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Black Panther

The Movie: Black Panther


Caption:  Fascinating and Interesting

Savvy’s Rating: 4 / 5

Zephyr: Story, narration and actors

Brush off: None I could think of

 Savvy’s Rede:

Movies are someone’s brainchild. When an Idea is presented through one’s mind to big screen, if not expressed well, entire ambition sees no light.

It’s on movie makers to hunt for right scripts and make movies. Passion for movies, love for acting and unending determination to bring entertainment to the world is something you can see in this movie.

Generalizing all Hollywood movies are par excellence in terms of technology, graphics and animation usage, is wrong.

I am impressed is not enough to talk about this movie. All I can say is, just watch and enjoy.

Story in a nutshell:

This movie is about evolution of a specific race over a period. The time machine takes you smoothly – back and forth – from the past to the present to give you a glimpse of an African race, super hero powers and save the world attitude.

What I liked is, they didn’t show Super Hero as undefeated. In this movie,

Super Hero can lose a battle

Super Hero can get defeated in a fight

Super Hero can seek help of others

Super Hero is one amongst us

Hey, in the end, we all are humans. Understand colors in humans, don’t see them. Eyes can cheat! ~  Savvy
What worked well:

  1. How the movie is presented with unbelievable brainy script.
  2. The Director putting his best foot forward to show the narration on screen amazingly
  3. The added advantage is the Writer and the Director is same. It’s like a mom knows how to dress up her baby well
  4. African dances, beliefs, humans and their attributes, traits of being a King are very well shown

Savvy’s Punch:

Movie buffs, rejoice the grandeur of this good movie

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheartheartheart– Entire cast and the crew

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To kill a mockingbird (1962)

The Movie: To kill a mockingbird (1962)


Caption: Classic at its best

Savvy’s Rating: 5/5

Zephyr: Commendable Screenplay

Brush off:

Savvy’s Rede:

Thank God, people started making movies. It’ always a great pleasure to watch classic movies.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

The movie is about a lawyer Atticus who wants to see a change in the society. He’s a liberal yet disciplined father who wants to raise his children with great ethics stressing equality and fair treatment of all. The movie is taken in a time where colored people are discriminated and are called names like negros / ni***rs. Atticus is a well-known benevolent person in the town working as a lawyer and widower with two kids – a girl (Scout) and a boy (Jem). At some point he picks up a case to support Tom, a colored man. Entire society is now against Atticus and his family. White mobs, including plaintiff’s dad (Ewell), try to scare him down as he works on the case. Atticus is very courageous and fights for Tom in spite of high resistance from his own community. The colored are treated as dangerous, poor and opportunists, and with low esteem. That was the perception during those times. Atticus puts great supporting points to acquit Tom, but there’s no fair justice. Atticus loses the case and Tom gets convicted. Tom is an innocent man and is devastated by the judgement tries to run away and gets shot by Policemen and dies. White mob doesn’t leave Atticus and his family even after the case. Ewell tries to kill Atticus’s kids when they are coming back from Halloween event at school in the night. When Ewell attacks, Jem gets hurt badly. In a suspenseful twist, Ewell gets killed. Scout sees someone taking hurt Jem to their house. Later, Sheriff and Atticus comes to know that Ewell was killed by their neighbor “Boo” in order to save kids. Boo is a shy and reserved person who hardly comes out of his house. Sheriff suggest Atticus to leave “Boo” alone and frame the case as Ewell killed himself by falling on the knife.

During the course of the movie, audience can also see how kids are influenced by the discrimination, knowingly or unknowingly.Other kids ridicule Scout and Jem as their father is fighting for a colored man.

Other observations:

  1. People can learn how kids can play outside without any gadgets. The movie has shown various games that kids can play outside in the fresh air
  2. The movie talks about teaching discipline to kids and raising them well
  3. The movie talks about how a part of the society always get a bad piece of cake and was shown without any controversies
  4. The movie talks about unconditional respect that people give to a person who’s fighting for them / who has earned high respect because of his job
  5. The movie shows the exchange of communications between white and the colored. It’s very interesting to watch
  6. Audience get to see olden times of America and old fashioned towns like less crowds, houses with big trees and wide open spaces etc.

Climax: Climax is worth watching. Don’t miss it.

