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The Movie: Kanche (literal meaning – the Fence)


Caption: Unfence the Love, Integrity, Humanity and Unity 

Savvy’s Rating: 3.75/5 

Zephyr: Good backdrop for the story, Screenplay, Cinematography, Varun Tej (Hero) and Songs

Savvy’s Rede:

Director Krish, in one word, an eccentric mind who makes movies with an amalgamation of more than one story. For a normal person, it’s tough to connect the dots or at least takes time to understand the linkage. Sorry if I am complaining again but right from Vedam, I kept on hinting on this one. It’s hard for him to stick to one theme. It’s his weakness and don’t think he would make any effort to streamline it. Therefore, I pledge that, I will try to adjust to his creative craftiness in the near future. 😉

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Various flavors of “Kanche”

  1. Love Story between a high class chic to a low caste – highly educated – boy
  2. Caste system and feuds
  3. Unequal economic system ; Rich landlords vs Low caste servants
  4. Unethical War by Hitler and consequences
  5. Existence of compassion, humaneness and sacrifices in the midst of cruelty and selfishness

Why do you have to watch “Kanche”?

  1. Because screenplay, direction and cinematography is very, and very, convincing. War period, selfish motives of Hitler (war initiators),  lives and  lifestyles of people in 1930s, expressions of love by love birds, castesim, encashment of rich the vulnerable nature of poor and emotional trauma during the war is shown very beautifully
  2. Dialogues are thought provoking and  instant connecting. Be it, ఆదరిస్తే వెలిగిపోతాం, ఆడ మారిస్తే కాలిపోతాం (meaning, if a woman supports a man, they glow ; if a woman ignores, a man fails (tried my best to translate 😛 ); అమ్మతనం  ఏ దేశంలో నైనా ఒక్కటే ! (motherly nature is same across the globe) ; ఇప్పటిదాకా సైన్యం లో ఉన్నావ్, ఇప్పుడే సైనికుడివయ్యావ్ (you were in army till this point, but became a soldier NOW) are few catchers. In addition, “Oyy” sound at the end of the words by heroine is quite striking. Accents, colloquialism took many turns with changing times. Sai Madhav, the dialogue writer, took us to good ole’ times by penning amazing words for the cast
  3. Amazing Cast
    1. Varun Tej, a two movie old kid in Tollywood, proved his mettle as Dhoopaati Haribabu (Hero’s name in the movie. His dressing, hair style, dialogue delivery were perfect to the role. His first movie was Mukunda Mukunda – ( He has shown versatility as a lover and also as a responsible soldier. I see the LIGHT at the end of the TuNNEL!
    2. Heroine did justice to her character with some blank expressions in between. Considering it’s her first movie, she did a great job compared to other debut heroines in Tollywood
    3. Villain character was etched with prestige and pride as assets, not on Six pack. Nikitin Dheer did his job well
    4. Last but not the least, how can I forget Srinivas Avasarala. The best side-kick with great dialogues. He’s a gifted artiste. I have a feeling that he would earn few awards next year for this role
  4. Songs are lyrically flooded. You need to listen couple times to get connected. Background score is fresh and relevant to the scenes

For reviewers who are bashing “Kanche”, my 2 cents:

  1. When Tollywood movies are repeatedly making “Love-Faction-Family-ChangedMan” cookie cutter movies again and again, this movie is refreshing. Come out of that “so called Fence” please
  2. Movie may need some editing and slow at times, I agree. Well, that doesn’t stop from accepting the truth that entire crew did deliver a successful movie
  3. Oh yeah, I know. Are you worried about no “Item song”. Aage badho yaaar (Keep moving …) 😉

I like and respect Raja Mouli. No offense, but I was upset with over-hyped Bahubali reviews and profits. Srimanthudu and Kanche are tit for tat. These two movies have earned audiences’ hearts and huge collections – almost equal to Bahubali numbers – in just ONE language. Time to appreciate creative minds.

Savvy’s Punch:

Savvy Certified, watch it! 🙂

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heart – Entire crew and the cast

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The Movie: Talvar (literal meaning: a sword)


Caption: Digs deeply into your conscience

Savvy’s Rating: 4/5 

Zephyr: Screenplay and Direction

Brush off:

  • Not I could think of

Savvy’s Rede:

Do you want to feel “Helplessness”?? then watch Talvar. You feel helpless for not being able to do anything to the society, you feel helpless for being a woman/girl, you feel helpless for watching inefficient police system, you feel helpful for living amongst people who don’t value others’ life, and you feel helpless for “equally” sharing the injustice …

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

“Talvar” movie is based on the real life story of Aarushi Talwar. Aarushi is a 14 year old girl who was brutally killed by her parents (as per police and judicial system). Along with her, they also found their servant, 40+ year old, who was killed similarly. Police had written off this case as “honor killing”. This incident has shaken entire India. People were glued to TVs as if it’s a commercial series. There were many twists just like any fictional story. But, no one knows the truth. Final court’s verdict is/was “life time sentence to both the parents of Aarushi. Well, as a mere citizen, I was forced to believe what was shown on TV as reality. And I did live with that news. 😦

“Talvar” covered all incidents that occurred while Talwar’s case was on. It appears like movie crew did lots of homework before starting the project. Screenplay is flawless. As an audience, you get frustrated when you see how irresponsible police system while collecting crucial evidences at the crime scene. You are surprised to see how someone’s career advancement (police) results in the most creative conclusion of the crime i.e., honor killing. You get to feel the roller coaster ride of disinterested police, procrastination of key evidences and their results, inefficiency in interrogating right people, suppressing honest intentions of few loyal cops, , and/or “making victim’s parents’ as scapegoats!!!”.

Like real story, the movie did show us all incidents with great screenplay and left it to us to decide who the guilty is. On a side note, movie made an effort to show victim’s parents as innocent and how incidents turned them into culprits.

This movie haunts you for days. This movie brings chills down the spine as you know the unforgiving people involved in this case. This movie baffles you as there’s no connection between the incidents occurred vs closure report filed.

What worked well:

1) Screenplay and Direction. Scenes where police misses taking key evidences or how easily police tries to assassinate victim’s character, makes your blood boil. Meghna Gulzar, the director, had done a commendable job in bringing those emotions out from the characters. The audience connect very well

2) Irrfan Khan did a great job as a police officer who handled victim’s case. Other characters’ resemblances are made as close to real life people who were involved in this case, as possible. Meticulous job by the crew

3) Background score is very apt to the movie and reaches your immediately

4) The Climax – honest confession, tears were rolling down from my eyes. 😥 it felt like, someone’s ego/prestige has a great edge over the truth. Various parties come to a “consensus” to close the case as “honor killing” and punish “victim’s parents with life time sentence”. Discussions in the room by officials, in the climax, slaps you right in the face. “वो  अफ़साना  जिसे  अंजाम  तक  पहुंचा  न  था हो  मुमकिन , उसे  एक  खूबसूरत  मोड  दे  के तोड़  दो ! (A story that can’t be finished, snip it with a beautiful end!)

Savvy’s Punch:

Watch it! It’s always good to learn what’s happening in the world where we co-exist. All you can do is pray for that innocent soul to rest in peace and for right culprits to get punished.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heartheart – Direction, Screenplay, Director

heartheartheart heart – Songs, Background score

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