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Uyyala Jampala

The Movie: Uyyala Jampala

Caption: Not good, Not bad

Savvy’s Rating: 2.25/5

Zephyr: –

Brush off: –

Savvy’s Rede:
What’s the difference between short story film and a mainstream film? Duration?!?! Okay, what’s the difference between a small film and a commercial film?? Budget and Debut casting?!?! If a movie has typical 2hr duration, small budget and debut casting, can we term them as “extended short story” film? If yes, Uyyala Jampala fits the bill.

Old wine in a new bottle or Paadinde paadaraa paasu palla dasari types. I am having hard time to mention what is good in the movie. There is nothing novel. Movie is predictable all along. I felt like I’m watching a short film with extended duration. All characters done their slots to the best but it feels like something is lacking. I do appreciate Big Names associated with this movie for Title cards. This might have added to film promotion and had fetched some audience to visit the theatres. However, ultimately it’s onScreen stuff that keeps audience to sit in theatres not the offScreen big Names.

Story in a nutshell: (Spoiler alert)
A boy and a girl → always fight and pull each others legs → Girl falls in love → Boy doesn’t realize that he actually loves the girl → Girl’s marriage is fixed → Girl feels terrible and wishes her marriage breaks up → As expected, marriage stalls and the Girl and the Boy wins their love. Did it sound like Nuvve Kavali?,yeah kind of same lines but the only difference is Hero and Heroine are related in the story/movie.

Hero is very promising and has ease in acting in the very first movie. He has to go a long way to be blessed with a consistent career. Good luck. Raj Tarun!

Director’s Punch:

Savvy’s Punch:
You are not missing anything if this movie is not on your radar.

Savvy’s Hearts:

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The Movie: Villa

Caption: This Villa is enthralling

Savvy’s Rating: 3.5/5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay and Background score

Brush off:

Savvy’s Rede:
If you are a Horror movie lover, Villa is one of the movies that captivates all through. A good horror movie is not only scares you while you watch but also haunts you for hours later. This movie is definitely comes with strong points. I am in awe of Writer. His first penning, “Pizza” movie was quite interesting. He kept his promise and delivered another great story for “Villa”.

I will categorize this as a small movie with no great star casting and done in a considerable budget. However, what makes this movie watchable is appreciative quality of the movie in all aspects and keeping the grippy momentum all along.

Story in a nutshell:
Film starts with a 30 year old writer who is desperately waiting for his first book published. After his father’s death, he comes to know about the Villa that his father owned. When he visits, the writer is astonished by the palatial bungalow loaded with antique paintings. As he continues writing his second book, things turn positive and his first book gets published and he starts getting money. At one point, he goes into one of the rooms in the Villa where he finds lots of paintings. Pretty soon he realizes that incidents are happening in reality in his life as shown in the paintings.

How those paintings landed up in the Villa? what’s the relationship between those old paintings vs future incidents happening? whether Hero saves his life? You must watch the movie to get these questions answered.

Director’s Punch:
1) Sensible story
2) Awesome screenplay
3) Good background score
4) Well played characters

Savvy’s Punch:
Horror movie lovers, Watch it! 🙂

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Screenplay, Story, Background score

heartheartheart Ashok Selvan (Hero)

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Dhoom 3

The Movie: Dhoom 3

Caption: ek dum thandaa 😦 (no boom, only doom)

Savvy’s Rating: 2.5/5 (2.5 is for the expectation of am audience sitting till the end of the movie with the assumption that something great will come next … AND it’s a shame for Amir to be a part of a movie that rates less than 2.5 😛 don’t want to mess up with AK .. )

Zephyr: Amir Khan

Brush off:
1) Lengthy chasing scenes with no excitement
2) Silly chasing scenes, at times
3) Abhi baby’s role is getting degraded for every movie
4) First 35 mins a real headache and audience are bewildered on this unexpected shock
5) Auto fighting is the most silliest and kiddish scene ever, Gawwwwd, give me a break
6) The most annoying character, Ali for his bad timing and awkward presence
7) Less screen space for Katrina
8) No story strength

Savvy’s Rede:
There are some movies that come with high expectations. That means more pressure to the team. This may be due to top cast involved or prestigious banner or both. In addition, if it is a sequel where prior ones are a hit, then God bless the team for the stress they undergo. Many a times, filmwallahs want to taste the success and forget about great story and involve starry cast with the assumption that cast would drive them to box office hit. Dhoom 3 fits into every possible assumption I mentioned above and disappoints the audience to a maximum extent.

