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The Movie: Manam

Caption: By Akkinenis, For Akkineni Fans (ONLY)

Savvy’s Rating: 2.5/5

Zephyr: Story, Nag and Shriya

Brush off:

1) Screenplay needs couple rounds of vetting for better quality and reduced duration
2) Bad casting; Samantha thumbs down
3) Brahmi (should I ask, why we had him in the first place??) and Posani are misused
4) Samantha needs to really brush up her acting skills; prestigious project but not inclination to do well in acting??!! Her character as Priya is so annoying
5) It’s bit edgy to see Nag in close up shots most of the times 

1) Samantha’s Engagement Rings were shown in both births 😉
2) Nag initially feeds Priya’s number in his cell; however, he dials in entire number the very next minute .. Kevvvv

Savvy’s Rede:

Biggest question is why this movie is marketed as a Tribute to ANR. He was hardly seen in the movie. “Silly Savvy, don’t you know, it was ANR’s last movie before his death …”. Hmm, then do you call it a Tribute? I had different understanding about what a Tribute is. There’s not anything significantly made to pay a tribute to ANR – at the beginning or in the end – other than showing him in couple quick shots. It’s entirely Akkineni show for their fans. Movie promotion and content doesn’t gel.

Looks like story was developed considering each Akkineni. Chai got lion’s share in terms of character.

Story in a nut shell: (Spoiler Alert)

Story is all about how Love or Hatred ties you over various births. With Love you can win any relationship. Touches slightly on the importance of family values and how to win the hearts of family members. Anything that gets easily, people tend to take it for granted like wife from arrangement marriage :-); few dialogues touching this sensitive topic are thoughtful.


What worked well:
1) Good Story backed up by tardy screenplay
2) Very good feeling to watch ANR, Nag, Chai and Akhil in one shot in the climax; something that Akkineni family can cherish forever
3) Interactions between ANR and Chai are fun to watch
4) Shriya stole the show
5) Saptagiri’s onscreen timing was good although it was for a flash
6) Two Songs are good
7) Families can go together and watch (less skin show)

Savvy’s Punch:
Go with no expectations else you will be disappointed. Teesmaar Khan nahi hai par Turrum Khan tho hai .. 😛

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheart – Story, Nag, Songs, Shriya

heartheart – Chai

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