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Bajrangi Bhaijaan

The Movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Dearest Bajrangi (name) bro!)


Caption: Heartwarming!

Savvy’s Rating: 4/5

Zephyr: Story, Salman, Nawazuddin, Harshali (child artiste)!

Brush off:

  1. Some people may find the story too fictitious ; all along Indian movies have shown a serious rivalry and humiliating situations so it’s little tough to come out of that cycle
  2. Salman’s conversation with Pak’s Border Security
  3. Kareena Kapoor’s role is under-etched

Savvy’s Rede:

Star heroes have loads of airs. They are confined to an image which they themselves cannot break. Whoever says this, I would request them to relook at their thought process. Salman Khan proved himself in many ways by acting in this movie viz., 1) he can cry (he is very bad at it up until this movie :-P)  , 2) he can enact serious roles (not playful roles like always), and 3) he can make co-stars as protagonists (Harshali and Nawazuddin)

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Bajrangi in India → Earning money to get married

Munni in Pak → A dumb girl, but can understand when people talk, comes to India and gets lost in a naive attempt to save an animal

Bajrangi finds Munni (or vice versa!!) and things change totally in his life. His new aim is not to get earn money to get married but to bring Munni to her home (Pak).

How Bajrangi finds Munni is a Pak girl? What kind of troubles he has to go thru to get into Pak? Did Munni meet her parents or stays with Bajrangi is something you want to want and experience onScreen.

What worked well:

1) Story is the hero of the story. Kabir Khan (Director) brought forward talents of main characters to the maximum extent. Maturity doesn’t come just by age, but comes with humility, humbleness and humility and I believe, the Director do have all these qualities. I’m impressed!

2) Although this is Indo-Pak story, there was never a scene where Indians tried to demean Pak and vice versa. Scenes like 1) Munni dancing on Pak’s victory in cricket, 2) Salman wearing burkha, 3) Nawazuddin saying Jai Sriram, 4) Salman respecting Munni for being a muslim, 5) Munni and Nawazuddin doing “Namaste” gesture etc. were shown very maturely. It makes you think how people are above and beyond “narrow-istic religious blind beliefs”. This movie focused on human emotions and relationships over boundaries, unwanted enmity between common men. There’s no disgrace to any religion, God, Beliefs and/or Faith. Kudos to the crew for showing handling sensitive issues very well

3) Harshali and Nawazuddin shared equal roles on par with Salman. In fact, little girl took entire responsibility till the end and made it happen. Salman and Nawazuddin complemented her very well

4) It’s a roller coaster drama with right amounts of love and comedy in between. Of course, emotional part played a key role where audience get connected to

5) Songs are like slow poison, as you listen, you get addicted to them; “Tu Jo Mila” and “Zindagi” are haunting, beware! “Bhar do jholi” Qawwali is a stealer ; “Tu Chahiye” makes you fall in love again and again 😛

Savvy’s Punch:

Watch it. You will find common people who emote all possible emotions, not airy actors, in the movie. Savvy Certified Movie!

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heartheart – Story, Direction, Actors and entire crew

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The Movie: Bahubali


Caption: Less than a movie and more than a TV Series (సినిమాకి తక్కువ), టీవీ సిరీస్ కి ఎక్కువ)

Savvy’s Rating: 2/5 story narration and screenplay; 4.5/5 for building a big statue, building a kingdom, creating arrows and bows etc.

It’s NOT a review but possibly, a venting. For all supporters, I respect your opinion. Expecting the same back!

Bahubali is an over ambitious project by S.S.Rajamouli (SSR). SSR dreams expensive dreams and guess what, they put dent in someone else’s pocket. 😉 Beware! This movie is like his brainchild and bias took over quality. Looks like, he didn’t compromise and planned to show every thought in the movie, ending up in bewilderment. Well, I am trying to remind him of 5 lettered thing from the dictionary, called “Editing” errr “Logical Editing”.

One word that comes to my mind when I think of this movie is “unengaging”.  To me, movie did not register well and climax was like a bolt from the blue. I, really, am not sure if Bahubali needs a sequel. In many years, this is the only movie I could think of where I forgot as soon as I came out of the theatre.

Being ambitious is very positive, but, anything little over may mar the results. Bahubali is a true example.

