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The Movie: Rangasthalam (A Stage to perform)


Caption:  Rangasthalam is not a movie, it’s an EMOTION!

Savvy’s Rating: 4 / 5

Zephyr: Everything!

Brush off:

  1. Very lengthy movie that might test the patience of few audience
    1. Editing can be done on death scenes, scenes with Rangamma, couple fights, and an item song
  2. Humble request to DSP. I respect your talents as a Music Director. Please do not sing most of your songs. Sometimes, it doesn’t connect well. I remember, RP Patnaik, did the same mistake during his heydays. I really wish Lyricists have a RIGHT to select Singers to give life to their lyrics

Savvy’s Rede:

What did I saw last night? I am still in awe and can’t come out of the trance. I saw the painting of passion on a colorful screen. I saw love for the art on a colorful screen. I saw newer version of Tollywood. New flow of changing thoughts on how to take movies without compromising on “Business” aspect.

I saw artistes, not their backgrounds.

I saw a big stage of entertainment.

I was restless.

I was shocked.

I was happy.

I was in pain.

I was in love.

I hated to hate.

I felt injustice.

Finally, I emerged as a Winner with Justice.

I didn’t want to come out of the village.

I want to be there for some more time.

I want to revisit.  Rangasthalam haunts me still. 

Story in a nutshell:

A remote small village. 6 key characters. 3 hours of roller coaster of emotions, performed, err lived, by artistes. Everyone gave their best, leaving no openings to complain. It’s a teamwork setting up each other for a success.

I don’t want to divulge much as it’s worth watching on screen.

What worked well:

  1. Songs:
    1. Chandra Bose has done a tremendous job in penning the songs. Take time to listen and understand the lyrics. Not an easy task to give simple yet meaningful lyrics. Only spoiler is DSP got excited and sung them (I didn’t like though). Rahul Sipligunj is a head turner with title song. God bless his talent
    2. Few selective folklore songs that were hummed in the background through out the movie connects with Telugu audience very well. Good selection of these songs and appropriate placement in the movie
  2. Choreography:
    1. Prem Rakshit is not new to the industry but his dance steps in this movie are indeed new, unique and catchy. Unless one is a good dancer, these steps won’t get life. Ram Charan just owned them
  3. Story / Writing:
    1. Good story line with sensible connections
    2. It has love, crime, politics, and superior quality of human selfishness
    3. Few dialogues are thoughtful that support the theme
  4. Artistes:
    1. Ram Charan: Let me be honest, I was one of the dissatisfied audiences of Ram Charan movies earlier. Had a feeling that his silver spoon background had made him not to concentrate on the quality of his movies. Huh, since Dhruva, he really making people like me, change our minds. There’s no fear of his dad’s success baggage, there’s no fear of judgments from people, and there’s no fear of failing himself while trying something new. He’s reborn as an artiste. He’s ready to perform and be in this industry. He’s ready to make his own mark and entertain. Loved his performance
    2. Jaggu Dada: Do you think only Wine gets better as it ages?  🙂 His screen presence, these days, gives a kick to the audience
    3. Samantha, Anasuya and Prakash Raj: Made their marks by giving justice to their roles
  5. Art and other departments:
    1. Village settings were real and puts a long lasting impression on the audience. Be it, President’s house, or crops or village huts etc.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheartheart– Entire cast and the crew

heartheartheartheartheart – Ram Charan

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