributors are happy. I have a feeling that this movie will continue to rake the profits. Let’s see if Bahubali 2 can stop Katama

Savvy’s Punch:

Watch it with your friends and family.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart– Entire cast and the crew 

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Gautamiputra Satakarni

The Movie: Gautamiputra Satakarni


Caption:  A Hero is reborn through a motion picture

Savvy’s Rating: 5 / 5

Zephyr: The movie itself and the efforts of those who are involved in this great masterpiece

Brush off: Repetitive use of war zone sequences but can be ignored totally 

Savvy’s Rede:

War is a progeny of power. A victory calls for bloodbath and so does the loss. The thirst for power is not always for greed though. And a War gives us not just a Winner and a Loser. During this crisis, Heroes emerge too. A Hero is a common man with uncommon vision. A Hero who thinks beyond personal benefit. A Hero who adopts people beyond his family. A Hero who grows with an ambition to make the world a better place to live. 

Didn’t we learn, few sacrifices are acceptable to benefit the bigger number!?!?

This movie certainly makes a few to read more about Gautamiputra Satakarni and Satavahana Rulers related history.

Story in a nutshell:

It’s a story of a Satavahana Ruler from 2nd Century  (see wiki: who wished for a boundary-less, wealthy kingdom. HIs name is Gautamiputra Satakarni means son of Gautami whose name is Satakarni. It appears like all his successors had their names recognized by their mothers. It was a privilege given to Mothers and their unconditional motherhood. He had defeated greedy kings for the welfare of the people. His aim is to have seamless developments and unity under his rule.

This movie has a time machine that takes you to view the pain of wars, life during ancient times, physically strong men as soldiers, their fate in the war zone, manual war equipment, greedy invasions, entertainment in that era, etc. It’s like you putting on virtual reality glasses on to go through various emotions.

What worked well:

  1. Impressive homework on the Ruler that had resulted in effective story building bringing to surface unknown historical facts, architecture and civilization
  2. Equally impressive Screenplay to project on screen the story as per the script and bringing many forgotten characters alive
  3. Outstanding Art and Cinematography that complements Director’s vision ; they are simple, flawless and inter-knitting to the story
  4. Brilliant – seamless – Graphics that adds to the grandeur of the story
  5. Commendable and thoughtful Music that fits the timely flow
  6. Telugu language has command and its demand is de-glorified over the years. Punchy and impactful dialogues given to key characters were indeed laudable and shows the experience and knowledge of the language by the Writer
  7. Daring decision of the Hero to do this highly prestigious and risky role and carrying it gracefully throughout
  8. Bold action of the Producers to make a movie on a Telugu Ruler in this generation
  9. This movie is a Director’s baby where in everything was presented to the audience in an engaging way without digressing from the aim of the movie i.e., bringing Gautamiputra Satakarni, the forgotten hero of Telugu, into our lives. It appears like all characters were Director’s actors. No traces of loose ends or under quality at any given point, despite this movie made in short span. Yes, few passionate teams can make classics in 73 days. This movie will be in the Tollywood’s timeline forever and it deserves that respect

Savvy’s Punch:

Savvy Certified Movie. Watch it with your friends and families.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheartheartheart– Entire cast and the crew

Review written by Bharathi-putrika: Savvy (భారతీ పుత్రిక సావి)

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The Movie: Dhruva


Caption:  Solid enemy to a perfect villain

Savvy’s Rating: 3.50 / 5 (because of solid story)

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, and Actors 

Brush off: N/A

Savvy’s Rede:

Humans seek thrill. Some by killing people and other by killing emotions. There is another set of people who seek thrill by inviting problems into their life. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Like special people, we get a rendezvous with special stories too. Forget about acting, where audience fall in love with the talents of the writer.

Dhruva, remake of Tamil hit flick “Thani Oruvan”, should be appreciated for the creative story in the recent times. The writer mentions about how Hero picks his target over routine reverse pick. A solid foundation in the characters, a gripping narration of the story and perfect ending are the assets of the story.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Dhruva is an intelligent Police Officer who always want to reach to the roots of evil system to destroy it forever. An eccentric mind who always sees something extra than the normal ones in any situation. Dhruva with his friends bursts a girl trafficking gang when they are still undergoing Police Training. After taking the charge as Police Officer, he comes across a road side murder which looks as a mere chain snatching crime initially. Dhruva works in the background the details of the case and finds that Sidharth Abhimanyu is the main villain who’s doing many illegal activities in the guise of a scientist. He is also related to the trafficking case.

