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Atharintiki Daaredi

The Movie: Atharintiki Daaredi (How to go to aunt’s house)

Caption: Atharintiki Daari is surely a jolly ride; Kirraakk movie 😛

Savvy’s Rating: 4/5

Zephyr: Story, Comedy, Music, and Direction.

Brush off:
• Introduction is bit slow and not as exciting as it has to be especially when you are introducing a Hero like Pawan; thought it was moving very slow but within no time it picked up
• I guess Pawan is getting too comfortable while acting; in some scenes, his body language is not in sync with the dialogues he delivered for that particular situation (Or I don’t know if he’s changing his acting style)
• Lengthy movie with interval it is 2.55 mins; can be edited to cut down some time (but it did not let audience feel bored though. Theatre was intact entire duration)
• The most annoying part is Devi Sri Prasad showing up in a song
• Slapping comedians didn’t gel with Pawan’s personality; instead of slapping he should of tried something funny
• Pranitha, Posani, Kota and MS Narayana characters are under-used

Savvy’s Rede:
This is one of those movies where you just want to watch and not review it or at least try to be more critical.

Story in a nut-shell: A Rich family, daughter marries against her father’s wishes, father gets mad and there’s verbal and physical fight between father and daughter, father asks her to leave the family, and she leaves the home insulted. Well, the father had a son and grandson too. Time passes; the ailing father wants to see his daughter again and requests the grandson to get her back. Like father, Like daughter. She too is so stubborn and don’t want to come back. How the grandson makes her aunt to understand the situation and takes her back to his grand-dad is the story.

When did you last feel like you really watched a good movie? This movie promises that. It’s a total family entertainer. If you consider a movie as full plate meals, then this flick has drama, comedy, sentiment, love, and action as items to relish.

It’s a lengthy movie (almost 3 hrs) but did not leave audience bored anytime. Story is knit so strong and audiences were eagerly waiting to see what’s coming next. I did not see any audience taking a break at any point even during songs. Simple thought on how to convince and get maternal aunt back home was shown in a grand way. It’s a visual feast to eyes. Almost the movie is flawless. Be it situational comedy or sentimental conversation, the scenes were terrific.

Well, I don’t have to say about Pawan Kalyan (PK). He’s the record himself. What surprises me the most is, in spite of recent leakage of 90mins of this movie, still he could make this a Record-buster. How is that possible?? I guess in Tollywood’s history, no movie had come out – or will come out – of this kind of crisis and survive as a Winner. Hats off to his Heroism and the mania he created for the movie buffs (P.s. not fans).

Director’s Punch:
• TRIVIK – The Director, The Story-writer, The Master in movie’s success. Period
• Dialogues in this movie are not heavy through-out; surprisingly 3vik had penned-down his dialogues’ weight for the sake of Pawan/Story I guess. Couple thoughtful dialogues:
• 1) Ekkada Neggalo ekkada taggalo telisinode goppodu (A person who knows where to win and where to bend is great)
• 2) Paamu paradhyaanangaa undani thoka meeda kaaleyyakoodadu (Don’t step on a snake’s tail just because it is not alert)
• 3) Aadiki manushulni champentha dhairyam ledu; chacchentha commitment ledu (The guy do not have courage to kill a person or have commitment to die for someone)
• 4) Meeru choopista Glamour; memu chooste Vulgar (If you (women) show it’s glamour and if we (men) see it’s vulgar)
• 5) Choodappa Siddhappa … from the trailer is THE Dialogue in the movie
• 6) Simham padukundi kadaa ani joolu tho jada veyakudadu; Puli padukundi kadaa ani pakkana nilabadi photo teeyinchukokoodadu (Don’t try to tie plaits with Lion’s mane just because it’s sleeping; don’t try to stand next to a tiger just because it’s sleeping. Both are dangerous)
• Unbelievably, songs were awesome to listen in the theatre; all songs are apt and picturized well; “Aaradugula bullettu” is a chartbuster; Sensible background score is a bonus
• Comedy is a great asset in the movie; Brahmanandam’s comedy post interval is a laughing riot. I am afraid people may say first half is slow because of Brahmmi’s late entry 😉
• Casting is the heart of the cinema. Characters and characterizations in the movie are so close to real life and performed well. Nadia is as stunning as ever and perfect match for the aunt’s role. Her attitude and body language was perfect for the character. Rao Ramesh is really growing high as an actor. He will surely give a run to Sayaji Shindes, Prakash Rajs soon. Rest of the supporting characters have actually added glow to the grandeur
• 3vik tried to repeat Mumtaz/Pawan pair for an item song sequence after Kushi. Guess it really flied. Although, Hamsa Nandini was sharing the screen space with Mumtaz, it was the latter who stole the show

Savvy’s Punch:
I guess Pawan Kalyan (PK) should submit a patent on keywords like Tikka, Kirrak, Mental etc. Most of his movies have characters addressing with these keywords.

