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The Movie: Aagadu (he won’t stop)


Caption: Super Star’s Craze – Squared!

Savvy’s Rating: 3.5/5

Zephyr: Super Star, Super Star and Super Star. Period!

Brush off:
1) Songs
2) Handsome hunk, Sonu Sood, is totally under-used
3) Imprudent Editing – Story can be editing meaningfully without losing the grip ; too lengthy
a) Dejavu background score in the first half – reminds of Dookudu ; hoping this will the last movie with Super Star by Thaman. With due respect, he can’t take chances like this with big heroes
b) Sonu Sood’s voice-over glitches ; looks like, too many people gave voice-over to him
c) First half was going on a jet speed pace; second half was draggy
4) Slacker job by the Director, Mr. Vytla. Remember you are working with Star actor, not an upcoming hero
a) Why such a body language for Vennela Kishore in Reality Show episode?! didn’t gel with his rest of the scenes in the movie
b) It’s his responsibility to make sure any traces for his previous movies are not repeated, he totally ignored it
5) Tamanna – a real very bad choice for Super Star ; thankfully, she had shared less screen space with Super Star, compared to his earlier movies

Savvy’s Rede:
As I watch Aagadu, first thing popped up in my mind was, like, this time Vytla focussed more on Dialogues than any other department. Other than what has shown in the trailers, none of the dialogues really caught my attention. Everybody is aware of “Vytla vs Kona, Gopi” controversy. To cut the story short, yes, Vytla lost his battle in creating “punch dialogues” in this movie. If it is not Super Star, this movie would have been a box off dud. The Director should thank his stars on this.

For Super Star, this is surely another Box office hit. He showed improved skills in dialogue delivery and easiness in his body language. His craze has doubled from now on.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):
Encounter Shankar, has a hard track record in encountering goons / bad people. At the same time, he has soft emotional personal story. As an orphan in his childhood, he ends up meeting CI Rajaram. Impressed by kid’s talent in catching the thieves, he adopts him. As things start getting better for Shankar, an awful incident makes him to go to jail. His adopted dad hates him for whatever Shankar has done and orders his not to see him forever. Shankar becomes orphan again.
Shankar does very well in juvenile home in studies and activities and ends up taking a job as Encounter Specialist. His new assignment is in Bukkapuram where has to stop a Power project and save those village people from harmful chemical pollution.
In Bukkapuram, Shankar meets his lady love, handles multiple thugs to reach main Villain, and confronts the Power project Owner (the Villain). Also, one fine day, he ends up seeing his adopted father in the same village.
Shankar is the single strong point handling many characters in the movie. If his acting meter is low at any given point, entire set of other characters’ fall like dead stars. 😦 The way Super Star handled entire movie, looks like he won’t stop or no one can stop him in Tollywood.
As an audience, if you would like to know, 1) whether Shankar met his dad again, 2) what happened to the Power project, 3) whether his lady love is alive or dead, do run to nearest theatre today.

What worked well:
1) Super Star aka acting, craze, talent and charm
2) Flashy Shruti Hasan; she looked terrific next to Super Star
3) Surprisingly, Brahmanandam’s role is worthwhile in this movie vs his last couple movies ; Nazar and Rao Ramesh did their jobs flawlessly

Savvy’s Punch:
All complaints – that are dedicated to the Director – will hit the dust when you see Super Star onScreen. It’s a pure paisa-wasool entertainer for both pro and anti Super Star fans. Watch it ASAP!

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheart heartheart – Super Star Mahesh Babu

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The Movie: Rabhasa (Delight, Joy, making happy noise)


Caption: There’s no kick

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5

Zephyr: Jr. NTR

Brush off:
1) Samantha
2) Unnecessary fighting scenes / violence
3) Low or minimal promotion of the movie; was Bellamkonda Suresh was too busy to launch Alludu Seenu that he ignored Jr. NTR totally? 😐
4) Santosh Srinivas, Director of the movie, could definitely have done lot better than this
5) Expectations on Jr. NTR is very high ; it’s a curse for being so versatile in his earlier movies. I feel sorry for him. Unless he comes back with a mythological movie or something novel (not a copy of earlier hits by peers), he can’t lift up his career (my 2 cents)
6) Thaman should relook at his recent work and see where he can improve

Savvy’s Rede:
Jr. NTR, a name synonymous to talent. He has loads of talent and was very lucky at the beginning of his career. Within no time he did great movies beyond his age and proved his mettle. When audience loved his acting skills earlier, why not now? Why his last few movies are failing miserably?

One need to be very smart and agile to be on top in the entertainment industry. Giving consistent hits, hogging Number 1 position and earning moolah to Producers is what makes one a true Hero. It’s time for Jr. NTR to retrospect on his choices and take some informed decisions.

