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Geethanjali – 2014

The Movie: Geethanjali – 2014

Caption: Convincingly entertaining!

Savvy’s Rating: 3.5/5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Background score and Direction

Brush off:

1) Songs
2) Anjali is too beautiful to act

Savvy’s Rede:

Horror Comedy is the genre that’s picking up these days. Comedy has always been the first choice for majority of audience. It’s tickling, predictable. Guess what, what’s the fun when you pay for Dairy Milk and get the same in return. Well, the real kick is when you get Kit Kat instead! 😉

Geethanjali is an engaging movie with right dose of horror and comedy, “at right time”. Plus point in this movie is casting. Anjali, of course the diva, acting with significantly successful comedians (except Brahmi) is appreciable. Well, actually, story demands it that way. Any male protagonist with commercial success would have been a mismatch. In addition, this is NOT a heroine oriented, sobbing/revenge, drama either. 

Story has the grip, theme and all in all strength to involve audience all through. It’s a real twister with unexpected turns. As you watch, the moment you feel like you are predicting what comes next, boom, the scene changes. Loved the roller coaster ride actually.

Kona Venkat proved his mettle again by penning altogether different story. This is way far off from his earlier commercial successes. Kona didn’t make you sit in Kona (corner) for hours together like RGV; infact, he read audience’ pulse and relaxed the fear factor at right intervals to make it a smoother coaster ride.

As the movie has a suspense quotient, which is real critical for an audience to enjoy, I’m refraining from providing detailed story. However, here’s the teaser for you. 😛

Beautiful, Simple, Traditional Girl → in Love with someone → excited to let her dad know about her love

A girl commits suicide in an apartment → it’s haunted by her (ghost) → set of bachelors rent the same apartment

Are you scratching your head, by two absurd statements?!?! okay, then it’s time for you to watch the movie. 🙂

What worked well:

1) Well nurtured story with strong screenplay ; guess Director was betting on the story for the film’s success

2) Timely punchy and satirical dialogues

3) Sapthagiri’s, the comedian, flashy stint; this guy has great future 🙂

4) Cast:
a) Anjali is good looking; wish she puts extra effort on her acting
b) Rao Ramesh didn’t disappoint as usual
c) The guy with invisible Car driving was awesome (he is rose rose rojaa puvva guy from Gabbar Singh movie)
d) Comedy crew, including Brahmi, is the best supporting gang

Savvy’s Punch:

Savvy recommends! Don’t miss it!

Savvy’s Hearts:

heartheartheart heart – Kona Venkat, Story, Screenplay

heartheartheart – Director, Screenplay

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