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Shaadi Ke Side Effects

The Movie: Shaadi ke Side Effects

Caption: Shaadi ka laddoo khaaye to pachhtaaye, na khaaye to bhi pachhtaaye (You will repent either eating or not eating a Laddoo (Indian wedding sweet))

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5

Zephyr: Story

Brush off:
1) Unbearable Starting and pre-Climax scenes; just ignore them as movie has compensated some good scenes 😉
a) First 15-20 minutes where Farhan tries to be a pregnant man
b) 10-15 minutes before climax where Vidya Balan’s silliest lie comes into picture
2) Vidya Balan’s faux pas :-/

Savvy’s Rede:
Did you know, one of the side effects of a marriage is kids??!! Commitment may not be a problem if both are in love until kids come into picture. If Marriage is big responsibility and then Kids are bigger responsibility. 😉 Saket – the Director – did a good job on “Pyar ke Side Effects” movie earlier and looks like he got into another “Side Effects” project because of that. He tried his best but lost the focus on and off as you sail thru the movie.

Story in a nut shell: (Spoiler Alert)
SKSE tries to tell about what a man and woman goes through post Marriage. “Take it for granted” is the most dangerous phrase especially in a relationship. If Husband or Wife tend to take the partner for granted, then that’s the starting point for relationship cracks.

Farhan and Vidya are happily married couple. Romance, love and happy times were always on the cards till the couple decides to go for kids. Movie has some real good “eye-opener” type scenes.
1) When kids are born, wife ignoring husband totally for kids
2) Loss of romantic moments/talks between the couple as wife becomes a doting mom
3) Husband feeling ignored by wife due to new born
4) Husband trying to be a bachelor and looking for ways to enjoy life as he’s unable to accept new “Father” position
5) Husband trying to shy away from “Fathers’” talk
6) After couple years when wife tries to make time for husband, he being not available to spend time
6a) Women are good at emotional blackmail. There’s one scene, where Vidya gets ready to go out with Farhan but he cannot come. She starts complaining along the lines of “I have been busy with kid, when I want to spend time with my hubby things are not working.”
7) Husband and Wife talks about what a woman goes thru during pregnancy and post pregnancy
8) Husband being so irresponsible and forgetting kid over his other priorities (example, forgetting the kid for cricket when Farhan takes the kid for outing; wonder, if some men are like that)
9) Parents yelling at kids when they are mad at other partner
10) Being open to partner and not lying in spite of knowing the outcome
11) Some tips to couple on how they can still be in love even after marriage and increase their love for each other day by day

Especially in India, this open communication between the couple has always been a taboo. A creamy layer of couples from metro cities may be more expressive though. I would appreciate the Production team for bringing this kind of subtle emotions on screen because movie is the only medium that reaches mass and class.

Director’s Punch:
1) Story and Screenplay
2) Some thoughtful scenes between Farhan and Vidya where emphasis was given to communications, understanding and support
3) Farhan has been at his best in showing a typical “guy-tude”; he lived in the character

Savvy’s Punch:
If you can’t watch, that’s okay. If you have no other movie to watch, give this a shot.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheart – Story, Screenplay, Farhan

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The Movie: Queen

Caption: Gullible to Confident Chica

Savvy’s Rating: 3.25/5

Savvy’s Reed:
Reasons to watch ‘Queen’. Every girl will see herself in Kangana at one or more situations. She has added zest to the role with her flawless performance.

Are you ever got rejected after being in a relationship for couple years?? “Hey gal, surprise, I am breaking up with you!!” ; or heard, along the lines of, groom cancelling the marriage just a day before, because the girl is NOT “stylish’” or “hot enough” and “not of his status” types?!