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):
It’s a Rom-Com “kinda” movie. In Savvy’s world, “kinda” is equal “with some exceptions”. 😛
Take 1: Karthik comes to India to marry his maternal uncle’s daughter, Indu (Samantha) as per his mother’s wish. As he never saw Indu before, he mistakenly thinks it as Bhagyam (Pranitha). He tries his best to woo Bhagyam. Indu helps Bhagyam to reveal Karthik’s intentions, as Indu doesn’t like Karthik. In a comical twist, Bhagyam doesn’t fall for Karthik and goes back to her boy friend (who has been trying for her forever).

Take 2: Indu supports her friend to elope on her wedding day with the help of a stranger. Initially, the elopement plan fails and goons break her cell. She fixes the phone and realizes that stored numbers are not showing up. In a panic mode, Indu blindly tries lot of numbers, out of her memory, and ends up talking to a stranger. This guy, comes, fights and helps love birds to elope successfully.

Take 3: Karthik realizes Indu is his uncle’s daughter. By the time, he wants to impress her, he comes to know that she’s in love with the stranger who helped her friend earlier. Karthik doesn’t want to propose her and wants to support her love.
Who’s that stranger on the phone? Whether Indu gets to meet the stranger? What happens to Karthik and his mother’s wish? Whether family’s vengeance comes to an end? Do watch it onScreen for all these questions.

Although story is strong, I felt like “something” is missing. Jr. NTR tried his level best to run this movie on his shoulders. In the end, you feel like, Osos inthenaa? (Is that it!!!).

Heard audience are going to theatres, just because of Jr. NTR. These days, even small movies are promoting in a big way. Without any promotions, if he’s dragging audience to theatres, then it’s the news. This is something his peers must envy about!

What worked well:
1) Story
2) Jr. NTR’s dance was appreciable
3) Pranitha was good and made her presence well, although it’s a guest role

Savvy’s Punch:
If you have time (and money) and was missing watching Jr. NTR a big screen, please do watch. Else, wait for couple weeks, to watch it on Maa TV.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheart heart – Story, Jr. NTR


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Mary Kom

The Movie: Mary Kom


Caption: Encouraging, Exemplary and Entertaining

Savvy’s Rating: 3.75/5

Zephyr: Story, Direction, Screenplay, Priyanka Chopra (PC) and Songs

Brush off:

1) First ½ hour shows lot of stuff in a jiffy and has less audience engagement
Savvy’s Rede:

Before I say anything more on this movie, let me say these 2 words – “Savvy Certified”. Please go and watch.

If one is making a movie when you are alive and showing your achievements on screen to help people realize their dreams is what I call “Success”. Mary Kom deserves all the appreciation for her determination, courage and unbend mental strength. She’s a hero and a role model for many who want to make their dreams come true.

She is not a forgotten hero before and with this movie she would never be forgotten. I appreciate the crew for making an effort to bring this to common people. Such a commendable job by everyone!

Story in a nutshell (spoiler alert):

Mary Kom ( is a five time Women’s World Champion. She comes from a poor farmer family where girls going out itself is a big thing. She’s from a very remote village in Manipur. However, Mary wants to realize her dreams as a boxing champion. She fights with her father and joins the training. As fate has it, she gets a great trainer. With her passion, she wins World Championships easily and gets famous in no time.

While everything is going as expected, her friend proposes her and she gets married against her trainer’s wishes. She takes break from her career for around 8 years. During this time, she has a happy married life and blessed with twins.

Her love for boxing never dies and with her husband’s help she gets back into the ring. And wins another Gold medal in a World Championship, along with other Championships/Games.

How many females could get back to form after marriage/kids, winning all odds? how many get support from their family to win in life again? is poverty a reason to put a break on dreams? how her life is shown onScreen with engaging screenplay is something you should try yourself.

What worked well:

1) Story, Screenplay

2) As a debut Director, Omung Kumar actually delivered a quality product ; he was an art director prior to this assignment and worked in Bhansali’s movies before, do you know?

3) Songs are a great plus ; you will be hooked to “Sukhoon mila” by Arijit and “Teri Baari” by Mohit

4) PC has done a tremendous job ; she has actually lived up to her role ; she has a native Manipuri girl, killed it!

5) Supporting roles like Mary’s husband and trainer are back bone for the story

Savvy’s Punch:

Savvy’s Certified movie. Watch it to get encouraged and energized. You’ll have a sense of achievement after the movie.

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heart – Story, Screenplay, Direction, Songs

heartheartheart – PC

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Aagadu Audio Review

“Aagadu” movie is slated for 9/19 release, per Super Star on Audio function day.


All Top hero movies excite their fans so much ; they eagerly wait to watch the final product. Appetizers like audios, teasers and trailers doesn’t help much. In fact, they are blood rushers and make the fans more excited.