Let me make a disclaimer here, this movie is exclusively for Amir Khan fans. There’s no Josh (excitement) and Dhoom (Boom) in the movie. Like me, I am sure everybody went with loads of expectations and got their Adrenaline touching the ground as the story moved.

Story in a nutshell: (Spoiler Alert)
Film is set in Chicago. Wonder why did they not choose India. After watching the movie, I felt like this story can be run with India backdrop too.

Amir’s dad loses their Circus to a Bank as he cannot pay the debt. He commits suicide as he feels helpless and cannot see his circus company being auctioned. Now, this makes young Amir Khan(s) to hate that particular bank and they start robbing the Banks. Amir always plan great heists and succeed to escape with money easily. From India, Abhishek along with his side kick Uday’s was invited by the Banker to catch this thief. Abhishek fails to catch Amir and the Banker asks him to go back to India as he was incompetent. Abhishek now takes this as a prestige issue (thanks to Uday’s boost up), and wants to catch Amir without any official powers. {:-( wonder when a Police cannot catch a thief with all possible official help like SWAT team, choppers etc. how he can do alone? }
Abhishek now understands that Amir has a twin brother. One is super smart and another is naive. However, if they join together they can pull thru anything be it a circus feat or a heist. Abhishek wants to trick the naive brother to catch baddy brother. Plan fails. In the end, both Amirs get caught and before Abhishek tries to catch them they jump off the bridge. Don’t assume beyond this, as they did not show if Amirs are dead. 😉

Director’s Punch:
Yep, there’s Director’s punch, pun intended, in the movie
1) Less: Katrina, Story, (silly!!) Direction
2) More: Amir (by default, he was best for his role) ; although watching Amir is a great feeling, it was over-dose and unnecessary most of the times
3) Trivial: Abhishek, Uday
4) I feel sorry for the Director (Vijay Krishna Acharya) for not making use of this greatest opportunity to deliver one more hit
5) Very lame direction and you wonder if he is the same one who gave two Dhoom hits earlier (Story for Dhoom and Screenplay for Dhoom 2). For this movie he tried, “Story, Dialogues, ScreenPlay, Lyrics and finally, Direction”, I guess, this might have stressed and stretched him too much which ended Dhoom 3 as a dud

Savvy’s Punch:
Say yes to Torrent, Online Links! Save Money! My prediction, this movie will be aired in TVs very soon. (Selling to Dish network is more profitable if the movie has low ratings.)

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheart – Amir Khan


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The Movie: Gravity

Caption: You will levitate through-out the movie ; an intriguing space experience

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5

Zephyr: Story, Screenplay, Female Protagonist and ofcourse, Male Protagonist 😉

Brush off:
At first, I didn’t understand Clooney’s re-entry at some point in the movie;, thought the scene didn’t come out well

Savvy’s Rede:
What do you do if your car stopped and you are stranded in a forest or in an unfamiliar place in the night?? trekking goes wrong and you end up spending a night in mountains? Well, even in that worst and scary situation there’s still a hope that you can survive and meet your loved ones. In these situations, the blessing in disguise is everything happening On Earth, that boosts up our hope. Imagine same thing happens when you are in Space!! Sounds spooky isn’t it? Gravity is all about surviving a Space craft mishap and coming back to Earth safely.

Entire movie is set in Space. Film opens with two astronauts repairing their space-craft that got stranded in Space. Finally Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are remained. They have to find another Satellite station to survive and go back to Earth. Meanwhile, some stone like fragments, starts coming all over. This debris is so fast and strong that it can break space crafts into pieces. This is another set back for them. Sandra and George will try almost to get to another station before the Oxygen exhausts. However, as the story has it, to save Sandra, George will lose his life. Although George’s screen time is less, he really made his presence felt. Now, Sandra’s mission is to reach Earth in one piece. Life of Astronauts, challenges they face in Space and gutsy moves they have to take in case of accidents are very well shown in this movie.