Dhruva wants to counter back Sidharth Abhimanyu in 8 possible ways so that his underworld is collapsed for good. Dhruva’s thought process in identifying right enemy to deal with and Sidharth’s fascination for Dhruva and his efforts to beat Dhruva’s moves is something to watch on screen. It’s like two giants head-butting and only one will emerge as a winner. It appeared like film crew has taken extra care not to have flavors of a remake and yet deliver a hit. And they achieved the goal. 

Arvind Swamy is very appealing and impressed with his acting, charm and the smile. Surprisingly, Charan has shown improved performance in this movie. His dedication is shown explicitly. He tried more to prove himself and reassure Tollywood that he’s here to stay to give sensible movies in future.

What worked well:

  1. Story is the hero of the movie
  2. If not Arvind Swamy, Jagapathi Babu would have been the perfect match. Wonder what makes Tollywood to import actors, when we have our own talent. Hero’s friends were given meaty roles. Navdeep as one of the friends has given a good show. Posani outdid his character
  3. Dialogues are good at times. Like “our capacity is known by the enemy we pick”, “what would you do alone by killing all of your people” etc.  
  4. Songs are good and hummable

Savvy’s Punch:

You can comfortably watch once. Paisa Wasool.

Savvy’s Hearts:

hearthearthearthalfheart– Story and the Team


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Manyam Puli

The Movie: Manyam Puli (Hero of the village)


Caption:  Natural with wild fragrance

Savvy’s Rating: 3.25 / 5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, and Jagapathi Babu

Brush off:

  1. Kamalini Mukherjee had laughed less. Her naggy wife character had made her to make faces all the times
  2. Namitha’s character was abrupt

Savvy’s Rede:

God made everyone for a purpose. At the same time, he put a “max limit” for each species and sent them to the world to survive with basic instincts. For humans, there are no terms and conditions. They possess instincts of all species in them. They can be as wild as Tigers and as simple as cows. The trait that differentiates a man from an animal is the Heart. The compassion that evokes to help peers in distress.

Manyam Puli is as straight-forward movie as the famous fable “a king had 7 sons”. However, the gripping screenplay on showing a predictable story line for 2 hours is worth watching. The movie talks about misunderstandings, compassion, family, love, cruelty, wilderness, adventure, heroism and in the end good winning over evil.

I sometimes wonder, how people live and die in one place. The only thought that’s keeping them stick to the place is the attachment. This movie brings out those subtle emotions well. For example, hero expressing to go back to the forest even though he’s doing well in the new place.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Manyam Puli – a Malayalam dubbed movie with the name PuliMurugan – is about a child (Murugan) who lost his mom at the birth of his brother and dad to a Tiger. The village where he lives is frequently attacked by Tigers resulting in many people losing their lives. In his teenage itself, he kills the tiger that had killed his father. He becomes Hero of the village technically the savior.

Murugan’s world has his wife and daughter, his brother and 2 of his best friends. He loves to help villagers by killing the tiger although his wife doesn’t support him. When Murugan agrees to kill a tiger then there’s no look back. Fights between a tiger and a man is shot very well.

Story gets interesting, when Daddy Girija (Jagapathi Babu) is introduced. His team comes to Murugan’s village with a pretense to develop a Cancer medicine using the weed (Marijuana). Murugan’s brother is promised a big job if he helps to get the weed from the forest. Murugan agrees to help them as he knows the forest well. In the meantime, Murugan has to leave the village with his family as the Forest Police Department wants to arrest him for killing endangered species (tigers). Murugan goes to the city and works for Daddy Girija.

While working for Daddy Girija,  Murugan understands that the weed (Marijuana) from the forest is not for a good cause. During a fight to save his brother, Daddy Girija’s son gets killed by one of his henchmen. However, Daddy Girija believes that Murugan had killed his son and he is after Murugan to take the revenge.

