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The Movie: Haider


Caption: Misfired adaptation

Savvy’s Rating: 2.5/5

Zephyr: Shahid’s acting, couple Songs, Shraddha Kapoor

Brush off:

  1. Taboo’s acting was so confusing

Savvy’s Rede:

Vishal Bhardwaj is an eccentric Director and Music Director. His movies and songs haunt you. He has a passion of bringing notable Novels, Adaptations and Stories from Western world to India. I appreciate his efforts.

However, anything over the limits leave you with bad taste. Honestly, I did not watch or read Hamlet before. As a novice audience, I would have expected more from the movie.

Even if I had watched earlier, I would have not liked the screen adaptation of this movie. Thought process might have started off good, but Screenplay had marred the goal.

To cut the story short, I do NOT recommend Haider movie. Because of controversial scenes shown where India was put on odd spot over the neighbor Country. And also, the Direction was not up to the mark. Individually, each actor competed with other and gave their best. Overall Direction was so-so.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Kashmir background → Sensitive time due to Insurgency (Indo/Pak relations)

Father → Mother (Tabu) → Son (Haider aka Shahid)

Son →  sent to another Country for studies to avoid getting his life onto bad track (Mom responsible)

Uncle (Father’s bro) (Kay Kay Menon) → Reputed political person, who’s in love with his Brother’s wife

Father dies (due to Uncle’s plan) → Uncle marries Mother

Son wants to take revenge on Uncle as he feels betrayed. His emotions are caught between lost Father and loving/living Mother. He can’t stand seeing his Mother with his Uncle.

Haider wants to fulfill his Father’s last wish of killing his Uncle. Haider leaves no stone unturned to kill his Uncle. His Mother always try to pacify him and takes him to the path of forgiveness. Haider doesn’t heed to his mom’s words till he loses her. In the end, Forgiveness wins over Vengeance and Haider leaves his Uncle alive and walks away from the battle field.

Movie had so much violence and deaths. Just to sustain his vengeance, Haider kills many people and story takes away key roles like Haider’s mom, lover, lover’s brother and his friends. Haider’s erratic behavior in the story was confusing but you need to stick to him to understand his motives, too intriguing. I guess, Tabu misunderstood her role. Her emotions in the movie are bit unreasonable. I’m baffled.

There are some sensitive issues in the movie about how Muslims were treated by Indians in Jails. I don’t think that was required and was not dealt well. If story demands such kind of scenes, Director failed to show the two sides of the coin.

What worked well:

1) As I mentioned, individually each Actor did well; Shahid and Kay Kay were life support tools of the movie. Shahid just lived in the character

2) Songs are good

3) Shraddha is cute and did her role well

Savvy’s Punch:

Savvy is NOT recommending this movie. Watch at your risk!

P.S. I understand it’s already a Return On Investment for Producers but I still stick to my final Punch.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart – Shahid

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Oka Laila Kosam

The Movie: Oka Laila Kosam (For a Laila (beloved))


Caption: Complex Love Story

Savvy’s Rating: 2.75/5

Zephyr: Naga Chaitanya (Chai), Ali

Brush off:
1) It would have been better if Heroine had shown some acting talent; she’s beautiful at times and straight faced many times. I understand Heroine’s must be beautiful but character required really some stone hearted expressions which she couldn’t do it. The scenes got really diluted with her under-acting
2) Dubbing for Heroine; Chinmayi dubbed for her. When she calls Hero by his screen name Karthik, it reminds you of Yem Maya Chesave movie / Samantha ; there’s a high chance people mistaking Samantha as the Heroine of the movie just by listening the voice. To me, that’s a bad decision
3) Music direction ; “Teluse Nuvvu Raavani” song was penned by Ananth Sriram and has been killed by the Music Director 😦 As usual, nothing but electronic sounds in all songs, God bless Anup Rubens, phewwww

Savvy’s Rede:
Akkineni clan has been determined to solidify Chai’s place in Tollywood. Every time they hit a wall, they are bouncing back with another movie. I guess, after watching Chai’s movies one after the other, audience will get used to watching him.

Chai is very talented in terms of acting but except his first movie, don’t think he is fully utilizing his talents. His acting is inconsistent and audacious. He should fix this attitude as he works toward carving his name on Tollywood’s Hall of Fame.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):
As the title says, this is a journey of a lover to his “beloved”. Love at first sight for him. However, the girl never gives it in. His persistent trials to win her goes in vain always. At the beginning, he thinks altercations between them are trivial. But, things get complicated as the movie flows through. To add to the stressful situation, it ends up as an arranged marriage. Parents were not aware of their acquaintance.

At some point, you start sympathizing Chai errr Karthik (Hero character). His first half performance was dull and the second half was intense. He stole hearts right there.

