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The Movie: Gunday (Goons)

Caption: Handsome and Interesting Goons

Savvy’s Rating: 3.25/5

Zephyr: Cinematography, Songs, Direction and Main casting

Brush off:

Savvy’s Rede:
Blessed are those, when craved for a good movie, they just land up watching one. Gunday is definitely an entertainer. It’s youthful, energetic and awesome.

Life can be as sweet as love and as bitter as betrayal. Everyone get to taste both in the vicious cycle of life. But you become winner when you overcome all hardships and still stick to the real / true relationship i.e., friendship. In fact, it’s a gift to have best friends.

Story in a nut shell:
“Gunday” is not a complicated story. It makes you to sit entire duration with it’s engaging storyline and soulful songs.

It’s a story of two best friends Bikram (Ranveer Singh) and Bala (Arjun Kapoor). Life has been never nice to them since their childhood. It all starts with Bangladesh partition. As kids, they were ready to smuggle the guns to get enough food to eat. At some point when they have to see worst part in their lives, they kill one of the Army Officers and run away to Kolkata. They start working for a small restaurant. As they struggle for their survival, they also have to establish their identity as Indians. They were always treated as refugees.

Hungry for money, identity and power, they get into coal loot from a local goon’s train. As they win over him, there was no stop for them. Both friends get into most possible illegal businesses and develop into top most Goons in Kolkata. As they grow, their friendship grows beyond the borders. They become two bodies with one soul and their friendship is unbreakable. These two goons become a big headache to Police / Law and Messiahs for Poor. Police cannot convict them as there are no witnesses.

After 14 years, a Police Officer (Irrfan Khan) was put on this case to catch them red-handed with witness. These two goons cleverly complete their acts with no trace. One day, they meet a local bar’s cabaret dancer Nandita (Priyanka Chopra). At first sight, both fall for her. Both try to woo her to their best. However, they get to hear from her that she can choose only one person as her love. On the day of her proposal, a ruckus happens in the theatre and Bala kills a person. To avoid police case, Bikram sends him away with the promise that till Bala returns Nandita will be a friend to both of them. As movie should have a twist, Nandita comes and proposes Bikram while Bala is away. This creates a serious misunderstanding between two best friends and builds a rift. Something victims of these goons and Police men are eagerly waiting for.

Movie has good logical turns before audience get to see the climax. Whether Bikram chooses his love Nandita or friend Bala, whether friends patch up, and whether police finally end up catching these two smart goons are something you may really want to watch onScreen and feel happy about.

Director’s Punch:
1) Story and Screenplay are Director’s plus points; I watched earlier his movie “Mere brother ki dulhan” and am in awe of his directorial skills
2) Songs are a backbone to this movie along with apt background score especially the “James Bondish” music on two goons is very catchy
a) “Tune maari entriyaan” is energetic
b) “Jiyaan” and “Saiyaan” are soul stirring songs
3) Ranveer and Arjun are very apt casting for the story; they have delivered their best for the characters and infact added youthful flavor to it

Savvy’s Punch:
Watch it!

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Songs, Director
heartheartheart – Story, Screenplay, Heroes
heartheart – PC

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