This movie has two 6” bullets – 1) 3vik and 2) Pawan Kalyan (PK). Both bullets will pierce straight into audience hearts’ with this movie. I won’t be surprised if some old/long standing records in Tollywood will get knocked off this time.

What are you waiting for, just go and watch it! I bet you won’t stop watching it just once.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheartheart – 3vik, Story, Songs
heartheartheartheart – Pawan Kalyan (Hero), Brahmanandam
heartheartheart – Rao Ramesh, Nadia, Ali


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Phata Poster Nikla Hero

The Movie: Phata Poster Nikla Hero

Caption: Aayla, bahut dinon ke baad hit diya Hero (Omg, Hero gave a hit after a long time)

Savvy’s Rating: 4.25/5

Zephyr: Music, Story, Comedy, Hero and Heroine.

Brush off:
• Some scenes in the movie have very childish comedy. There’s a chance some audience may feel restless
• Dialogues between Padmini Kolhapure and Shahid are boring; it gives you a nauseatic feeling of watching old movies due to tiring dialogues
• On and Off, you see Shahid is not upto the mark in delivering the dialogues; it looks like he got sick of acting. It would have been better if this kind of things have taken care well during rushes
• As usual, Shahid tried to be Shahrukh Khan in couple scenes in terms of dialogue delivery. We all know it, so don’t take it to heart 

Savvy’s Rede:
It’s been long time since I watched Shahid Kapoor’s full fledge movie with a substance in it. Phata Poster Nikla Hero is a saver in his career. is a Comedy movie with a solid story.

A hero, his girl friend, his emotional mom and ‘supposed” to be dead father turning into to be the villain in the movie. Mom’s wish is her son (Hero) to be a Super cop. Son’s wish is to become a successful Hero in the movies and see himself on the big posters. Son lies to his mom to be a cop; when mom comes to know the truth she loads her son with “emotional dialogues” and a quick flashback where her husband is a cruel, greedy police man. In the end, Son understands mom and becomes a real life HERO by helping the Police department to catch the villain and his gang.

What keeps you glued to the chairs is awesome music and comedy. These days black comedy has been keeping families away from theatres. This movie is perfect to watch anytime.

Looks like Comedy is new Heroism. After “Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani”, Rajkumar Santoshi’s another block buster entertainer. This movie has a proper story line, songs, and appropriate characters to make it livelier.

Shahid Kapoor is a fine actor. You give him the role, he out does it. Wonder why he is not getting high budgeted commercial movies. He has talent, acting and above all still has ‘boy next door’ face. As usual, he mocked err acted like Shahrukh khan (stammering dialogues) wherever possible. This role is actually a small one for his talent. No doubt, he did it to the best. You don’t see him doing extra-ordinary heroic-stuff. Like Srinu Vytla’s movies (one of the Directors in Tollywood), hero’s character is one amongst other comedians. There’s no special elevation for Hero. Unnecessary importance was not given to any individuals.

Illeana was looking fresh and was beautiful onscreen; she made her presence felt in the movie. She looked mal-nutritioned in Barfi movie. She really picked up and looked like a “Bollywood” diva. As such, the Heroine character itself did not provide any opportunity for acting so you don’t see her doing much than being dumb girl friend to make the scenes more hilarious. I’m sure, after this movie, she’ll be loaded with “glamorous girl friend with no performance” roles. Tollywood will really miss her.

Rajkumar Santoshi – aww, where should I start? He’s the same director who gave comedy hit Andaz Apna Apna in 1994. After a long time he came back with full comedy entertainer. His effort is visible in every scene to make the comedy turn out well, I am sure audience received it well too.  Flawless!

