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My Interviews: Singer Venu Srirangam

Success thy name is: Venu Gopal Srirangam (Venu)

Occupation: Tollywood Singer


Interview Link:

Courtesy: Tharanga Media (

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My Interviews: Singer Krishna Chaitanya

Success thy name is: Krishna Chaitanya

Occupation: Tollywood Singer


Interview Link:

Courtesy: Tharanga Media (

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Jai Ho!

The Movie: Jai Ho

Caption: No Gung-ho

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5

Zephyr: Story

Brush off:
1) Heroine (Daisy Shah) is a bad choice. Being a debutante, she did not try to prove her talent in acting or even her looks did not impress audience (She reminded me of Rakhi Sawant in her early days)
2) Extended fighting scenes. Trimming the length of the fightings would not have harmed
3) Salman’s looks were not good – no charm – in the first half hour. He had insomniac or hangover look; especially when you see on the big screen it’s so evident

Savvy’s Rede:
Cinema is a medium to disseminate good or bad. Movie makers hardly spend time to make movies with social causes as there is no commercial success and money involved. For a change, if a movie comes with a social cause combined with Star Power then it is like winning a Lotto. It spreads like a wild fire. And the results can be seen way faster than if the same info is shared through any other media.

When is the last time you felt happy by helping a needy? Movies like “Jai Ho” help audience to slow down from 24/7 mechanical lives and think for a minute. Agree or Disagree, humans are social animals and they survive by helping each other. “Jai Ho” talks about gift of giving, network of helping and making oneself and others equally happy and contented through humanity. This is a movement and cannot be build in a day or two. However, perseverance and commitment will go a long way. Believe in Benevolence and it comes back like a boomerang with increased power. 🙂

Story in a nut shell: (Spoiler Alert)
“Jai Ho” is loosely based on “Pay it Forward” movie. It is totally a Bollywood version with macho fights, lovey -dovey duets along with a pinch of sentiments.

Jai, a suspended Army Officer (aam aadmi = common man), wishes to start a “helping chain” movement. Whoever he helps, he asks them to help 3 people in turn. By doing so, his vision is almost every man helps the other. He hates recklessness, meanness, lethargy in people. Whene ever he comes across various incidents where he sees ill will of people, he loses his temper and fights back physically like an animal (I had to use Animal word because his facial expressions along with physical punches are shown like that; honestly, Salman was looking terrible 😦 ). The more he hates reality, the closer it gets to him always.

Initially, the ones who took help from him or his friends agrees to return back the favor by helping 3 more people but they soon forget to execute the promise due to their personal priorities. Meanwhile, Jai gets into a brawl with Home Minister’s son-in-law. This triggers a serious clash where Home Minister (and his kids) tries to kill Jai and his family. In a heroic way, Jai fights back. At the same time, his movement too starts getting some traction. By climax people start recognizing his idea and comes together to support his movement. And Villain gets knocked out.

Salman is a cut-out fit for commercial masala movies only. This kind of movies are not for him. Blame it on the story or the character, there was no charm in his face at all through-out the movie. It looked like he was half-hearted. When he was mouthing-out dialogues on Aam Aadmi, there isn’t any punch.

Genelia as a handicap without hands has touched the hearts. Tabu as Salman’s sister has given her best. Sunil Shetty in – Guest Appearance – looked dashing.

Although this movie has great casting, and has Salman, audience involvement factor is totally missing.

Director’s Punch:
1) Director has succeeded in getting the social cause idea out very well. He has shown two sides of the coin viz., new ideas getting ridiculed and discouraged AND believing in the idea and making it successful
2) Some scenes are taken so perfectly that your heart melts along with the characters like Handicap girl scene, little beggar girl scene etc.
3) “Tere Naina…” song is an instant catcher

Savvy’s Punch:
I have seen Hollywood and Tollywood versions of this movie already. Now, I watched Bollywood version too. 🙂 For people who have not seen this movie earlier, definitely sounds novel and inspiring.

Unless you are a Salman fan, this movie is not for you. If you still want to try, be my Guest! 😉

Savvy’s Hearts:

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The Movie: Yevadu

Caption: Who am I!!!!??

Savvy’s Rating: 2.50/5

Zephyr: Story, Hero’s costumes and songs

Brush off:
1) Want a crash course on killing 4 villains in an hour?? contact, Vamsi Paidipally or Charan
2) This movie reminds of 4-5 earlier made movies as it rolls; most of the scenes and story become pretty nostalgic
3) It feels like movie is going on a very fast pace. My guess is Director had to take the fast track approach to accommodate 2 stories. No time for audience even to sigh for a minute. Before you could ask yourself or your friend – sitting next to you – about “what’s going on”, you will be taken to second story
4) Visible blunders about Dubbing (Charan’s voice dubbed for both the characters viz., Charan and Satyam (Allu Arjun)), Hero fighting hard for 10 more minutes in spite of villains knifing him down, Charan’s “neutral” expression when he saw “transformed” face, Subbaraju trying to shoot him on the road with a inch of distance and still Charan escaping, etc.
5) Kota sounded very monotonous; Brahmi’s comedy was not appealing (bloody red nose comedy is a no-no)
6) As far as I remember, nothing was mentioned about Allu Arjun/Kajal and their relationship with Villains
7) Last thing, which I hate to say is, Charan was sounding exactly like his Dad (Chiru). His voice modulation, body language and dance were reminding of his dad. Audience never wanted another Chiru. It’s better if Charan really works and grows out of “Chiru’s skin”

Savvy’s Rede:
“Yevadu” is a typical commercial cinema with 3 fights and 6 songs. Lots of Heroism and eye candy Heroines. This movie is like old wine(s) in a single bottle. Picking multiple success flavors from various movies, stitch them, and lo, another movie with a star hero. This is actually a bankable success formula. No matter how many times the same “magic formula” is shown, audience still love to watch. Majority of fans and mass audience want to go and watch the movie especially for their Hero sake.