Director’s Punch:
1) Story and Screenplay is awesome
2) Very well thought casting and Sandra is the perfect choice for the role
3) Direction is absolutely a plus – the desperation, frustration, still hope to reach Earth is perfectly conveyed
4) Audience will be with Sandra till the end and there’s a big sigh of relief in the end

Savvy’s Punch:
I have been waiting for a long time to watch this movie and finally did watch. This is one of those movies that engages audience all thru. I recommend it!

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Story, Screenplay, Direction
heartheartheart – Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

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My RJ-ing: Gift of Giving

Program Name: Pravasa Tharangalu on Tharanga Media

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“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Theresa!

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My Interviews: Indian Idol Sreerama Chandra

Success thy name is: “Indian Idol” Sreerama Chandra

Occupation: Tollywood, Bollywood Singer


Interview Link:

Courtesy: Tharanga Media (

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Venkatadri Express

The Movie: Venkatadri Express

Caption: Captivating and Adventurous train, Thumbs Up

Savvy’s Rating: 2.75/5

Zephyr: Story, Direction, and Sundeep Kishan (Hero)

Brush off:
• Hero driving lorry on a jet speed in local roads
o My quick thought, “wish the Director had chosen Hero’s uncle saying, we are in Tirupati (close to the Train Station) than letting Hero to do the rash Lorry driving, in one of the scenes. Crazy!”
• Drinking and speed driving by Tagubothu Ramesh (Although “drinking is injurious to health” disclaimer was shown on the screen, missed warning the audience about “drinking and driving” accidents)
• Songs are a minus
• On and Off words of wisdom (bhaashan) from the Hero

Savvy’s Rede:
After his short film – “Karmara Devuda” –, Director Merlapaka Gandhi came up with a full fledge entertainer by name “Venkadri Express”.

This is one of the movies where I have seen the perfect entry and exit of key characters in the story. This is an example of great home work and extra care to deliver a quality product.

Small movies need more promotions and greater number of screens to make it available to the people. Hope the crew makes every effort to get this movie closer to the audience.

Story in a nutshell:
A middle class – mother, father, two sons and a daughter – well-knit family. The Father, a strict retired headmaster, who counts each mistake done by his family members. Anyone touching 100th mistake would be thrown out of the house. His wife is an asthmatic patient. Of all family members, younger son, the Hero, is a brat and is the one who made 99 mistakes so far; one more mistake, and he is out of the house. The family members are worried about him and requesting him not to make another grave mistake.

As the family starts for Tirupati for hero’s brother’s wedding, they forget the “mangalsutra (the sacred thread). As Hero’s mom starts worrying on how her husband reacts upon knowing the same, the Hero promises her that he will get the “mangalsutra” before the train leaves. Except Father and the Hero’s brother, rest of the family is aware of this issue. This is THE turning point in Hero’s life. As he starts way out of the train station to his home to pick up the item, he meets the Heroine in an unconventional way. He very soon realizes that he missed the train at the starting point, and ventures out to catch it in the next station. Catching the train in the next stop becomes almost impossible; during his trials, he meets various characters, faces troubles, romance blooms between the hero and the heroine, and in a cinematic twist he saves an unknown love birds from goons and marries them off. As the train stops at Tirupati, the Hero wakes up as if he had a good night sleep.

How the Director unfolded each situation that is faced by the Hero and saved him, how the Hero narrated the stories to his family members the next day, does the father ever come to know about Hero’s escapade and considered it as his 100th mistake and kicked him out of the house, how some situations are inter-related and made a great climax are to be seen on the screen.

Director’s Punch:
Like every movie, this one too has some glitches. However, I couldn’t stop myself appreciating team’s effort and intent to make it more appealing.

1. Story and Cinematography are the big strength of the movie
2. The overnight escapades of the Hero to catch Venkatadri Express (train) has been narrated and shown very well
3. Director is successful in keeping the suspense and excitement till the climax
4. Key characters have a proper entry and exit and equal linkage in the story till the climax
5. Dastagiri and Brahmaji characters have come out real good

Savvy’s Punch:
Go and watch the movie. It won’t disappoint you. .

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Story, Direction
heartheartheart – Sandeep Kishan, Saptagiri (Dastagiri character)

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