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The Movie: Katthi (A knife)


Caption: Digs straight into your heart

Savvy’s Rating: 3.75/5

Zephyr: Story, Direction, Vijay, Dialogues and Background score

Brush off:

  1. Annoying Samantha’s presence (her role has literally no value at all, my observation only)

Savvy’s Rede:

Some movies are like, “Picture not seen is opportunity lost!

Watched “Katthi” movie. My first reaction is, Kudos to Vijay for coming forward to act on sensitive issue like this. Appreciate A.R.Murugodoss for making a complicated subject to sail lot smoother. It’s a gutsy move and the team made it.

Well, people are accustomed to shy away from reality. They don’t want to see a bird getting butchered but they like Chicken Biryani, they don’t want to know who’s left thirsty while they quench their thirst, and finally, they don’t don’t care about who’s lives are sucked up while they move the wealth ladder up.

I guess, only in India, a farmer who’s working hard to give food to us has to touch the feet of Officials for water in their crops. I don’t know why Officials are not wise here. No water = No food. In fact, farmers have to authorize and should have more power. Wish people use discretion at least on core things like this. I am NOT saying 5 star hotels be banned with pools, but I am saying use due diligence.

Katthi movie talks about not one but many social evils.

  • Agricultural and farming challenges
  • Corporate politics
  • Sacrificing poor over Rich’s greediness
  • Water scarcity and reasons behind it
  • Land Mafia
  • Emotionless Rich people and their cruelty
  • Media Mafia
  • Corruption

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Hydrologist Jeeva wants to help  his village. He succeeds in finding water in a land that can a boon for irrigation, drinking water for his and nearby villages.. However, a rich Entrepreneur wants that land for building a factory. Jeeva takes this to court.

At the same time, in some of the world, there’s Kathir, an inmate in Kolkata’s jail. He is proficient in reading blue print of any location and finding the loopholes or key security points and guessing the activities based on the request. He helps police to catch hold of a jail-mate. However, he takes this as an opportunity to run away while he helps the Police.

Kathir ends up being in Jeeva’s village and as he learns good thoughts of Jeeva, he ends up helping the villages by bringing more awareness on water scarcity, Jeeva’s findings and Businessman’s greedy affairs.

Kathir actually brings a total revolution in people at local and Nation level by putting his life at risk.

I guess, for a noble thought/cause, if the initiator is not available for whatever reasons, God sends someone as his messenger to complete it. And this was shown amazingly onScreen. Oh btw, don’t under estimate the Power of a Common Man. You have MORE in you than you think and that is shown impressively.

What happens to Jeeva while Kathir was in his village? Why Jeeva let Kathir to run the show? Will Jeeva and Kathir ever meet? to answer these questions, please watch the movie.

What worked well:

1) Everything worked well – Story, Direction, Hero’s role and dialogues ; do NOT miss the “the emotional – big – dialogue” by Vijay right before he stopping his agitation. Very intriguing!

2) I have to appreciate Anirudh (Music Director) for wonderful and gripping background score ; his flute choices were simply brilliant

3) I liked “Selfie pulla” song ; it’s peppy

Savvy’s Punch:

Savvy Certified Movie!

Savvy’s Wish:

If remade in Telugu:
Hero: Mahesh Babu (or Pawan)
Director: Trivik
Music: Anirudh
Heroine: Naah .. we really don’t need but if you insist then Priya Anand (we don’t need a fancy heroine here)

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheartheartheart – Director, Hero, Producer and the Core Team

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