How Hero tries to woo his girl and what trials he makes to impress her are worth watching onScreen.

Why girl hates him? To know whether it’s a sad or happy ending, watch this movie.

What worked well:
1) Story and Screenplay – “100 ways to win your love” is what you can get out of this movie ; also, it touches upon unconditional love
2) Some dialogues are thoughtful
3) Ali’s character has come out well and comedy is very sensible

Savvy’s Punch:
If you can disregard acting flaws, then this is a no nonsense movie.

People who are in love OR People whose love trials are in progress OR People who want to get onto memory lane will easily relate themselves in Chai’s character. And I am sure, they will enjoy the movie.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheart – Story, Screenplay, Chai

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Bang Bang

The Movie: Bang Bang


Caption: Ouch, that ended up as an awful noise

Savvy’s Rating: 2/5

Zephyr: Hritik’s looks

Brush off:

  1. Katrina’s lips looks so odd in the first 60 mins ; she was looking so weird and after careful observation, I confirmed it is because of her lips. Am I only the one who figured this out??!! Like other movies, she managed to get a role sans acting. Yayy, good for her

Savvy’s Rede:

Bollywood, a place of taking risks. A place that dares to try foreign movies AS IS. Well, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Bang Bang is nothing more than what showed in Trailers. Technically, there was nothing more interesting beyond those teasers and trailers.

There are two dialogues mouthed by Hero in the movie. 1) Mujhe Ghar jaana hai … ek din (Some day, I want to go home). 2) Kohinoor ka churaaya yaar, kuch to izzat kar (I stole Kohinoor diamond, give me some respect).

Well, audience are saying the same to the movie team, hear me out. 1) 1) Mujhe Ghar jaana hai … ek din nahi AB (I want to go home, right NOW as they watch movie). 2) Hum audience hai yaar, kuch to izzar kar (We are audience, show us some respect by giving sensible movies).

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Army Sergeant Viren Nanda (Jimmy Shergill) is killed by Omar Zafar (Danny) → Omar wants Kohinoor diamond and is looking for a thief to steal it for him → Rajveer Nanda (Hritik) is a thief and succeeds in stealing the Kohinoor → Rajveer is supposed to give this diamond to one of the henchmen of Omar’s group → Meanwhile, Harleen (Katrina) is a bank employee and comes across Rajveer as a part of her love search online → Lots of silly twists in the story, since Harleen meets Rajveer → In the end, Rajveer ends killing the Villain

Why Rajveer has to kill Omar? What happens to Kohinoor? Will he goes to jail for stealing? Will Harleen still accepts his love after knowing his crime? Above all, why Rajveer stole the diamond or did he really stole or not? Watch is onScreen.

Movie started off with very slow pace. First 1 hour tests audience patience. Nothing makes sensible as the screenplay is not grippy. However, things start interesting with some stunts and action sequences in the later part of the movie. Such a saving grace. Story makes more meaningful only as you get closer to the climax.

What worked well:

1) Hritik’s hot looks

2) Songs are good for listening, not to watch onScreen though

Savvy’s Punch:

Hritik can’t make his fans to sit for 2 hours in the theatres, just to see some illogical movie. Don’t think it will be a ROI for Producers (140cr budget!!!) and paisa wasool for audience.

I am not recommending this movie highly. If you want to watch Hritik on a big screen for couple hours, be my guest!

P.S. I will be reviewing Haider next. So, between Bang Bang and Haider, I would vote BB. Want to know the reason, then do read my review on Haider, don’t miss it. 🙂

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heart heart – Hritik

heartheartheart heart Songs (for listening only)

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Govindudu Andarivadele

Disclaimer: I guess in my most of the Telugu movie reviews, I have been mentioning about previous movie repeats with some references. As I write more reviews, looks like I should ignore this item by coming to terms with myself that NEW Telugu movies are based off of OLD ones. Or should continue ranting about repeats. Will think about it. 🙂

The Movie: Govindudu Andarivadele (GAV) {Lord Krishna is everyone’s)


Caption: Yep, Lord Krishna is everyone’s that’s why this time he stole stories/scenes instead of butter

Savvy’s Rating: 2.75/5

Zephyr: N/A

Brush off:

  1. Kajal – where’s the chemistry that RamCharan and Kajal had in Magadheera? looks like Kajal mistook her role of heroine to seductress
  2. Unable to connect movie name vs story
  3. The moment when “Sahaja Nati” became “Asahaja Nati” ; I felt like JayaSudha didn’t emote at all, she’s so straight faced 😦 Also, she’s too young to be a grandma 😉
  4. Prakash Raj, where should I start? with due respect, he didn’t act on par with his character’s age. Rather acted as per his current age. He was jumping and fighting with younger lads. I did not see anything new or unique he did than his prior movies. He did his role, not outdid it.

