12 May



Journey of a movie ends on how audience experience it! ~ Savvy
Mahanati, a good tribute to late legendary actress Savitri. Biopics are made to bring up things that otherwise are not known to a common man. Some are true and others ‘may’ be dramatized. It’s hard to know the truth so the story line shown in the movies live forever.
The story, narration and presentation, are good. It is someone’s vision, goal and ambition. NagAshwin you win. However, please do consider this feedback.
1) Focus was given MORE to make the heroine a look-alike of Savitri ; same with other characters too. Intent was to take us to those days, but I felt make-overs were bit much
2) Vijay D.has to understand the concept of “flexible actor”. What does it mean is changing the diction, looks and showing a bit of acting to justify the character. God bless his dialogue delivery! Being a period movie, his accent didn’t go well to the environment the movie was in. In addition, he looked more stressed and nervous than ever. Lol. He has to come out of ArjunReddy attitude else he would end up as a Model, just a MODEL. Retrospect time, buddy. I am still struggling to find commonality so that I can like him for his acting. 🙂
3) Telugu is simple but not easy to pronounce. Language was not justified rightly
Mahanati is a good movie. Not a Maha movie. Give a visit to this movie, to appreciate the Team and to have reminiscence of yesteryear actress.
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