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The Movie: I (may be “I” from Influenza Virus shown in the movie)


Caption: Pretty and the Prey

Savvy’s Rating: 2.5/5 for Story; 4/5 for Vikram’s engagement and Photography

Zephyr: Songs, Dialogues, Story, Hero, Photography and Visual effects

Brush off:

1)  Lengthy; can happily be edited to a considerable level without losing the story grip

2) Screenplay glitches ; some scenes doesn’t gel like 1) Upen Patel’s accident scene, 2) victimized Vikram’s strength challenges at various scenes etc.

3) Guess, we need to redefine the role of female protagonists in the movies. Glamour dolls are good for ramp but not for a 3 hour flick ; zero acting sense, God bless her

4) Songs

Savvy’s Rede:

What would word be doing if we do not have eccentrics like Vikram or Shankar. Some actors seriously live in their characters and can do anything to get it right. All in all, I loved the movie. Go with no expectations. It’s a simple, yet realistic, movie that touches on Jealousy, Insecurity, Outcomes with a pinch of romance in between.

If we zoom out, our lives are minuscules in the largest world out there. Sometimes, we are struck in our own small world and get to see a life time experience. Something that really makes you ponder about life and the people around you.

If you want to enjoy the grandeur of Mother Nature, watch this movie. Locations are an eye feast.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

One side of the world: A small time Mr.Andhra (Hero) from a small town running his own Vyaayamshala (read as Gym in villages) → Aiming for Mr. India bodybuilding contest → Hero has a competitor who wants to put him down

Other side of the world: An upcoming actress (Heroine) who’s searching for her career in Commercials → Her life revolves around 1) a bad co-star who’s after her, 2) a family friend – “Uncle” – who’s a Doctor, 3) Commercials Sponsor, 4) a transgender Stylist

Heroine comes to Hero for help to sustain herself in the industry → now Hero’s life revolves around above said four characters plus Heroine. As Hero becomes a wild card hit in Ad industry, people in Heroine’s life get jealous and turns him into an ugly man.

What these guys did to turn Hero into an attractive man? Did Hero realize that it is a foul play or just fades away from Heroine’s life silently? This is something you have to watch onScreen.

Climax: Positive climax is what I liked the most in this movie.

I’m not a great fan of Shankar’s movie so don’t think I can do any worthy comparisons. He’s lavish for no reason is what I can think of everytime he releases a movie.

What worked well:

1) Vikram’s acting; do I have to say this explicitly!!!

2) Photography ; one should really have an eye for beauty to capture locations that splendidly

3) Simple story but convincing

Savvy’s Punch:

I’m not boasting that this is the “Best movie of the decade”. But, certainly something you don’t want to miss. Savvy Certified!

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heart Vikram, Photography

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