Black Panther

03 May

The Movie: Black Panther


Caption:  Fascinating and Interesting

Savvy’s Rating: 4 / 5

Zephyr: Story, narration and actors

Brush off: None I could think of

 Savvy’s Rede:

Movies are someone’s brainchild. When an Idea is presented through one’s mind to big screen, if not expressed well, entire ambition sees no light.

It’s on movie makers to hunt for right scripts and make movies. Passion for movies, love for acting and unending determination to bring entertainment to the world is something you can see in this movie.

Generalizing all Hollywood movies are par excellence in terms of technology, graphics and animation usage, is wrong.

I am impressed is not enough to talk about this movie. All I can say is, just watch and enjoy.

Story in a nutshell:

This movie is about evolution of a specific race over a period. The time machine takes you smoothly – back and forth – from the past to the present to give you a glimpse of an African race, super hero powers and save the world attitude.

What I liked is, they didn’t show Super Hero as undefeated. In this movie,

Super Hero can lose a battle

Super Hero can get defeated in a fight

Super Hero can seek help of others

Super Hero is one amongst us

Hey, in the end, we all are humans. Understand colors in humans, don’t see them. Eyes can cheat! ~  Savvy
What worked well:

  1. How the movie is presented with unbelievable brainy script.
  2. The Director putting his best foot forward to show the narration on screen amazingly
  3. The added advantage is the Writer and the Director is same. It’s like a mom knows how to dress up her baby well
  4. African dances, beliefs, humans and their attributes, traits of being a King are very well shown

Savvy’s Punch:

Movie buffs, rejoice the grandeur of this good movie

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheartheartheart– Entire cast and the crew

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