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Manyam Puli

The Movie: Manyam Puli (Hero of the village)


Caption:  Natural with wild fragrance

Savvy’s Rating: 3.25 / 5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, and Jagapathi Babu

Brush off:

  1. Kamalini Mukherjee had laughed less. Her naggy wife character had made her to make faces all the times
  2. Namitha’s character was abrupt

Savvy’s Rede:

God made everyone for a purpose. At the same time, he put a “max limit” for each species and sent them to the world to survive with basic instincts. For humans, there are no terms and conditions. They possess instincts of all species in them. They can be as wild as Tigers and as simple as cows. The trait that differentiates a man from an animal is the Heart. The compassion that evokes to help peers in distress.

Manyam Puli is as straight-forward movie as the famous fable “a king had 7 sons”. However, the gripping screenplay on showing a predictable story line for 2 hours is worth watching. The movie talks about misunderstandings, compassion, family, love, cruelty, wilderness, adventure, heroism and in the end good winning over evil.

I sometimes wonder, how people live and die in one place. The only thought that’s keeping them stick to the place is the attachment. This movie brings out those subtle emotions well. For example, hero expressing to go back to the forest even though he’s doing well in the new place.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Manyam Puli – a Malayalam dubbed movie with the name PuliMurugan – is about a child (Murugan) who lost his mom at the birth of his brother and dad to a Tiger. The village where he lives is frequently attacked by Tigers resulting in many people losing their lives. In his teenage itself, he kills the tiger that had killed his father. He becomes Hero of the village technically the savior.

Murugan’s world has his wife and daughter, his brother and 2 of his best friends. He loves to help villagers by killing the tiger although his wife doesn’t support him. When Murugan agrees to kill a tiger then there’s no look back. Fights between a tiger and a man is shot very well.

Story gets interesting, when Daddy Girija (Jagapathi Babu) is introduced. His team comes to Murugan’s village with a pretense to develop a Cancer medicine using the weed (Marijuana). Murugan’s brother is promised a big job if he helps to get the weed from the forest. Murugan agrees to help them as he knows the forest well. In the meantime, Murugan has to leave the village with his family as the Forest Police Department wants to arrest him for killing endangered species (tigers). Murugan goes to the city and works for Daddy Girija.

While working for Daddy Girija,  Murugan understands that the weed (Marijuana) from the forest is not for a good cause. During a fight to save his brother, Daddy Girija’s son gets killed by one of his henchmen. However, Daddy Girija believes that Murugan had killed his son and he is after Murugan to take the revenge.

The climax gets more exciting. Murugan comes back to his village and accepts to kill another tiger that’s bothering the village men. Daddy Girija is in the village to kill Murugan and he hurts Murugan’s close friends to make the things worse. Now, Murugan has two species to handle, one in the form of a human and another in animal.

Was Murugan able to kill the tiger and the villain? What happens to Daddy Girija in the end? Is worth watching on screen.

What worked well:

  1. Engaging screenplay with shots around tiger killing, daddy Girija’s scenes, and introduction and climax of the movie
  2. Jagapathi Babu stole hearts with his looks and the screen presence
  3. Forest life was shown beautifully

Savvy’s Punch:

You can comfortably watch once.

Savvy’s Hearts:

hearthearthearthalfheart – – Entire team of the movie

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The Movie: Premam (Love)


Caption: Feel the Love

Savvy’s Rating: 4.5/5 

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Direction, and Casting

Brush off:
1) The song “don’t love” appeared like out of place for me, considering hero’s situation in the movie

Savvy’s Rede:

In a life, how many times one can fall in love? I am not talking about parental love, brotherly love, sisterly love etc. I am talking about losing your heart to someone special and living the magic of love. Premam team says, it can be possible more than once and they did provide supporting evidences. 🙂

Premam movie points about how people fall in love every time with a hope that “he” or “she” is THE ONE and later realizes the truth painfully until life actually finds them THE ONE. 

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

It’s real hard to understand the pulse of an audience. However, a movie that touches common man’s life closely may be a good potential for a success. Purely my two cents.

In Premam movie, hero falls in love – multiple times – at various stages of his life. A simple theme shown beautifully. You can make a nostalgic trip to the memorable incidents that happened in your life or in your friend’s life that were worth recollecting.

    1. Hero as a pre-teen falls in love (attracted to) a school going girl who’s in the same town. It ends up as one sided love as she falls in love with another boy. Hero’s heart is broken
      1. Age of attraction where
        1. Guys learning to impress girls by putting their best efforts
          1. One smile from the girl they are following means a lot to them
          2. Following the love-interest everywhere like to her school, to PCO phone booth, making rounds right in front of her house day and night, love letters, trying to show off to friends that she is his girl, giving missed calls – spending pocket money – from PCO phone, cradling the phone abruptly if calls are picked up by girl’s father, drinking India’s best Lemon Soda while waiting for the girl etc.  are some of the scenes that surely connects all boys 
        2. Girls want more attention
          1. A teenage girl who enjoys attention showed by boys
          2. Feeling like princess with more boys following
          3. Looking from the corner of the eyes, innocent smiles, watchful of her looks, ignoring rowdy boys, smiling at times to innocent boys are few scenes that connects all teenage girls
    2. Hero as a late-teen/early adulthood falls in love – again – with his college lecturer ; mutual love
      1. Hero is now in the college; notorious with his undisciplined acts 
      2. As hero’s life is going smooth with fights, smoking, drinking etc., there comes the beautiful lecturer. Many people tries for her but she falls for the hero ,
      3. Both are in love with each other 
      4. Being in love, caring for each other, coming as a savior to help in dance competition, sweet nothings, text messages, taking ring-dial phone (with long cord) into bedroom and talking secretly etc. kicks your time machine to golden moments of your life
  • This is the best love story in the movie. Sai Pallavi (lecturer) did an awesome job. She excelled in showing the love through her eyes. The way she looks at the hero in one of the scenes is adorable. Awww, Love is Beautiful
    1. Their love story ends when the lecturer meets with a horrific accident and loses her memory. She will end up marrying her cousin 
    2. Hero’s heart is broken
  1. Hero as an an adult falls in love – again 
    1. It takes years for the hero to forget and/or come out of his sad love story
    2. To side track himself, he gets into bakery business. His impulsive behaviour is little controlled
    3. One day a girl comes to his bakery to order a cake for her brother. He falls for her but his heart cringes as he comes to know that she’s already taken
    4. Things change and finally the hero ends up marrying that girl
    5. Trying to be heroic to save the girl from her abusing fiance, being very nice to her, listening her sob stories and extending timely support, showing every possible way that he’s interested in her are few scenes that connects people
    6. Twists in the story
      1. It so happens that this girl (hero’s wife) is friend of his first love-interest from school days
      2. College lecturer comes to hero’s marriage but hides the truth of she getting back her memory. She believes that the hero is happy with his new found love and he doesn’t need to know the truth
    7. 2 Failed and 1 Happy Love Story, Happy Wedding and Happy Ending 🙂

What worked well:

Everything worked well. Simple movie with thoughtful casting and solid story line.

Savvy’s Punch:

Savvy Certified! Watch it!

Btw, heard Premam is being remade as “Majnu” in Telugu with Naga Chaitanya as the lead. I am hoping he will justify the main role as he did good as a lover in his last movie (Oka Laila Kosam).

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heart heart – Entire team of the movie

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