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The Movie: Mukunda (another name for Lord Krishna)


Caption: A bumpy ride

Savvy’s Rating: 2.5/5

Zephyr: Songs, Dialogues, Rao Ramesh, and Screenplay of lead pair’s love/romance

Brush off:

1)  Varun Tej’s debut movie; it would have been a plus point to Varun had he been bit careful about his acting and dancing skills. He looked handsome in all nonTalky scenes. With Mega family bouncing one after the other onto Tollywood screen, all faces are almost same and so do their acting skills. Hoping he makes a point to upskill himself before his next venture. Forgot to mention, for him, this is a decent debut

Savvy’s Rede:

Society is full of selfishness and Politics is the best example. “Mukunda” movie tried to point the greedy nature of politicians, obsession of power seat, ego clashes and messed up lives. However, the story lost its punch as some of the scenes couldn’t gel with the movie flow. Tollywood has to come to terms with duration of movies and limitation of the subject. Everything cannot be bundled in 2.5hrs and sometimes, it may backfire due to half-baked outcome.

Overall, a thoughtful movie that missed the strike.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Movie has 3 angles:

Friendship: A village  → youth gang and two best friends (Arjun and Mukunda (Hero) ) → Arjun loves his classmate who’s Chairman’s niece → there were many times where Arjun gets into trouble and Mukunda saves him on time (as audience you feel very relieved every time Arjun gets saved. Thank God, the Director didn’t kill Arjun’s character like in stereo-type movies) → as the climax gets closer, Rao Ramesh’s gang hires Abhimanyu Singh to kill Arjun so that he can marry off his niece → Hero comes to his friend’s rescue very timely. Arjun’s character is a fresh face. He justified his role. Friendship is always fun to feel and to watch too. 🙂

Love: Chairman’s daughter (Pooja Hegde) → the screenplay and background score, to show Hero and Heroine are destined to meet were very delightful —> Temple scene, Mall shoe store scenes were good → During a fight scene near temple, Hero sees Heroine quickly right before falling unconscious → Hero / Heroine continues to express their feelings thru eyes and smiles. Don’t think they have even proposed each other with 3 magic words. No pompous or club songs or running around in parks or no tantrums either. I totally enjoyed this love saga.

[ugly] Politics:  A village → powerful politician – the Chairman (Rao Ramesh) for 25 years → election term commences this time → Rao Ramesh contests again with over confidence that he will win 26th time → Mukunda brings in Prakash Raj, a road-side reporter who has good oratory skills → as luck has it, Prakash Raj wins → Rao Ramesh, the Villain, gets agitated. Story has highlighted silent party promotions vs loud, noisy promotions. It tried showing how votes are sold during elections and what happens during that “key period” i.e., from nomination thru end of elections.

Climax: Story ends with Hero attending his Civil’s interview after saving his friend. Arjun lands up in a marriage hall looking deeply into his girl friend’s eyes. Rao Ramesh’s gang thinks about

Story has some unanswered characters and scenes. For example, Abhimanyu Singh’s character and Hero’s entry. With some good editing/tightening of screenplay, this movie would have had more brownie points.

What worked well:

1) Mind blowing dialogues ; “Bhagavadgeeta is only for poor people” ; inspirational dialogue by Prakash Raj. Audience really enjoy the pen power

2) Songs are very soothing ; one can get hooked to them instantly ; “Gopikamma” is my fav

3) Rao Ramesh, Prakash Raju, and Nazar have justified their roles. I, strongly, feel like Rao Ramesh has become “The Prakash Raj” for small movies. He’s reigning all characters – doted dad, cruel villain,  a sensible supporting character etc. – like a piece of cake. Audience are loving him, way to go!

4) Last but not the least, Srikanth Addala (The Director) has done his homework well and could see his efforts on the outcome

Savvy’s Punch:

Honestly, you can watch this movie once. If you don’t focus on Varun’s acting, you can enjoy the movie.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart Songs, Dialogues

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The Movie: PK (abbreviated version of hindi word पीके = tipsy)


Caption: ok-ok

Savvy’s Rating: 2.5/5

Zephyr: Sanjay Dutt, Songs

Brush off:

1) Blooper: “I love you Jaggu” card was thrown in the railway station where blast happened, how did it land up in the suitcase in climax??