Director’s Punch:
1. Marnaa tho sabhee ko hai , par sawaal ye hai ke, aadmi jeethaa hai kaise (Everyone has to die some day but the question is how a man lives). Wow, how thoughtful. Guess, Director took these lines literally and put his efforts to give a real good entertainer
2. Some Dialogues in the movie are funny
a. Ye chutte paise, tujh jaise chaarane aathane, mujhe mere naam se nahi , mere maar se pahchaan the hai (You guys are like change (small coins), you should know me not by my name but by the way I beat you) 😛
3. Entire comedy track is a welcome; it’s a clean comedy. I am not a great fan of black and slick comedies. You can happily watch this movie with your family
4. All songs by Pritam Da are melodious
a. Tu Mere Agal Bagal, Mere Bina Tu and Rang Sharbaton Ka are instant hit
5. Icing on the cake, having Salman Khan as a Guest appearance. His presence not only brought wide smiles on audience’ faces but also got some good marketing for his “Being Human” institution. Both Salman and Shahid wore “Being Human” T-shirts to promote as much as possible

Savvy’s Punch:
If you are looking for a movie to watch with your family and have a great laugh like kids, don’t wait to watch this movie.

Definitely not a deadly block buster but can end up as a paisa wasool for the Producers. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a sleeping hit.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheartheart – Shahid, Songs
heartheartheartheart – Story, Direction
heartheartheart – Illeana
Special heart Salman Khan …. heartheartheart

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Caption: Charan would have tried a straight film to enter into Bollywood instead of AB’s remake; Risky decision of his life time (Zanjeer keenchtaa rahegaa zindagi bhar .. )

Savvy’s Rating: 2.50/5

Zephyr: Nothing inside the theatre / in the movie

Brush off:
• “Mumbai kuch log aane ke liye marte hai, kuch log aake marte hai” .. guess this dialogue is apt for the Hero; for any hero, a block-buster remake is always risky especially if it is a debut movie. Already this poor debut Hero is under a scanner for his acting and now comes the baggage of comparison (if the earlier movie was done by someone like Amitabh and if it was a hit). Hats off to Cherry for taking up this project in spite of knowing the risk (Assumption: he weighed in pros and cons before signing a remake )
• Apoorva Lakhia – is he the same Director who did Shootout at LoKhandwala? Interestingly, that zeal and creativity have not been visible in the movie. Guess, he was totally confused while making Telugu/Hindi version. In any position corner, Hindi version doesn’t look Bollywoodish. Thumbs down as he’s the key person to elevate and project a debut hero well. #Disappointed
• Wish Music department was given as a single card to an established team; background score and songs were not catchy

Savvy’s Rede:
Zanjeer is a clean and predictable movie. One hero surrounded by One Barbie-doll like Girl Friend, Single dedicated job, One strong vengeance as a life-time goal, and last but not the least One cruel Villain.

As you all predicted, Hero loses his parents as a kid and wants to kill the murderer and in search of him forever. He grows up finds a good girl friend and the villain. Fight between good and evil and ultimately Hero, errr good, wins.

Background score is bad till mid of the movie. If characters in the movie are not talking then it’s the background score that keeps audience engaged. Just curious, #respect, who started relating “Raghupati Raghava Rajaram is equal to justice or good??!!”. At the beginning of the movie, playing this song as a background track for Hero is very annoying. There is a down side too for choosing this song, Hero was not shown as a strong macho guy and that toughness didn’t show up. #Loss1

Hero’s strict duty mindedness was strong in terms of voice-over; however, his personality was not projected the same way onscreen in the movie. Hero was not shown in a Bollywoodish way at all. Although Charan had some couple movies in Tollywood, I am sure even Telugu audience won’t be pleased with this kind of sober intro. It takes some time to get used to Hero like Charan. When “Chirutha” was released, audience had mixed talk because only some percent of audience embraced him instantly. For others, He had to come up with movies like “Magadheera” to win their confidence. Charan should have taken EXTRA care about his looks, acting and dialogue modulation to suit North audience. When Bollywood has the likes of AB, Amir, Salman, John Abraham, what’s the specialty in Charan that brings Mumbai audience to theatres? That “Extra thing” is absolutely missing. #Loss2