The climax gets more exciting. Murugan comes back to his village and accepts to kill another tiger that’s bothering the village men. Daddy Girija is in the village to kill Murugan and he hurts Murugan’s close friends to make the things worse. Now, Murugan has two species to handle, one in the form of a human and another in animal.

Was Murugan able to kill the tiger and the villain? What happens to Daddy Girija in the end? Is worth watching on screen.

What worked well:

  1. Engaging screenplay with shots around tiger killing, daddy Girija’s scenes, and introduction and climax of the movie
  2. Jagapathi Babu stole hearts with his looks and the screen presence
  3. Forest life was shown beautifully

Savvy’s Punch:

You can comfortably watch once.

Savvy’s Hearts:

hearthearthearthalfheart – – Entire team of the movie

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The Movie: Bicchagaadu, Bichagadu (The Beggar)


Caption:  Who’s a beggar, people with no money or no compassion?

Savvy’s Rating: 4 / 5

Zephyr: Story is the HERO of the movie

Brush off:

None I could think of.

Savvy’s Rede:

We humans may forget to breathe but don’t miss to judge people. We judge people based on their work, their looks, their status, their dressing and the list goes on.

Changing the topics, the same human gets onto his knees with the word “mother”. Mother is next to God and portrayed in the most sanctified manner in Indian movies.  Conflicting emotions by same person. 

It’s like good and evil sides on the same coin.

This is exactly what this movie brings to its audience. Colors are good to watch but not in humans!

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

“Bicchagadu” movie is a Telugu dubbing of the Tamil flick – Pichaikkaran. Per Producers, this movie is based on a real story.

It’s a story of a wealthy son, the Hero, of an established Mills. He’s rich, handsome and responsible. He is raised by his mom who taught him ‘humanistic’ values.  She is loved by all her factory workers, friends and family equally.

At some point, she meets with an accident in the factory and goes into coma. Her son gets worried and wants to do anything to save her mom. At this juncture, a saint saves Hero’s life and tells him that if he vows to be a beggar for 48 days then he might save his mom’s life. He should not share his vow to anyone and should not break the rules not even a day. During his disguise, he meets a girl and falls in love.

Will the Hero be successful in saving his mom? Will his lady-love accepts a beggar to be his boyfriend? What happens during those 48 days? You should watch the movie to have all your questions answered.

The screenplay is well knit with mother sentiment, comedy and love equally. You will involve in the movie throughout. No commercial traces, majority is shown in a subtle way.

What worked well:

  1. Engaging story and the screenplay
  2. Casting did their job well, no complaints at all. The Heroine is cute
  3. All through the movie, you will see punchy dialogues and emotional scenes
    1. There’s this scene where the Heroine tries to give the Hero some money. He rejects that money up front. Then the Heroine says, “would you take the same money as alms?” .. that scene is very impactful
    2. Not too much motherly emotional diarrhea. Everything is in limits

Savvy’s Punch:

Simple movie. Worth spending your valuable time on this movie.

It’s on YouTube:

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheartheart– Story, Producers for a good movie

heartheartheart– Casting


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Janatha Garage

The Movie: Janatha Garage


Caption:  A decent movie

Savvy’s Rating: 3 / 5

Zephyr: Story and screenplay

Brush off:

1) Little more editing would not harm the overall deliverable
2) Loose ends related to saving the park incident
3) Lengthy fights in the Government office and couple other places

Savvy’s Rede:

Save Trees, Plant Seeds (STPS) –  a simple gesture to support environmental crisis. Everyone talks about Saving Trees but very few actually put efforts in doing so. And we call them Eccentrics / Aliens.

Movie’s punch line is:” All kinds of repairs are done here”. On a positive note, the team has repaired audiences’ minds too. We always wish for a Superman out of a Man as a HERO. But this movie, showed a common man supporting another. He has conflicting priorities like a normal man. I didn’t see any hero image tantrums in the movie. It’s a simple yet pleasing movie.

What is Janatha Garage?

  1. This movies talks about importance of saving nature, and planting trees, in addition to running a parallel Government to help the exploited people
    1. Similar (not same) kind of Sarkar movie (in Hindi)

Why I have to watch Janatha Garage?