Expectations and Comparisons are pretty common between top 4 heroes. Mahesh, Pawan, Prabhas and Jr. NTR. Surprisingly, all these successful heroes are supportive of rom-coms or action-coms. Less fight, more drama with a flavor of love is their mantra.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Tollywood has a proven success formula which is washed, rinsed and re-used zillion times between these heroes. Happy family → Faction / vengeance → Love blooming → Entire Family or key Family member dies → Love stalls / Love sacrifice → Climax, all is well – Forgive enemies, hatred gone, Love is in the air.

Big thing is how well each of these heroes carry this same old/ancient formula well. Guess, some people got why I wrote that preface. 😛

Moving on to Audio. I am not a great fan of electrifying singers’ voices. I believe in Singer’s showing their talent without much help of electronic gadgets. But this time, Thaman surprisingly believed in messing up original voices in his songs. Why I do not like Anup Rubens too, is this very own reason. Well, it is what it is. May be I’m outdated 😉

Savvy’s score: 3.5/5

Aagadu songs based on my fav priority. You will get addicted to songs within twice repeats. Only Saroja song is a serious hook up by just first hit.

1) Tu aaja Saroja

Singers: Rahul Nambiar

Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

Savvy’s reaction: Melodious, rich lyrics 

Savvy’s prediction: Chartbuster   tUp


2) Bhel Poori

Singers: Sooraj and Manasi (male voice sounds like Udit Narayan at times, heads up)

Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

Savvy’s reaction: Catchy music, Peppy songs, Party, Dance numbers  (Thumbs up)


2) Junction Lo ( )

Singers: Simha

Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

Savvy’s reaction: Catchy music, Peppy songs, Party, Dance numbers  (Thumbs up)

Savvy’s prediction: Chartbuster


3) Aagadu Title Song

Singers: Shankar Mahadevan

Lyrics: Srimani

Savvy’s reaction: Melodious, rich lyrics, Singer rocked it (Thumbs up)


4) Naari Naari

Singers: Thaman and Divya

Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla

Savvy’s reaction: probably a situational song (Nay)


Theme of Aagadu is very catchy and haunting.


After reading this, are you thinking of “what to do and what not to do”? come on, gear up and listen songs. Happy Listening!

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The Movie: Mardaani (manly / masculine)


Caption: Mardaani kam, janaana jyaada (less manly, more feminine)

Savvy’s Rating: 2.5/5

Zephyr: Screenplay

Brush off:

1) Rani’s acting skills are under used

Savvy’s Rede:

Tomboy, and Manly are often used on girls/women who are daring and brave. As the title says, this movie is all about a brave woman Police Officer and how she fought against lawbreakers. By the way, is “being manly” means physical power or mouthing swear words or talking easily with mean or being ferocious in case of challenges or all in one? Rani’s body language is so confusing. I can’t call this movie either a commercial flick or a social cause film.

Story in a nutshell:

This movie touches the sensitive topic of child trafficking. Director has gone far beyond in showing awful lives of victimized girls. Of millions of cases pending in dusted file rooms of Law and Order, there may be some cases that get lucky and the victims get to see the light again. Thanks to some honest and determined Officers.

Shivani Shivaji Roy is a brave Officer. She’s very tough on people who break the law. She does not hesitate to chase goons, or beat up miscreants or lock law-breakers in the cell. At the same time, she’s a doting wife , beautiful aunt to pretty niece (Meera) and a role model to an orphan (Pyari). Shivani encourages this orphan to study by working as a flower selling girl during spare time. The story takes a new turn when Pyari goes missing. It was Pyari’s birthday and Shivani and Meera are supposed to celebrate her birthday.

Upon checking in Pyari’s orphanage, Shivani comes to know that something is wrong with Pyari and she has been abducted. Pyari is an orphan and lives in an orphanage. Technically, world is least bothered about this orphan. But, Shivani is determined to save this girl.

It’s a drama between a cruel, heartless villain vs honest, brave cop. As the movie unfolds, heart cringes on some scenes where how girls are abducted, and treated. By just looking at screenplay, if our hearts are moved, imagine the situation of people who are actual victims of these malicious acts. It’s more of an emotional ride than a brave act while watching the stuff onscreen. Whether Shivani is able to let Pyari loose from the hands of the villain is to be seen on screen.

Rani as a protagonist did okay job; based on her acting trend, guess, she didn’t do her job that well. Wish she had taken extra caution. She was good at showing manly attitude while swearing, however, fight scenes didn’t come out well. Overall, didn’t feel like it was Rani’s movie.

Tahir Raj Bhasin has done a tremendous job as a child trafficking leader. His role makes you to hate him literally.

Pyari was one of the key roles ; thought her scenes or acting expressions were flawed mostly especially in the climax

Rani’s husband’s role is to be a loyal and encouraging ; he did his best; nothing less, nothing more.

What worked well:

1) Screenplay

Savvy’s Punch:

If you have missed it, then you did not lose anything. Do wait for YouTube version to watch!

Savvy’s Hearts:


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