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Madras Cafe

The Movie: Madras Cafe

Caption: Strong coffee that refreshed old memories and will haunt for some more time

Savvy’s Rating: 3.75/5

Zephyr: Background score, Story, Cinematography, and John Abraham.

Brush off:
1. Editing issues – For the first 35-40 minutes background score was so loud that dialogues were not audible
2. Didn’t really understand if Madras Café (Coffee Shop) was in Sydney or Singapore or London or in all places .. 
3. Nargis Fakhri’s role delivering dialogues totally in English ; how about audience who don’ know english?!!
4. Rashi Khanna – Model turned actress, couldn’t do enough justice on her small role
5. Ajay Rathinam – as Prabhakar (LTTE Lead) – he’s such a fine actor but not much scope for him to show his mettle (his talent was not used properly)

Savvy’s Rede:
“Madras Café” – a coffee shop – where key top-headed selfish people almost sold India and sent a huge weapon consignment to Velupillai Prabhakaran AND about Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

Keeping the debate aside on whether the incidents and characters in this movie are fictional or real, I guess entire movie crew was successful in showing black sheep found in Government agencies.

In front of money, there’s no value to human lives. Who cares if innocent people are killed, as long as self motives of “some” greedy white-collar bureaucrats are fulfilled. India, a prospective country with huge opportunities, is ONLY for rich people / Bureaucrats ; not for a common man.

Very intriguing story and keeps audience stick to the seats through out the movie. Each and every character has been finely groomed and apt casting has made it easier to deliver strong performances.

This movie talked about selfishness at every stage, conspiracy, motives behind assassinations and kind of conversations happen amongst bureaucrats about peer Countries. One thing for sure, even Countries’ have to bend to political and peer pressures. These things are very sensitive and are shown in the movie subtly and smartly. In addition, it showed the life of Army wives and how they feel when respective husbands go on War zone for a long time. Writers really know what exactly they are writing and made their best not to give opportunity to open up controversies after watching the movie. Kudos to the team!

John Abraham is choosing his moves – as a Producer – wisely to make his mark his name in Bollywood. First Vicky Donor and now Madras Café; hoping he produces more good movies in near future. He almost repeated his behind-the-screen team of Vicky Donor for this movie.

John Abraham was apt as a Major Vikram Singh. He made sure the role’s heroism is elevated through out the movie.

Siddharth Basu, remember Doordarshan’s Quiz Time Master– has delivered great performance as a key RAW official.

Directors’s Punch:

1. Direction is a plus for this movie; powerful story reaches audiences only with solid direction and Shoorjit Sarcar did it
2. Some dialogues are very touchy – “mere pas puri army thi .. uske paas vishwas that I will come back home safe .. “ – John about his wife … (I had full army with me to save my life but [my wife] had only one thing i.e., belief that I will come back
3. Cinematography is a big plus ; LTTE camps, Rajiv Gandhi assassination location in Madras, Assassination team etc. were brilliant

Savvy’s Punch:
I would recommend to watch this movie.

These days many movies are coming out on social problems, real life incidents etc. These movies don’t promise typical commercial masala with item songs but definitely makes audience to think. Try this movie, it won’t disappoint you.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheartheart– Story, Direction, Background Score
heartheartheartheart– John Abraham
heartheart– bad editing at the beginning of the movie – too much b/g score interrupting dialogues’ audibility

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Once Upon a Time in Mumbai – Dobara

The Movie: Once Upon a Time in Mumbai – Dobara

Caption: Ek baar impress kiya .. Maan gaye .. Dobaara try kiya .. Maar khaa gaye!

Savvy’s Rating: 3/5

Zephyr: Dialogues, Dialogues and Dialogues … followed by Songs, Direction and Imran’s role.

