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The Movie: Legend

Caption: History repeats

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Hero and Villain

Brush off:
1) Too much violence. From this movie on, human bodies will float in the air just with the thumping sound of hero’s foot sound or scream … yayyy
2) Sonal Chauhan – Heroine No. 1 – is a miscast; her dubbing was out of sync and acting is below Zero degrees
3) HamsaNandini is good looking but not a good dancer; wonder how BK accepted her as she had a huge responsibility of making the Item Song a success ; “Lasku Tapa” picturization is not on par with the song
4) Krishna character is not elevated properly ; finally, I was not sure if he’s dead
5) Climax was confusing; thought Director lost his pace and taken a different path altogether
6) Editing issues ; movie can be edited atleast for 10 more mins
7) Not all songs are catchy; DSP’s magic wand didn’t hit right chords
8) Unsync’ed scenes about politics

Savvy’s Rede:
Tollywood is blessed to have actors with great talents. These days every other protagonist treats himself as a Hero. Well, Heroism is you do one movie in a year and still garner huge crowds to theatres. Heroism is you gain confidence of audience while the movie is still on floors. Heroism is you deliver the product on par with audience tastes’. This may sound simple but in reality this is like walking on egg shells for established celebrities, especially after a couple of flops.

Legend has the Story that connects with audience. Legend has the emotional quotient that impresses female world. Legend has thoughtful dialogues that belittles spineless men. Legend has enough suspense that tickles audience nerves.

On the face of it, Legend is an old wine in a new bottle. Majority of the movie is predictable. However, what makes this unique from earlier movies of BK is casting and awesome turning point before the interval.

Story in a nut shell: (Spoiler Alert)
As it is BK’s movie, it has enough violence and factionism. Totally customized for BK be it the role or props (like the design of his weapon and vehicle).

The story is about a hero and a villain. It’s a fight been good and evil. Villain’s ego blasts as he gets insulted by a Village Head. Although it’s villain’s mistake, he takes this insult to heart and kills the Village Head who is Hero’s father. Hero has a big family with sisters, uncles, aunts and a brother. For years, Hero and Villain fight and try to kill each other at various points. At some point, villain kills hero’s wife and hero cuts himself from factionism and his relatives. What happens to Hero? Does he end up taking vengeance on villain? does hero’s family embraces him in the end? watch out the drama as it unfolds on silver screen.

What worked well:
1) Casting is an asset to the movie
2) Hero and Villain are contemporaries ; their age, and maturity have become plus points to the roles they played. For BK at this age, any young lad playing as a villain would have been a disaster
3) Jaidev/Legend character has been established very cleverly and is the heart of the movie; His love interest – Radhika Apte – did a good job
4) Every scene between BK and JB are eye stealers ; audience enjoy it to the core
5) BK proved that he’s not upto slapstick comedy; Brahmi packed his bags within 10-15mins of screen time; that was a very good decision as BK/Brahmi combo was not good onScreen
6) Some dialogues in the movie are very introspective and speculative
a) Ooru maarithe bed maarutadi; Blood enduku marutadi ra bloody fool
If you move to another location, bed changes but not blood, you fool!
b) Voteste enthostadi ani janam lekka; Geliste enthostadi ani mana lekka
Voters expect money during elections; Politicians expect money after winning the elections
c) 100 kodite Sachin, 100 cr kodite ne politician
If one hits 100 runs it’s Sachin (Tendulkar); if one earns 100 crores it’s a politician
7) Before interval scenes are scintillating
8) Audience will never know when he/she got engrossed in the movie till the Interval card shows up; one expression at that time ..”Wow, I didn’t expect this…”
9) Director had seamlessly carried the suspense till the required time
10) All yesteryear heroines have got lovable sister roles; they flash like stars quickly on the screen but indeed leave an impact
11) Last but not the least, JB has given his thumping performance as a villain; he garnered fans on par with BK with his unexpected performance

Savvy’s Punch:
Teenagers and kids may not like that much violence. Adults can watch the movie.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheart – Story, Screenplay, Director
heartheart – Songs, BK

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