Story in a nut shell: (Spoiler Alert)
1) Story 1: Lovers (Allu Arjun/Kajal) → Want to elope and marry → A Villain → Lovers get killed in the bus they are travelling (4 key people to kill including Rahul Dev)
2) Story 2: Happy Go lucky college student (Charan) → Goes to Vizag to meet his friends → Comes across villains where they are trying to take over the area where his friend and other poor people lives → Charan fights for them → Villains kill Charan (couple key people including Sai Kumar)
3) The Twist: Charan travels in the same bus where Allu Arjun and his girl friend travelling on that fateful day → Charan gets killed → Allu Arjun survives with 90% burn injuries → Jaya Sudha who is Charan’s mom, a plastic surgeon, does face transplant to Allu Arjun to become Charan
4) The Climax: Charan kills two sets of villains and promises Jaya Sudha to be his son. He gets Sruti as bonus.

Director’s Punch:
1) Songs are pleasing ; “Dimple, Pimple” is a chart buster
2) Sai Kumar’s performance was commendable; Tollywood got one more skilled villain
3) Climax bus scene where the relationship between Allu Arjun and Charan were shown well
4) There isn’t much in the movie where we can see Director’s extraordinary work

Savvy’s Punch:
Purely for Chiru/Charan Fans. Watch at your own risk!
P.S. Class Audience: There’s a high chance of feeling more confusion and less entertainment

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheart – Songs, Sai Kumar

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1 – Nenokkadine

The Movie: 1 Nenokkadine

Caption: Impressively haunting

Savvy’s Rating: 3.75/5

Zephyr: Background Score, Cinematography, Technical exceptionalism, Screenplay and Mahesh Babu (with 6 pack) 😉

Brush off:
1) Couple ‘evident’ story/screenplay flaws (as it’s a thriller I can’t spill the beans; good thing is you won’t find them while you watch movie and your entertainment is guaranteed)
2) “London babu” song misused
3) Very lengthy duration
4) Climax is draggy
5) Few unrealistic stunts (I guess it’s just me)

Savvy’s Rede:
Creativity thy name is Movie. “1” is a thriller that keeps you amazed completely. Every time you think you know the what’s coming next, Sukumar was successful in proving you wrong. However, his over excitement had marred the continuity at some points. I’m guessing partly Editing issue too to cut down the duration. All in all, in spite of few glitches, this movie engages you totally from the start and you will be awe for it’s fine technical quality.

Hero/Heroine → 2 duets → 3 fights → Happy ending – that’s Tollywood’s predictable formula

This movie came out of that typical type-casted mantra. It’s a new wave in telugu movies. Basically, the movie is all about “Vengeance on Villains”. Beauty is what Hero had gone thru and whether he is successful in the end is showed in a novel way. Hope we get more creative works like this that keep our rusted brains oiled. The downside of any thriller is if you are not alert, you will be confused. This disclaimer applies to “1” movie too.

Director’s Punch:
1) No “typical” Brahmi/MS Narayana combo slapstick comedy, or entire family doing nothing but singing and eating always or restricted to hero/heroine going around the trees (that’s a huge welcome)
2) Screenplay is intact enough to keep you glued to chairs in spite of stretchy duration
3) Amazing Cinematography ; Locations and Settings are an eye feast
4) Sukumar repeated it again
a) Sukumar’s weakness is he puts entire responsibility on Hero; you hardly remember other characters in the movie ; Main protagonist has all possible shades on this world like Heroism, Villainism, Lover boy, Fighter, Great kid etc. etc.
b) He definitely has to change his school of thoughts for future projects ; if it’s not Mahesh Babu this story would have been a box office dud
5) Mahesh Babu ran the movie single-handedly with increased confidence ; you will be in awe of his acting and looks. In emotional scenes, you totally gets compassionate and empathize with him
6) “Aww tuzo mogh korta” .. a chart buster ; Background Score is a huge PLUS
7) Miscellaneous:
a) Movie Titles are catchy and thoughtful
b) Mahesh Babu’s son, Gautham Krishna, has given “Prince” title ; he is adorable and showed great ease onScreen
c) Heroine is good looking and got a chance to smooch Mahesh Babu more than 6 times .. 😉 😦

Savvy’s Punch:
This is one of the movies that you certainly don’t want to wait/miss (unless you are debating on Ticket cost). I encourage you to watch this movie on big screens to relish every frame. “Savvy Certified” movie!

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Background score, “Super Star” Mahesh, Cinematography, Technical stills AND “Prince” Gautham
heartheartheart – Story, Screenplay, Songs
heartheart – Sukumar


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My Interviews: Singer Saandip

Success thy name is: Saandip (సాందిప్)

Occupation: Tollywood Singer


Interview Link:

Courtesy: Tharanga Media (

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