What worked well:

  1. Definitely Screenplay. Never seen such a flawless work. Audience totally admire every sequence
    1. Ewell spitting on Atticus for mingling with colored people
    2. Scout, Jem trying to go into Boo’s house
    3. Scout’s dialogues about going to school with Ewell’s son, when Ewell try to attack Atticus
    4. The way entire group of colored people stand when Atticus is leaving the courtroom, with full respect
  2. Very good casting. All artistes lived their roles
    1. Greg Peck’s body language, dialogue delivery, balancing the roles of a lawyer and a doting father are commendable. He has done a tremendous job. He asks his kids to address him by first name or as Sir at one side, and on the other side he teaches them discipline by correcting them at right time
    2. Mary Badham as Scout was very adorable and pretty kid. She impresses every heart with her innocent dialogues. She’s timid and bold at the same time. She fights back like a boy
    3. Other supporting characters have made the movie a full circle. Without each of those characters, film wouldn’t have been that good

Savvy’s Punch:

If you love watching nonCommercial movies, now and then, then add this movie to your list. I promise, it won’t disappoint you.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heart heart – Entire team of the movie


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The Movie: Gravity

Caption: You will levitate through-out the movie ; an intriguing space experience

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Female Protagonist and ofcourse, Male Protagonist 😉

Brush off:
At first, I didn’t understand Clooney’s re-entry at some point in the movie;, thought the scene didn’t come out well

Savvy’s Rede:
What do you do if your car stopped and you are stranded in a forest or in an unfamiliar place in the night?? trekking goes wrong and you end up spending a night in mountains? Well, even in that worst and scary situation there’s still a hope that you can survive and meet your loved ones. In these situations, the blessing in disguise is everything happening On Earth, that boosts up our hope. Imagine same thing happens when you are in Space!! Sounds spooky isn’t it? Gravity is all about surviving a Space craft mishap and coming back to Earth safely.

Entire movie is set in Space. Film opens with two astronauts repairing their space-craft that got stranded in Space. Finally Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are remained. They have to find another Satellite station to survive and go back to Earth. Meanwhile, some stone like fragments, starts coming all over. This debris is so fast and strong that it can break space crafts into pieces. This is another set back for them. Sandra and George will try almost to get to another station before the Oxygen exhausts. However, as the story has it, to save Sandra, George will lose his life. Although George’s screen time is less, he really made his presence felt. Now, Sandra’s mission is to reach Earth in one piece. Life of Astronauts, challenges they face in Space and gutsy moves they have to take in case of accidents are very well shown in this movie.

Director’s Punch:
1) Story and Screenplay is awesome
2) Very well thought casting and Sandra is the perfect choice for the role
3) Direction is absolutely a plus – the desperation, frustration, still hope to reach Earth is perfectly conveyed
4) Audience will be with Sandra till the end and there’s a big sigh of relief in the end

Savvy’s Punch:
I have been waiting for a long time to watch this movie and finally did watch. This is one of those movies that engages audience all thru. I recommend it!

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Story, Screenplay, Direction
heartheartheart – Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

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Fast and Furious 6

The Movie: Fast and Furious 6

Caption: A perfectly packaged movie, don’t miss it … vvvvvvrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooommmmmmm

Savvy’s Rating: 4.5/5

Zephyr: Cast, Dialogues, Direction and of course, Cars. Ride or Die … sweet!

Brush off:

1) Guess Villain was not that wicked; he looked very mean though .. his strong presence was not felt

2) Lengthy fighting scene in the climax .. phew, real lengthy ..

Savvy’s Rede: Lived upto the expectations and I would say every time they are improving. In fact, Director made sure one of the key characters to say the dialogue that goes ..”we don’t quit, we improve …”

After a long long time, I felt like I really watched a movie with no serious bloopers/ flaws. Don’t you feel great when you get MORE than what you paid for??!!

Michelle’s character was very slow compared to rest of the characters but overall that can ignored.

Director’s Punch:

1) Dialogues were very well written and suits each key role in the movie. Theme is about Family, togetherness and supporting each other in bad times

Villain: Every man has a code. Your code is FAMILY that means you are vulnerable, predictable. My code is POSSESSION.

Guess that’s true, every person is identified with a key trait which is nothing but a code. Well thought!

2) Humor was timely and as usual Tyrese and Ludacris made audience to bust into laughing

3) Car racing sequences came out very good (well, that’s what the movie is all about, yep, I get it) and keeps you on the edge of the seats (mission accomplished from the movie crew)

4) Audience will be surprised by some suspense scenes

5) Spain was shown as beautiful as one can ever imagine, go and watch it on the screen to enjoy the islands in Spain

6) Surprisingly, Dwayne Johnson was one of the characters in the movie and shared equal space with rest of the cast. Not always, Police get to steal the show you see!!

7) Lastly, climax was awesome and unexpected with FnF 7 character’s intro

Savvy’s Punch:

1) Do not wait any longer, just go and watch it

2) Team work did come out good and FnF 6 is a HIT

Savvy’s Prophecy:
Will be a box office hit, no second thought about it.

Savvy Hearts:

heartheartheartheartheart – Cast, Director, Story, Comedy
heartheartheartheart – Jordana and Michelle
heartheartheart – Villain

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Zero Dark Thirty

If anyone asks, “What’s in a name?”, give back saying, “there’s a LOT”. How OBama (or his team) caught OSama was my weekend theme.