  1. Story and Screenplay challenges
    1. It appears to me that SSR had focused more on props, settings and cinematography and less on story flow. He wanted to capture every minute background story to tie it back later in the story like Chandamama Stories.
      1. Kattappa’s introduction with Sudeep ; duration added
      2. RaNa’s bull-fighting introduction ; duration added
      3. War with Kalakeyas ; duration can be sized down
      4. Is it normal that when an Enemy wins the war and erects the victory flag, things can change in 5 minutes ??!!! wish SSR made Prabhas more heroic so that flag was never erected up and he did save the kingdom
      5. I have no clue about Tanikella Bharani’s scenes ; duration added
  2. Inconsistent Movie Pace
    1. At times, it was going fast like Prabhas growing up, Prabhas/Tamanna’s love story
    2. At times, it was going draggy like Anushka’s scenes, Prabhas getting into Mahishmati kingdom etc.
  3. Non-grippy background score
    1. BGM was dull and didn’t help during intense scenes ; wish I ate Chyawanprash to remember the scenes to mention here
    2. Songs are not quick connectors
  4. Focus digressed, overall quality impacted – Grandeur of Props and Settings
    1. Much focus on costumes, props, settings than characters and their acting ; pompous kingdom, huge idol, waterfalls, and involvement of foreign creative artists make a movie “magnanimous”????
    2. Knowing SSR’s ability, he would have still pulled through the movie with cost effective, time effective props. I am still trying to understand what exactly he did different
    3. Well, even Vittalacharya movies or Mahabharat (TV series) or Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari were magnificent in its time!! Are 3 years spent on the movie is for the story, screenplay and narration or only for graphics and props creation??!!
  5. Forgettable characters and their intros, except Sivagami
    1. Bahubali – Prabhas reminds of Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon ; One fallen mask can make a man fly the falls to fall into a woman’s lap. Thank God, love story happened in Part 1. I think I saw GrandPa Prabhas, Dad Prabhas and The Prabhas
      1. GrandPa Prabhas – If SSR thought of a flashback for this character, we would have ended up having Bahubali 3
      2. Dad Prabhas – Smart enough to get the kingdom, and handsome enough to flirt with models. If  SSR would have cut down item song and that  traitor episode, but wait, I can’t divulge the suspense, wait for Bahubali 2 for the rest of his story
      3. Audience are watching Prabhas after a long break. His screen-share time and focus during his dialogue delivery is so fast that that I hardly felt like I watched him whole-heartedly
    2. Sivagami – Neelambari re-visited. Ramya Krishna is the hero of the movie who stole the show
      1. Total support for her character and acting prowess
    3. Bhallala Deva – RaNa got a life time anti-hero role. If he had put 100% effort, Tollywood would have got a handsome villain. His character is more of a back-stabber than a real villain with guts
      1. Bull-fighting scene was more dramatic, than realistic
    4. Deva Sena – Anushka – Arundhati re-visited sans makeup.  Remember, Rakhi in Karan Arjun movie, “Oh aayege, zarooor aayege .. (they will come, definitely they will)”, similar case here
      1. Makeup and body language doesn’t gel at all. Her makeup made her look scary than sympathizing. Old woman’s body with Arundhati’s attitude
    5. Avantika – Tamanna (JLaw’s body language from Hunger Games)
      1. Too stiff body and dialogue delivery ; her love story is open ended
      2. Did quite get “Dhivara” song picturization in the beginning; thanks to my friend for enlightening me
    6. Kattappa and Bijjala Deva, good supporting characters but
  6. Finally, my take:
    1. For sure, SSR got confused on where to focus – story narration / presentation or props
    2. It’s real tough for Bahubali to reach 100th day milestone ; audience do go to theatres to watch due to the hype but pretty soon the fever subsides
    3. If given a chance, I would recommended to sell this movie to Satellites immediately and repeat multiple times on TVs
    4. I didn’t understand the strategy of releasing Part 2 after a long break AND asking audience to pay again. Btw, if movie is trimmed down, there’s no need for Part 2
    5. SSR is a passionate task master and takes enough time (read YEARS) to make movies. Fair enough. Wish movie was worth the wait.
    6. Heard acting in SSR movies means a Career break for heroes. Yep, totally agree with Prabhas’s (pun intended!!)
    7. Changing the lanes, one word of caution to Super Star (Mahesh Babu) . If SSR ever approaches you, please think twice before saying YES.  😉

P.S. Before I rest, I’m still thinking when Bollywood and Hollywood movies have same ticket prices irrespective of the budgets, why Tollywood has different pricing strategy?? Unanswered questions lingering ……


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