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To kill a mockingbird (1962)

The Movie: To kill a mockingbird (1962)


Caption: Classic at its best

Savvy’s Rating: 5/5

Zephyr: Commendable Screenplay

Brush off:

Savvy’s Rede:

Thank God, people started making movies. It’ always a great pleasure to watch classic movies.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

The movie is about a lawyer Atticus who wants to see a change in the society. He’s a liberal yet disciplined father who wants to raise his children with great ethics stressing equality and fair treatment of all. The movie is taken in a time where colored people are discriminated and are called names like negros / ni***rs. Atticus is a well-known benevolent person in the town working as a lawyer and widower with two kids – a girl (Scout) and a boy (Jem). At some point he picks up a case to support Tom, a colored man. Entire society is now against Atticus and his family. White mobs, including plaintiff’s dad (Ewell), try to scare him down as he works on the case. Atticus is very courageous and fights for Tom in spite of high resistance from his own community. The colored are treated as dangerous, poor and opportunists, and with low esteem. That was the perception during those times. Atticus puts great supporting points to acquit Tom, but there’s no fair justice. Atticus loses the case and Tom gets convicted. Tom is an innocent man and is devastated by the judgement tries to run away and gets shot by Policemen and dies. White mob doesn’t leave Atticus and his family even after the case. Ewell tries to kill Atticus’s kids when they are coming back from Halloween event at school in the night. When Ewell attacks, Jem gets hurt badly. In a suspenseful twist, Ewell gets killed. Scout sees someone taking hurt Jem to their house. Later, Sheriff and Atticus comes to know that Ewell was killed by their neighbor “Boo” in order to save kids. Boo is a shy and reserved person who hardly comes out of his house. Sheriff suggest Atticus to leave “Boo” alone and frame the case as Ewell killed himself by falling on the knife.

During the course of the movie, audience can also see how kids are influenced by the discrimination, knowingly or unknowingly.Other kids ridicule Scout and Jem as their father is fighting for a colored man.

Other observations:

  1. People can learn how kids can play outside without any gadgets. The movie has shown various games that kids can play outside in the fresh air
  2. The movie talks about teaching discipline to kids and raising them well
  3. The movie talks about how a part of the society always get a bad piece of cake and was shown without any controversies
  4. The movie talks about unconditional respect that people give to a person who’s fighting for them / who has earned high respect because of his job
  5. The movie shows the exchange of communications between white and the colored. It’s very interesting to watch
  6. Audience get to see olden times of America and old fashioned towns like less crowds, houses with big trees and wide open spaces etc.

Climax: Climax is worth watching. Don’t miss it.

What worked well:

  1. Definitely Screenplay. Never seen such a flawless work. Audience totally admire every sequence
    1. Ewell spitting on Atticus for mingling with colored people
    2. Scout, Jem trying to go into Boo’s house
    3. Scout’s dialogues about going to school with Ewell’s son, when Ewell try to attack Atticus
    4. The way entire group of colored people stand when Atticus is leaving the courtroom, with full respect
  2. Very good casting. All artistes lived their roles
    1. Greg Peck’s body language, dialogue delivery, balancing the roles of a lawyer and a doting father are commendable. He has done a tremendous job. He asks his kids to address him by first name or as Sir at one side, and on the other side he teaches them discipline by correcting them at right time
    2. Mary Badham as Scout was very adorable and pretty kid. She impresses every heart with her innocent dialogues. She’s timid and bold at the same time. She fights back like a boy
    3. Other supporting characters have made the movie a full circle. Without each of those characters, film wouldn’t have been that good

Savvy’s Punch:

If you love watching nonCommercial movies, now and then, then add this movie to your list. I promise, it won’t disappoint you.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heart heart – Entire team of the movie


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