Brush off:
1. What director wanted to ascertain in Dobaara? Love life of the Underworld Don ? or innocence of Mandakini? Or tried raking up old, long gone memories of both of their lives … very sensitive line you see …
2. Chemistry between Mandakini and Dawood .. errr Sonakshi and Akshay didn’t click well
3. At the beginning, in some scenes, Director tried showing – at least as an audience I was under the impression that – Sonakshi and Akshay are in love ; well, what’s the hard line between f’ship and love was not clear in the movie ..
4. Even when you are in love, underworld activities won’t stop ; at some point, movie was drifted from love life to violence

Savvy’s Rede:
If you have watched “Once upon a time in Mumbai” movie, by now, you would have already aware that this movie is on Underworld Don Dawood’s life. Dobaara is focused more on love phase between Dawood and Mandakini. LOVE, PYAR, ISHQ, MOHABBAT, accho acchon ki waatt lagaa deti hai .. wo Don Dawood ho ya gali ka Jahangir.

In love, there is success or sacrifice. No win or loss. How love started, taken twists between 2 men and a woman and ended is the story in a nutshell. I have to add, how tricky it gets when you make two new friendships and don’t realize you are falling for one person.

Although we say it’s “taken from real life incidents” there is a high chance we give bollywood’s touch as reality is not enticing.

Story began on a smooth line till Sonakshi’s entry. That’s when, to my understanding, Director’s struggle started. I guess the most challenging role to etch was heroine’s not heroes’. Directing real life stories is a big challenge but when you add creativity or personal opinion to it (be it Director’s or others), it will get adulterated and outcome suffers. Director failed to continue that grip in the movie. If one asks, what’s lacking, then I would say continuity and power of story.

Sonakshi was introduced in the movie as a naïve out of State girl who directly comes across Don near some beach. She’s introvert but at the same time courageous to walk over to people who she knows to talk(??!!!?). By the way, she came to Mumbai to become a heroine. She meets Don (Akshay) first and later comes across Imran Khan. Interestingly, she doesn’t know Akshay is a big Don till she says NO to his love. Director tried his best to show her innocence as much as possible while she befriends both men (One is Don and another works for Don). Although on screen it looks like she “likes” don, she falls for Imran.

Suresh Akshay did 100% justice to his role as a Don. However, as it is a sequel, I felt like Ajay Devgan suited very well. It took some time to get adjusted with Akshay as Don. Akshay has delivered his career’s best dialogues. I was in awe of his acting in “Dhadkan” movie; after a long time, I felt like he did very well in this movie.

Sonali Bendre played a cameo role. Wish she had shared more screen space with Akshay.

Imran Khan, well, where should I start? He has a bright future in Bollywood ; he is really proving his mettle by choosing right movies. He was apt for this role. However, his role started deteriorating as the story moved.
Directors’s Punch:
1. Dialogues are very well written and intriguing sometimes, kudos to the Dialogue Writer

Naam bataa diya hotaa to pahchaan buraa maan jaayegi (Akshay)
Mujhe kisine kaha ke mera future bright hai isiliye ye kaala chashma (Akshay)
Meri shakal pe mat jaana, kahte hai ke mera dimaag museum mey rakhne layak hai (Akshay)
Khilaadi tha .. par ab pooraa khel hoon (Akshay)
Logon ki itni buraayiyaan mat lo ke unke duaaon mey bhi tumhari maut maange (Sonakshi)
2. Director did a great job in depicting emotional scenes between Sonakshi/Imran, introduction of Akshay, timely entry of Sonali Bendre etc.
3. As usual, audience will get to see dark side of underworld, mumbai, selfish people and zero value to emotions; director’s effort came out well to show all these
4. Humour – Imran Khan was a savior with his witty presence and dialogues in between else entire movie would have been on hot seat
5. Couple simple moments between Imran and Sonakshi are touchy and romantic
6. “Ye tune kya kiya” song will become the chart buster; “Tayyab Ali..” is a funny song. As a kid, I remember listening something similar from a old movie.. Memories refreshed
7. Climax was predictable based on the personality of Don shown through-out in the movie

Savvy’s Punch:
Chalega par daudegaa nahi … if you do not have any other movie to watch, you can try this one.

Savvy’s Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Dialogues, Songs
heartheartheart – Akshay, Imran, Director
heartheart – Story

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