When a naive girl’s fantasy world hits reality, her dreams are crushed, what options she has?? one of the best ways may be to gear up and go for “solo honeymoon” – all by herself – to Paris 😉

For every innocent girl out there, there’s always a dashing friend who lifts her up and helps to survive in this world – BFF ; guess it’s a destiny to have that kind of friends

Girl having that “special set of friends” who gets priority over parents and siblings and with who she can share secrets and everything under the sun

Trying to run away from depression and taunting relatives, making efforts to fit in a new place to digress the sad thoughts and gaining confidence is a big thing for a normal girl (who has never seen anything but her native place). Hmm, do not under-estimate the power of a common girl

World is kind enough and teaches the girl one lesson at a time; Paris!! – new place, new friends, new life, ready for adventures, taking challenges, learning new things and finally, gaining control on life

From a girl next door blaming herself for the marriage break up TO a confident girl who’s not ready to give a second chance to the fiance comes back

Kangana is the perfect match for the character ; everything was close to nativity – unkempt hair, over-sized dressing, ambitious but snubbed by BF, obedient to parents, introvert but vocal at times etc. were delivered with great ease by her

This movie has catchy, enthusiastic party songs; “London Thumakda”, “O Gujariya” have dancing beats
P.S. Remember this is a Bollywood product and heroine is in Paris, you can expect some ‘risque’ (unwanted) scenes that raise your eyebrows

Savvy’s Punch:
A good time pass!

Savvy’s Hearts:

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The Movie: HighWay

Caption: Expressway to freedom, emotions, life

Savvy’s Rating: 4.25/5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Songs, Direction and Main casting

Brush off:
1) Few editing issues at times

Savvy’s Rede:
Every other person you touch has a story. Every moment of a human being is an inspiration to write a story.
“Highway” definitely an outcome of one of the social evils in the society. Let me be very clear, this is not a movie with a social cause. The Director has been successful in merging uncommon love story knitting inside the world of emotions, bad experiences, solace etc.

Story in a nut shell:
Ever heard of blessing in disguise. Well, female protagonist gets kidnapped one day before her marriage. Her immature act of sneaking out in the night will result in she ending up in a big trouble. That’s when the real story begins. As the story unfolds, the kidnapper (male protagonist) takes her from one place to another to hide her in his lorry. Yep, you guessed correct, this journey is from local roads to highways. Of course, his plan was to demand ransom from her dad, things start delaying. Now, it’s on him to keep her safe till he gets the money.

Although initially she resists and feels terrible about the kidnap, slowly she starts feeling the sense of freedom. Everyone in this world undergoes at least once in his/her life time – “trusting a stranger totally and expressing themselves”. Same thing happens to her. For all the troubles she had undergone as a growing up child, she never had someone who can understand and listens to her. She confides those haunting experiences to him. She feels secure with him and resists going back to her house.

Male protagonist a hardman with anti-RichPeople thoughts. He too has an emotional flashback. As much as he dislikes the girl initially, slowly starts befriending her. If I remember, Randeep had smiled only once in entire movie. 😉
As you reach climax, their friendship bonds well. However, what happens in the end is the key. 1) Will the movie end up as friends becoming lovers? 2) Will it conclude as a typical love story – rich gal falling for poor guy? 3) Will heroine ever goes back to her home? 4) Will the guy leaves out his hitman job for her? Do watch the movie on silver screen for all of your answers.

Director’s Punch:
1) Story and Direction are Director’s niche
a) As usual, Imtiaz Ali used his signature theme like all his other movies i.e., heroine making a silly mistake and getting into trouble at the beginning of the movie and becoming more mature and confident in the climax
b) Director has meticulously handled the script so that he can get his thoughts out on “child molestation”; any extra scenes would have loosened up the grip and might have put the movie into “under-rated” category
c) Taking commercial movies with high budget along these lines is very risky; have to appreciate Director’s guts for making this movie to spread the awareness and educate many people
d) I strongly agree that there’s a thick line between friendships and love ; liking a guy doesn’t mean it’s love. Thought, Director made sure to get that right
2) Songs are very catchy; “Mahi ve” is instant hit
3) Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt has done commendable jobs; you can see only characters
Looks like this movie is “100% desi” meaning entire movie is shot in India and Director tried showing the beautiful locations thru his creative lenses (guess he got obsessive sometimes though)

Savvy’s Punch:
Some movies are very intriguing and haunting for a long time. This movie definitely makes to that slot. I recommend it.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Songs, Story, Director
heartheartheart – Randeep, Alia

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