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Fast and Furious 6

The Movie: Fast and Furious 6

Caption: A perfectly packaged movie, don’t miss it … vvvvvvrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooommmmmmm

Savvy’s Rating: 4.5/5

Zephyr: Cast, Dialogues, Direction and of course, Cars. Ride or Die … sweet!

Brush off:

1) Guess Villain was not that wicked; he looked very mean though .. his strong presence was not felt

2) Lengthy fighting scene in the climax .. phew, real lengthy ..

Savvy’s Rede: Lived upto the expectations and I would say every time they are improving. In fact, Director made sure one of the key characters to say the dialogue that goes ..”we don’t quit, we improve …”

After a long long time, I felt like I really watched a movie with no serious bloopers/ flaws. Don’t you feel great when you get MORE than what you paid for??!!

Michelle’s character was very slow compared to rest of the characters but overall that can ignored.

Director’s Punch:

1) Dialogues were very well written and suits each key role in the movie. Theme is about Family, togetherness and supporting each other in bad times

Villain: Every man has a code. Your code is FAMILY that means you are vulnerable, predictable. My code is POSSESSION.

Guess that’s true, every person is identified with a key trait which is nothing but a code. Well thought!

2) Humor was timely and as usual Tyrese and Ludacris made audience to bust into laughing

3) Car racing sequences came out very good (well, that’s what the movie is all about, yep, I get it) and keeps you on the edge of the seats (mission accomplished from the movie crew)

4) Audience will be surprised by some suspense scenes

5) Spain was shown as beautiful as one can ever imagine, go and watch it on the screen to enjoy the islands in Spain

6) Surprisingly, Dwayne Johnson was one of the characters in the movie and shared equal space with rest of the cast. Not always, Police get to steal the show you see!!

7) Lastly, climax was awesome and unexpected with FnF 7 character’s intro

Savvy’s Punch:

1) Do not wait any longer, just go and watch it

2) Team work did come out good and FnF 6 is a HIT

Savvy’s Prophecy:
Will be a box office hit, no second thought about it.

Savvy Hearts:

heartheartheartheartheart – Cast, Director, Story, Comedy
heartheartheartheart – Jordana and Michelle
heartheartheart – Villain

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