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The Movie: Masaan (Graveyard / Burial ground)


Caption: Yin and Yang

Savvy’s Rating: 4/5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay and Direction

Brush off:

Savvy’s Rede:

Imagine a bad hair day! Imagine a bad day at work day! Some people tend make big fuss about little things until they see the real “bad” day in people’s lives. Masaan gives a real taste of life with right amounts of shade covering struggles, love, emotions, loss, compromise, acceptance and moving on. This movie is a fight between life and a living, a compromise between likes and dislikes, a war on emotions and wants, and a no-line between moral policing and privacy. This movie definitely unfolds the so-called biased society with unwanted moral policing, red tapism, exploitation, casteism, and lastly, zero-value to a poor man’s life.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Masaan showcases complicated lives where everything they encounter is nothing but negativity and/or ill-luck. With a very positive ending on how they thrive and grow out of their misery. It has 2 stories which are shown intertwined with clear distinction for better clarity. Backdrop is based in Banaras. This movie is very intriguing and haunting.

First story talks about a young girl’s date going going wrong and the boy committing suicide because of over enthusiasm from the police. Female protagonist in the first story is very courageous, determined and confident. She and her father are harassed by police for saving her name from suicide case. This story talks about exploitation of poor by policemen, relationship between a father and daughter, a father’s stress on societal pressure, and finding all means and ways to pay 3lac rupees to police as bribe are very well shot. The female protagonist tries and succeeds in getting out of her past, and succeeds in getting a Govt. job in a nearby city. Her character is very gutsy. She endures all insults that come upon her and fights back with brave heart.

Second story talks about a low caste boy – who’s day job is working in the graveyard to burn the dead bodies – liking an upper caste girl. Love or attraction is beyond religions, castes and society. A teenage boy liking a girl, a normal process. The protagonist in the 2nd story is highly ambitious. He goes to college to do a white collar job and do well. When he confesses his love to the girl, the girl accepts his proposal. However, she encourages him to do well in his studies and get job first before they share their love news with her parents. A pure / innocent love that goes on with long phone calls, being around and talking together, riding on a bike are very well shown. One day when the protagonist was working in the graveyard, he gets to burn a body which ends up as his girlfriend’s body. She dies in a bus accident when she goes on a tourism along with her parents and relatives. The boy get devastated. He almost loses interest in his life. But one day, he decides to put his past to rest and start a new life. He succeeds in getting a good job in a nearby city.

Climax: Female protagonist from first story meets the male protagonist from the second story on a boat. This open end leaves audience to think a positive outcome in their lives.

What worked well:

  1. Story, screenplay and the direction
  2. Very good casting. All artistes out-did their jobs
    1. The little kid’s scenes where he jumps into waters to bring coins as a part of local betting is very gripping. Audience empathize with his character and gets to the edge of the seats in the scene where he jumps into waters and doesn’t come onshore
  3. Songs are well timed and are of great composition. “Tu Kisi Rail Si .. “ is worth listening as lyrics touch your hearts. “tu kisi rail si guzarti hai, main pul sa thartharata hoon” – meaning if you pass like a train, I shiver like a bridge … watch full song here:

Savvy’s Punch:

If you like off-beat movies then this is the one. Weak and emotional hearts and reality-averters, please stay away.

Savvy’s Hearts:



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The Movie: Tamasha (Entertaining play / show)


Caption: Weak first half and Strong second half

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5 (reluctant rating)

Zephyr: Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika

Brush off:
1) Ranbir Kapoor’s irrational / mental reaction at a party and few other similar scenes
2) It’s time for Deepika to check her roles. Metro girl look and roles are good but repetition may impact her career. Technically, she didn’t get meaty role to prove in this movie (she looked chic though)
3) Songs are out of place (in the movie)

Savvy’s Rede:

Life’s a PLAY. Lucky are those who get a chance to direct their lives. And the rest are called common people.

Imtiaz Ali did it again. Weak hearted female protagonist again. Heroine’s role-o-meter drops to Zero by the climax. 😀

Check this out:

1) Heroine, a naive girl, goes all alone to Corsica and falls for an unknown Indian guy (the Hero). She has a good time with him but doesn’t think she’s in love with him. Cut! Fast forward, she re-enters into the Hero’s life by stating she never forgot him all these years and starts painting the town red with him. But, later rejects his proposal “because” he’s not cheerful the way he was in Corsica. Wait, picture abhi baaki hai, after the rejection, she convinces herself that she’s totally in love with him and tries her best to win him back. All in all, a confused female role. Weak, volatile and fickle minded.

2) Hero’s role confuses you, if not alert. A lost soul in the real world. He’s strong willed at times (trying to take the rejection maturely), looks mentally ill at times (party scene where makes a big ruckus), frustrated (cz of parental pressure and not likeable job) and depressed (cz his love insults him) many times and all in all not happy with his live at all. If this is what the Director wanted to show to audience then he’s successful to some extent.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

At a hi-level, the movie is all about “love what you do, do what you love”. Hero succumbs to parental pressure as a kid and picks up Engineering over his love for story-telling. Later, on the job, he becomes a corporate robot under societal pressure. Technically, he becomes a life-less machine who does everything the same way again and again with no zest.

Once the goes to Corsica and meets an Indian girl (the Heroine). The same girl enters in his life after few years. She expects him to be cheerful and lively but very soon realizes that he’s no more like that. She rejects his proposal. The inner demon takes a toll on this already depressed soul (the Hero). He’s now caught between parental wish (Engineering and a white collar job) and the girl he had fallen for (who’s trying to change him). After many twists, the Hero convinces his parents, leaves the corporate job and starts his own troupe of shows (hi-end story-telling). The movie takes you to the past, present and the future throughout its duration

The movie starts off with very confusing and fast paced scenes. Audience may feel very disconnected and baffled. After an hour or so, things start falling in place and you get involved in the movie.

Few questions that movie tried telling us:

  1. Kids who undergo parental pressure to study what they don’t like over picking the career what they are good at
  2. Touches on compromised – plastic – lives (aka lifeless life) that few people live in the society and the rat-race they follow to compete with others
  3. Love err a girl enters your life and wants to change your life to a “U” turn (this would never change in any generation 😉 )
  4. Glory of childhood and special attention one gets as a kid ; and how that angel-ring disappears as people grow up
  5. Last but not the least, it’s never too late to pursue your ambitions. Change of careers can happen any time in life. Whatever is the time, it’s the right time, go for it!

What worked well:

  1. It’s all about Ranbir. He has done good job as a frustrated son and strong-willed lover. He just mesmerizes you with his acting in the later part of the movie. Wish movie had a great start
  2. Songs are good to listen ; picturization and placement are not so good. My fav is 1) Safarnama and 2) Agar tum saath ho

Savvy’s Punch:

This movie is for a specific set of audience. Not for all. I am in split thoughts to recommend this movie as I am not convinced of myself.

Savvy’s Hearts:



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