  1. A commercial Hero from Tollywood has come forward to provide unofficial promotion on planting trees
  2. Entire Story narration is good and engaging
  3. You will see Hero’s character sticking to his passion on plants and trees, even after taking additional responsibility of running parallel Government. Example, decorating plants in JG. The Director tried his best to finish every touch point he started
  4. Some audience may feel the Hero character insane.  99% of Telugu audience are spoiled as Heroes were always shown doing impossible things. For example, instead of chasing goons and/or plotting major heists to prove his heroism, the Hero, in this movie, gives lectures on saving parks, saving trees, and controlled fishing etc. If we have similar friend in our own circle, we too treat him as crazy, I guess. 
  5. No wonder, few may not get kick out of this Hero character. Don’t worry it always takes time to sync in a change
  6. You come out of the theater with a good feelng
  7. The team is successful in planting a seed of thought in your mind about saving trees or spreading more awareness on nature

How about Jr. NTR?

  1. I am very happy for Jr. NTR. He has impressed audience with his calm demeanor. He was poise and carried out his character well.
  2. Whether it’s planting trees or uprooting bad people, he justified both personalities. And, he’s a good friend and a lover too
  3. I, personally, was impressed with his major voice balance

Tell me one thing that drags me to the theater to watch this movie?

I will give you more than one. 🙂

  1. The Story, main characters (Jr. NTR and Mohanlal) and the screenplay
  2. Item song, possibly
  3. Samantha did her best and looked fab

Finally, What is Savvy’s Punch?

  • Savvy Recommended. Watch it!


Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheartheart– Entire team of the movie


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A Aa

The Movie: A Aa


Caption:  Impress yourself not others!

Savvy’s Rating: 3.75 / 5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Direction, Songs and Visuals / Cinematography

Brush off:

1) Few unconvincing graphics
2) Second heroine, Anupama Parameshwaran (one of the heroines from Premam movie), is misused

Savvy’s Rede:

Life –  a four lettered word that gives four births of experience. Society, Friends, Family and Relatives are four walls of life. If you succumb to the pressure of any one of these, you are sacrificing yourself. Guess what, if you are not happy, you can’t make anyone happy.

3vik has given a staunch message through this film about how one has to be cognizant about what they need and what they want. A NEED is being happy and a WANT is keeping others happy. Unless the need is fulfilled you will not elevate to want level. I loved the way he presented the logic in simple terms.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Heroine: A mom-stricken daughter who has no say in her likes and dislikes. Heroine’s mom is a control freak rich woman; she’s full of prejudice and ignorant of her mistakes. Heroine’s dad is almost a hen-pecked husband ; lovable natured but always bends down and sacrifices his words and needs in front of his wife

Hero: Relative of heroine ; has enough of self-respect. Lives with mom and 2 sisters. Shortage of money is the big challenge for him

Movie is pretty much predictable. Hero and Heroine are relatives through Heroine mom’s maternal relations. Heroine goes to Hero’s village to live for 10 days. In those 10 days, she learns more about family and bonds and starts comparing how her life is with the parents. When she comes back, she realizes that she’s in love with the Hero.

Twist is both families are not in talking terms because of Heroine mom’s betrayal. Whether the Hero understands Heroine’s love? Do their families re-unite? Does Heroine’s mom apologizes to the other family? How serene is village life? Get your answers on big screen.

What worked well:

  1. Don’t think I have to talk about 3vik’s work explicitly, he did his best as usual
  2. Praveen, supporting actor (Hero’s friend), got a full length role and he did it with ease. I am happy for him ; other character artistes viz.,  Sri Avasarala, Rao Ramesh, Nadiya, and Naresh were apt in their roles
  3. Good background score and songs and visuals were also good
  4. Samantha scored brownie points this time (not a routine character) ; Nitin looked good 

Savvy’s Punch:

I don’t know if it’s based on Meena movie or Yaddanapudi’s novel, but as long as you are in the theatre, you are just watching another masterpiece from 3vik. Respect to the author and the earlier makers!

You can watch the movie, once, without any hesitations!

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheartheart– Entire team of the movie


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