2) In the name of mockery (just to get some laughs), hero goes to a rush temple and argues with a priest → takes Hindu puja material into a church and breaks the coconut in front of Jesus → but when it comes to mosque, not even closer to the gate, hero gets kicked out. What I didn’t understand is, how that is funny? how easy entry is possible in temple and church?!?!

Savvy’s Rede:

Interestingly, this movie is in no way compared to Raj Hirani’s earlier movies like MunnaBhai MBBS, 3 Idiots. There’s too much hype for this movie because of his last hit. Unfortunately, this movie don’t reach all audiences to the maximum extent.

Be it sarcasm or hypocrisy, if in limits, is well received. This story is definitely written by Raj Hirani in inebriated condition, that’s why very confusing. Movie starts with ridiculing Gods and temples and later slowly stopped at Godmen.

Religion, Gods, Beliefs, Faith, Culture, Temples, Worship, Superstitions, and Traditions are some of the keywords that atheists don’t like to listen (but something hypocrites happily can play with). I guess one can dare to write this kind of subject only in India, as it’s a secular Country. What surprises me is, what’s wrong if each religion has their own beliefs? what’s wrong if people worship different form of Gods as long as they have faith? If you go from one State to another within India, you will be surprised with their culture. Imagine if an Alien coming on Earth, definitely he’ll be surprised but that doesn’t mean you have to show them insultingly. This movie has touched very subtle subject and I couldn’t digest the way it is dealt.

Btw, people decide themselves who to worship and who to follow; when to visit holy places, how much to offer Gods, why all these are shown humiliatingly? Also, if people are doing why they are attributed to religion or Gods? I’m sure he’s retrospecting on this movie after the release.

Watch this song, it definitely shows the state of a typical Indian. It’s an apt song for Raj Hirani.

जब  दिमाग पलटी तो “ पीके” उलटी (when one goes insane then the story like pk comes out).

Wonder how much Raj Hirani offered God to make this movie a hit. 😛

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Alien (PK) comes onto earth → loses his valuable locket which takes him back to his world → as soon as he lands on earth, he is robbed by a villager and in turn he gets an old tape recorder → in search of his locket, he meets Sanjay Dutt (Bhairon) → later meets Anushka Sharma (Jagat Janani) → as he starts learning more about people, he asks all these weird questions and in between “shows off” his extra terrestrial powers to read people’s minds → PK realizes that his locket is with a Godmen and starts confronting him → finally he gets locket

What happens after that, you can watch it onScreen watch.

What worked well:

1) Sanjay Dutt justified his guest role completely

2) Songs are good; especially “Bhagwan” song

3) “Alien” themed BGM is mind blowing

Savvy’s Punch:

Come on, grow up people. Don’t earn money by ridiculing yourselves! If possible, watch “Oh my God” movie another time than this movie.

Savvy’s Hearts:

Let me ask my God, how much to give. 🙂


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The Movie: Lingaa


Caption: Eeshwara, why this kolaveri?

Savvy’s Rating: N/A

Zephyr: –

Brush off:

  1. Story, Screenplay and Heroines
  2. My best guess is Mano has dubbed for Rajnikanth ; it didn’t suit him

Savvy’s Rede:

5 reasons why you CAN WAIT till this movie shows up in TV channels.

  1. Very very draggy screenplay and poor quality of graphics, at times
  2. Guess the story was written for Rajni rather than Rajni acting for the story
    1. Remember, very few actors survived when turned into serious politicians
    2. After seeing Vijaykanth and  Chiru, hopefully, Thalaiva will more careful
    3. Please no more hints on PrajaSeva, Life is for poor people etc.
  3. Outdated story or bits and pieces of Rajni’s earlier movies are picked up with loads of emotional drama supported by heavy graphics (old reel in a new box)
    1. The moment you felt like movie is done, the climax was dragged 15 more mins
    2. Hot air balloon drama graphics in the climax were awful and didn’t gel well at all
  4. There’s no “kick” in Rajni’s acting which viewers had seen in his earlier movies (I’m not talking about the movie just before Lingaa 😉 )
    1. I wonder, for his age, why he opted for this role ; he really should have thought about it. Well, may be it’s too late
    2. Older version of Rajni was lot better and graceful than younger version
  5. Last but not the least, you are not missing if you are not watching this movie right away

What worked well:

1) Flashback version of Rajni’s acting / couple dialogues were good but he couldn’t engage audience for 2.5 hours

Savvy’s Punch:

Wait for TV channels to air this movie. Please invest your money on watching another good movie!
Savvy’s Hearts:


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