Apoorva has totally failed as a Director for this movie. He has done couple movies in Bollywood and he definitely knows the style and expectations of audience. He has failed to get that from Charan. This movie was simultaneously done in Telugu and Hindi versions. Was he over stressed? Was he confused and messed up both versions? His Direction flaws are visible almost in every frame. Whenever Charan’s close up was shown, his face was very neutral. His Dialogue delivery and body are not sync’ed up. Basic question to Apoorva, don’t you see the rushes right after the shoot? Didn’t you try for an exclusive premier to your team? Why you didn’t find the flaws up front? #Loss3

Prakash Raj is a great artiste. Sometimes when good artistes are exported to different ‘woods their talent is not projected will. For PR, this is one of the movies where his character was shown bit vulgar than villaneous. Knowing his acting stint, this role would have been a piece of cake and don’t think he even had to sweat to complete his lines. Overall, his projection was not upto the mark. Between you and I, even in Himmatwala and other Bollywood movies, he looked so weird. In Telugu movies, guess we give so much importance to carve his roles and that’s why he earns so much respect from Telugu audience. #Loss4

Sanjay Dutt as Pathan. He looked too old for Charan to be a good friend. Also, the scene between Charan and SD on how they become friends was silly. The scenes came one after the other within minutes where in Charan fights with him and don’t want to befriend with him. Immediately, to get info about a goon, he goes back to SD and makes friends with him. Honestly, the most childish scene ever. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the real Sanju Baba in this movie. He looked tired and huffing while delivering the dialogues. When Charan and he shared the screen, he looked like a monster or should I say Charan looked like a rat in front of an elephant? #Loss5

Priyanka Chopra has justified her character as a typical sweet candy of a Hero. She didn’t really take pains to show her performance at all. In the “yaari hai imaan tera ..” kind of song, she was as silly as she can be. Not sure if she’s aware that Director was projecting camera on her. BTW, any heroine can do this goody-goody role, wonder why PC (is she not pricey?)!!! Couple scenes with Charan came out very well. Her costumes are great in the movie ..

Mahie Gill, the Saheb Biwi aur Gangster girl. May be after doing 2 versions of SB aur G, she was a chosen one for Mona’s role. In this hi-tech version, don’t think she has any performance oriented screen time with rest of the crew except a full-fledge song. Her screen chemistry with Prakash Raj was odd and not promising.

Atul Kulkarni was at his best. He has been a great supporting character in many movies and out-did his roles in his earlier movies. He has done a good job in this movie too. #Accolades

P.S. I am not comparing roles from old movie to new casting. My review is purely based on their performances in this movie. If I start to dig out, I will be writing forever.

Director’s Punch:
1. Many times I heard Director is the captain of the Ship in movie making. For this movie, every key department had wrong team like Direction, Music, Casting etc.
2. Few dialogues here and there are good
a. Mumbai kuch log aane ke liye marte hai. kuch log aake marte hai
b. Chote logon ki story likhiin jaati hai, bade logon ki tho itihaas likheen jaati hai
c. Duniya mey sher aur dost ki kamiin hai, ek doctor kam padh jaayega to farq nahi padegaa
3. Dubbed version of this movie was released in Chinese and Malayalam languages, hats off to the movie team / Producers

Savvy’s Punch:
After 40 years, this movie was remade. Very surprised to see that audience didn’t forget the old version and still that movie is in their hearts.

If you want to give Charan a chance for his gutsy move, do watch the movie. Mind you, not a paisa wasool in any form or shape.

Savvy’s Hearts:
– Not Applicable


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Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvata (AMAT)

The Movie: Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvata (AMAT)

Caption: Cinema starting nunchi Cinema ending varaku (don’t know what Director wanted to say)

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5

Zephyr: Songs, Dialogues and Sri Avasarala

Brush off:
• Definitely Heroine’s character has not been etched correctly; the most annoying character was Heroine; always cranky, ready to argue, a naggy, demanding, talks about her rights, and a rebel; she’s shown as a dissatisfied personality no matter what hero does
• Open ended loop holes viz., Jigisha and the nerd character/love story, what happens to Rao Ramesh’s love interest? not sure if Sri Avasarala’s character gets lucky with his wife finally!!!
• For every 5 minutes, characters in the movie gets Confused, Compares their lives with others, not ready to Compromise and wants to Cut-off the relationships
• Unnecessary songs at times especially between hero/heroine
• Hero/Heroine can get into live-in for 2 months and parents won’t know about it
• Jhansi leaves her 1 year old boy with Hero/Heroine and flies to USA!!! And she watches her son’s birthday celebration through Skype
• Does Hero/Heroine work?? Or their full time job is cat fighting??
• Taking care of kid by themselves?? Really???

