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The Movie: Sarbjit


Caption:  One evening can take life out of you

Savvy’s Rating: 3.75 / 5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Songs and Randeep Hooda

Brush off:

1) Inconsistencies in Aishwarya Rai’s acting in the old character ; her body language is more youthful than needed
2) Few graphics were lame and unconvincing

Savvy’s Rede:

Life is as simple as it looks till something happens. When you zoom-in, everything is magnified in life. As you zoom-out, life itself is transient. 

Sarbjit is a biographical movie based on the real life story of Sarabjit Singh ( This movie shows how a happy life turns upside down due to a novice mistake. Entire movie drills your heart as you cannot come to terms with yourself that it is actually a real story. A common man’s life, actually a human life, costs nothing when it comes to political drama where two countries are involved.

Movie takes you close to real life where everything is a big hurdle. Releasing Sarabjit is like an oasis in the desert. Every time his family celebrates his release date, after hardships, all they get is a shock of his no return. Overall, this movie is a great tribute to Sarabjit and he lives in our hearts forever. May his soul rest in peace!

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Movie starts in 1980s where border line between India and Pakistan is just few triangular pillars. If one crosses those pillars, he/she will be in another country in a second. We are in times where in emotional borders are stronger than physical borders. Sarabjit is a common man, who’s happily married with two daughters. He is a local wrestler in Punjab and has a doting sister. One day Sarabjit goes out to hangout his friend and drinks too much. In an inebriated state, he slips into Pakistan area. Pakistan police catches Sarabjit and convicted him of bombings in Pakistan.

Sarabjit rots in Pakistan jail for 23 years for the crimes he didn’t commit. Sarabjit’s family fights for his innocence and starts a movement to get him out of jail. Sarabjit’s sister plays an important role in bringing awareness of her brother’s innocence and brings entire India together to support his release. Her trials to bring back Sarabjit safely to India fails in epic. Movie ends with Sarabjit losing his life in Pakistan jail. 

Movie shows the cruel handling and torture of Sarabjit in Pakistan jail, sensitive relations between India and Pakistan, determination of a poor family to get an innocent (Sarbjit) released, never ending denials of his release by political leaders, unexpected terrorist attacks at the same time when entire India was supporting the release of Sarabjit and the murder of Sarabjit in Pakistan jail by other inmates.

What worked well:

  1. Very engaging screenplay and direction
  2. Good background score and songs
  3. Randeep Hooda is highlight of the movie ; there’s method actors, classical actors and then there is Randeep Hooda
  4. Aishwarya tried her best in supporting role

Savvy’s Punch:

Not for weak hearts and emotional souls.

Savvy Recommended!

If you are a movie buff and enjoys watching all kinds of movies then be my guest!

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheart HalfHeart– Entire team of the movie


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सफर नामा

मंज़िलों की आस में
रास्ते भटक था चला !

दोस्ती की आड़ में
दुश्मनी चख था चला !

दुनिया की नुमाइश में
हर चीज़ की है मोल
नमक और शक्कर का पहचान है सिर्फ तोल !

दिखावे पे जाओ तो सब है तेरा
असलियत पे आओ तो तू है लुटेरा !

मांगने चला खुशियों का जन्नत
मांगने चला खुशियों का जन्नत
शमशान के दरवाज़े पर दस्तक दे कर! !



Disclaimer: With due respect to others, Tollywood runs on only TWO box-office stars. That is Mahesh and Pawan. Both have started producing the movies under their own banners. Before things go off their hands, it’s best to realize that mixing of business and stardom is not a healthy cocktail. If this continues, they will lose fans soon. 

The Movie: Brahmotsavam


Caption: Ekkuga aalochinchaku (don’t think too much, just watch)

Savvy’s Rating: N/A

Quick 5 on the movie:

  • 1) What’s Brahmotsavam movie all about?
    1. Family Tree, Relations, Relationships, Emotional Security, Family Feuds and Festivities
  • 2) Define the meaning of Brahmotsavam?
    1. Original meaning:
    2. Movie based meaning:
      1. Utsavam (festivity) = Joint family; kith and kin all are happy and jealousness is not overboard
      2. Brahmotsavam = Movie has made this word synonymous to marriage ; another way of looking at is, the Hero bringing back broken family together is a Brahmotsavam i.e., a milestone event in their lives
  • 3) Zephyr (Senti) see (Mental) below:
    1. Good family oriented story which touches on bondings, love and enviousness within the families (Intentions were good but Implementation gone bad)
    2. Casting: Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Rao Ramesh and Vennela Kishore ; Mahesh is just one of the characters, not a hero, in this movie. Samantha and  Rao Ramesh equally shared the responsibility of running the movie
    3. Creativity: Novel games like “say a good word”, or Mahesh trying to be silly with his father or families taking the sides of Gods and trying to win the debate, dance on ice cube etc.
    4. Folk songs used in this movie are refreshing (and informational)
    5. Cinematography
    6. Kajal and Samantha’s wardrobe gets 5 stars ; interestingly Kajal has taken a lot of care in her make up (remember her look in Sardaar) ; out of two heroines, Samantha stole the show
    7. Dialogues – some dialogues are very thoughtful ; dialogues by Kajal’s as an urban/independent girl are very insightful / realistic
  • 4) Brush-offs (Mental)!
    1. Very, and very, bad job in screenplay like abrupt ending of scenes like Mahesh Babu’s sister restricted to one scene, Samantha’s entry, Kajal’s exit, and no smooth transition of why Mahesh and Samantha starts on family tree search. This is a biggest turning point of the movie and it was not handled well
    2. Bad Editing goes hand in hand along with point 1 above ; there’s a great room to edit some unwanted scenes
    3. Pranitha’s character is wasted
    4. With all food, festivities and mandatory smile thingy (smile = happy) almost every other scene, it reminds “Seethamma Vaakitlo” movie at times
  • 5) Why Brahmotsavam may not reach all audience well?
    1. Incomplete and hasty work always result in semi-cooked product. Period!
    2. Movie starts with a slow pace and not-so-good screenplay and editing are partners in crime too to lose the audience
      1. Remember, Telugu audience are used to one thunderous Hero entry song and one Item song ; both are amiss
      2. In addition, except “Vacchindi Kada Avakasam”, no other songs were catchy
    3. Although movie responds – through Rao Ramesh – to all unanswered questions, it was too late in the game. Overall, audience have more “sighs” than “high-fives” at the end of the movie

Savvy’s Punch:

There are only two types of people in the world. 1) SuperStar fans and 2) Others. Former will watch the movie no matter what AND the latter too shall watch the movie only to lament. Decide what group you are in?! 🙂

Savvy’s Hearts:

Let me save my hearts for another occasion!


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