Savvy’s Rede:

Krishna Vamsi a name behind successful movies like Gulabi, Sindhooram, Murari, Khadgam etc.. With his stunning Direction he rocked Tollywood as well as Audience’ hearts. Well, that was a history at least based on his recent couple of flicks.

GAV is an amalgamation of his earlier movies – Murari, Sindhooram, Sri Anjaneyam, Chandamama. As the movie flows through, you will happily recollect all those movies in front of your eyes. One thing I wonder is, why he wanted to do that!!!

GAV is “not just old wine in a new bottle” but “it’s kind of rotten / beaten up wine in a new package”.

Oh, btw, I don’t know why movie has that name but there’s no mention of Govind or Krishna or anything like that related to Hero.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Hero Abhiram is an NRI. His dad has been away from India and from his parents for a long time. One fine day, Abhiram’s dad realizes his mistake of hurting his parents for a foreign life and starts repenting. Abhiram now wants to mend relationships and land up in India to impress his grand pas and other family members and win their love. This way, his family can be back into their lives.

What Abhiram did and did not do to impress his relatives, whether Abhiram could get their love by telling the truth about his identity or not, whether his stone hearted grandpa embraced him and his family is something to watch onScreen. .

What worked well:

1) Repeated formula of emotional blackmail

2) RamCharan tried his best in this movie ; some more effort on acting would not hurt for his safe career
Qwashna to RamCharan: didn’t you know it was a repeat?

3) I would vote Pragati for being peppy over other female character artistes including Kajal

4) Srikanth was okay in his character; he reminds you of RaviTeja from Sindhooram

Savvy’s Punch:

Do you have time for a movie repeat? then please watch this movie. Don’t rush, you are not missing anything.

Savvy’s Hearts:


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The Movie: Loukyam (Judiciousness)


Caption: Clean Entertainer

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Heroine, and Comedy

Brush off:

  1. Hamsa Nandini track was out of place (thought too much overdose by her than required)
  2. Anoop Rubens, his songs remind Nitin’s earlier tracks and other familiar songs before ; he should have been bit careful. Example, “Sur Supura” song reminded of “Hyderabad Biryani” from AutoNagar Surya. BTW, Anoop did music for ANS too 😉
  3. Rahul Dev’s role is not elevated; not sure why.

Savvy’s Rede:

Audience became more wise and are demanding good movies for the spend (ticket $$$). They are expecting more entertainment with sensible melodrama. With lots of “expensive” movies got into controversies, Loukyam comes as a Oasis in the desert.

These days, time is actually favorable for small movies (not high budgeted; no commercial heroes) with strong stories and engaging screenplays as they are connecting with audience well. Loukyam’s USP : “a clean family entertainer”.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Hero helps bride to run away on her wedding day in his village (no, not Rabhasa) → Bride’s brother is a thug (Villain) → Villain is very mad and searching for her sister → Meanwhile, Hero goes to another city to hide out till matters get settled → Hero falls for a girl there → He had to come back to his village to win his love.

Will Villain ever knows about who helped his sister to run away from Mandap? Is Heroine related to the Villain or his opponents in the village? Is Climax, all is well or all in well? know it onScreen. And, do watch out for comedy as the movie progresses.

As much as it sounds like regular Tollywood love story, the story narration is the backbone to the movie. Looks like this is a team work. All crew worked hard to deliver a good product.

This is a goto movie for people who want to enjoy while they are theatres and come out with no qualms.

What worked well:

1) Direction – Sriwass did a good job; his earlier movie with Gopi Chand – Lakshyam – faired well too ; looks like their partnership is working

2) Brahmmi/Chandramohan – guess a new tradition has started in Tollywood ; I am assuming more movies to follow this in near future with these two together.

3) For Gopi Chand, this is a much needed booster ; He has justified his role well. His costumes are very very attractive.

4) Screenplay is written carefully to avoid any strong flavors (meaning resemblance to other movies) from earlier Telugu movies. I’m sure it was a challenging task but Kona and Gopi Mohan duo did their job to the best of their ability.

5) Story and Dialogues were good; One dialogue that is still haunting me is “Patthe pheken to kutte bhi khelten” (if you splash playing cards, even dogs can play) 😛 lol, this is a real punch dialogue but it came out from Brahmmi’s mouth and ended up as a funny one.

6) You know what, Tollywood has found a replacement for Prakash Raj in Sampath Raj. What a coincidence, both have Raj in common in their names. Sampath surely has a promising career; he’s handsome, versatile and appealing.

Savvy’s Punch:

Longing for a good telugu movie to watch along with family, then I recommend this. You will come out of theatres with a smile on the face.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heart – For the Team Work and for the quality product delivery

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