The Movie: Zero Dark Thirty

What exactly it means? Military term for 12.30am

Caption: Dark or Light no one escapes from the Law

Savvy’s Rating: 3.25/5

Zephyr: Script, Dialogues, and Maya’s role

Brush off: Torture scenes

Savvy’s Rede: Interesting and tight gripped movie. This movie talks about how ‘one’ wants to ‘win’ over other not just for money. Greed for command always leads to destruction. One’s wicked wish may be a bane for another. Watch out, never know when you will be next.

Universe’s most expensive – and strenuous – manhunt ever where the USA spent billions and billions of dollars. How CIA knocked off Osama in his own den is worth watching. In between there are very disturbing scenes of torturing terrorists to get to the truth, kids/women getting killed during the raid etc. Well, reality always sucks and you better get yourself ready to watch the scenes if you are up for this movie.

All in all, one thing to note, there’s no value for a human life anymore. People are getting killed like birds. You are innocent or culprit doesn’t matter.

Director’s Punch:

Disclaimer: These are purely my thoughts and please do NOT politicize them.

1) Torture scenes are as realistic as it can be. At some point I had to close my eyes as if it was real (despite knowing that characters are acting… )

2) Maya’s character was shaped up very well; a very strong, opinionated and confident woman who not only believed in herself but also made her team (including Prez’s office) to believe in her. I am in awe of this character. There’s always a woman behind a man’s success and surprised to learn that there’s this woman behind this successful manhunt.

3) Every character lived their roles.

Savvy’s Punch:

1) I wish I saw “Team Seal Six” documentary on Netflix after watching this movie. Most of the movie’s plot is same as the documentary. However, the documentary was more pro-Obamaish.
2) Wonder why this movie got so many nominations????!!!
3) Stop controversies, this is purely a marketing stint. Hope the Producer got Breakeven already.

Savvy’s Prophecy:
If you want to try something different, go to this movie. Else, just watch feel good movies as usual. No pressure from my side.

Savvy Hearts:
heartheartheart – Writer / Story/ Maya
heartheart – Director
heart – Cheap marketing tricks to market the movie

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The Movie: SKYFALL

Caption: You’ll fall for the villain

Savvy’s Rating: 3.5/5

Zephyr: Adele’s song and showing it aptly during titles, Daniel Craig’s fitness body and Javier Bardem’s acting.

Brush off:
1) Intro conversation between James Bond and Javier Bardem
2) I understand that James Bond is the brand ambassador of all Casanovas in the world; however, did not understand what else he did other than roaming around with 3 gals. As a punishment, I would like to give him a duet song in Indian Style (roaming around trees, hills etc.)
3) These days Villainism is new Heroism. The villain has edge over hero till the last 5 minutes. No matter how much hero tried to save his Mamma, she died in the end
P.S. Even in the recent Batman movie, I recollect how villain was powerful over hero. What’s wrong with Hollywood???!!!
4) Honestly, Naomi and Berenice shared the screen almost equally; didn’t really see “the Bond Girl” angel ring around Naomi. When Bond was busy flirting with many girls for every few minutes, it’s tough to zero-in THE Girl.

Savvy’s Rede: This movie is story-less or has less-story . Entire plot revolves around Judi Dench (M). I have a feeling that this movie is produced only to kill her character. If it is then I am sure it is a great acknowledgement as she has been with the Bond movies for quite some time.

Gone are the days where the Bond was on a mission to fight against evil to save world. Well, in addition to his other mission i.e., flirting with beautiful girls.

Daniel fits the bill as James Bond. I am all for seeing him in couple more Bond movies.

This movie has less Bondism and more Villainism. All scenes between Bond and Villain have come out real good and I wish there were more dialogues between them.

Whoever says, girls fall for Bad boys then it is absolutely true. Bad boys are smart, handsome, IT savvy, impressive, rich and last but not the least can give hard time to Hero.

2 hours of movie is dragged with no story and still audience doesn’t feel tired. If you ask me WHY? It’s always been exciting to see sexy and savvy Bond onscreen with his latest gadgets – sleak guns and suave car (Aston Martin??!!). People have that aura about Bond films.

Ending was very old-fashioned where Daniel was shown shooting a gun in black and white dots.

Director’s Punch:
1) It’s my pleasure and … it’s my pleasure – the way Bond rendered his last dialogue
2) Bond’s conversation with Psychologist during his health check
3) Rats story by Javier
4) M’s commands / questions to Bond
Savvy’s Punch:
1) Mamma ko kyon maar daalaa, kyon???? (Why did you kill Mamma in the end, why???)
2) Savvy is part of 50th Bond anniversary celebrations along with her 16 other colleagues

Savvy’s Prophecy:
Hype will subside soon; not called as a box office hit but certainly grosses profits

Savvy Hearts:
heartheartheartheartheart – Javier Bardem, Title song
heartheartheartheart – Daniel Craig
heartheartheart – Berenice, Director

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Over hyped movie of the year – Batman the dark knight rises. Didn’t know even Hollywood movies can be 3hr long… Savvy’s review: 3.75/5.

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