Savvy’s Rede:
AMAT – am I confused or Director was successful to confuse the audience, if it was his intention?? Honestly, struggling hard on where to start. I recollect Krish here where he tried to load multiple thought points into a single movie called “Vedam” and you know the result.

AMAT talks about pros and cons of every possible situation in a budding or an established relationship. Movie mainly revolves around 3 couples supported by relevant incidents in their lives. 1) Two love birds trying to squeeze-in and drink the beauty of life-time relationship in two months by living together “as” husband and wife. Both hero and heroine have seen respective parents not being happy in their lives. Idea is they don’t want to end up like their parents (??!!). 2) Hero’s family (Rao Ramesh and Rohini) are not happy in their marital life because it’s a forced marriage for him. 3) Heroine’s family (Ravi Babu and “Roja” fame Madhubala) are not happy because of neglecting (workaholic??!!) husband. She wants to pursue her ambitions which her hubby has been discouraging for a long time.

No one is happy and each of them is correct in their situations – “always”. How these characters sorts out their relationship/compatibility issues and come closer in the end is the climax.

Who says only teenagers are impulsive?? Guess what, couples who are in relationship for decades too can make impulsive decisions (in this movie). None of the key characters showed so-called maturity to address the hurdles in a mature way. Madhubala after living with her husband for almost 25 years wants to divorce him in a fit of rage; Rao Ramesh starts hating her wife very hard when he knows that she is the one who drove away his beloved forcibly to marry him; hero/heroine are always into cat fight and ready to break up.

I, honestly, feel that Director has been contradicting himself in every other frame in the movie. He’s the one who says relationship has to be nurtured and cannot be known in 2 months and at the same time, a 25 years old relationship is ready for divorce. In the end a 22 year old kid gives gyan to 43 year old mom (heroine’s mom) to give a second chance to her hubby. This guy doesn’t even know more about the heroine but could impress her mom??!! He brought out some true confessions of house-wives through Madhubala’s dialogues and at the same time made sure male character immediately cuts it off with a equal retort.

I don’t think this movie is a preacher but at the same time it won’t tell why this movie was made either. It has so many open ends. The way Indragranti tried to put forth basic compatibility issues between a male and a female is appreciable. At times, he has shown tremendous maturity in penning the dialogues and screenplay but unfortunately, failed to continue that tempo through out the movie. Too many emotions in the story spoilt the grip.

Director’s Punch:

1. Sri Avasala’s character was a show stealer; whenever I saw him onscreen felt relieved; next comes Rao Ramesh, Rohini and Jhansi characters’
2. Guess Tollywood is getting a serious make-over Director dealt with sensitive topics like live-in relationships in this movie (Hope people don’t end taking only this part seriously and start applying it in their lives, you know what I am saying…); it’s no more a taboo I guess
3. Director was successful in showing the sweet pain of lovers during early stages of love, difference between romance and love; this movie definitely touched the subtle romance part in a great way, a good move
4. Some dialogues are spinners
a. Magaadu aadadaani kosam pelli ni bharistaadu; aadadi pelli kosam magadni bharistundi
b. Life lo anni manam cheyyam … konni jarigipotaay anthe
c. Paapam chesi, paathikellu baaga bathiki, chaavu raagaane chempalesukunnaru
d. Ashanti gaa iddaru bathakadam kante, prashantanga ontariga bathakadam better
e. Kalisi undadam veru, kalisi bathakadam veru
5. “Nene naa .. naa nunchi nene vellanaa…” a chart buster
6. Last but not the least, Sumanth Ashwin’s screen presence is good. No macho looks but certainly can do some Tamil flicks like Dhanush. Good luck!

Savvy’s Punch:
If you watch a movie as a movie and never relate it to your life, please go and watch.

If you are okay watching annoying characters through out the movie, please go and watch.

If you are not in good moods and want to relax, please do not watch this movie.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Sri Avasarala, Rao Ramesh, Jhansi, Songs
heartheartheart – Direction, Dialogues

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