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Zero Dark Thirty

If anyone asks, “What’s in a name?”, give back saying, “there’s a LOT”. How OBama (or his team) caught OSama was my weekend theme.

The Movie: Zero Dark Thirty

What exactly it means? Military term for 12.30am

Caption: Dark or Light no one escapes from the Law

Savvy’s Rating: 3.25/5

Zephyr: Script, Dialogues, and Maya’s role

Brush off: Torture scenes

Savvy’s Rede: Interesting and tight gripped movie. This movie talks about how ‘one’ wants to ‘win’ over other not just for money. Greed for command always leads to destruction. One’s wicked wish may be a bane for another. Watch out, never know when you will be next.

Universe’s most expensive – and strenuous – manhunt ever where the USA spent billions and billions of dollars. How CIA knocked off Osama in his own den is worth watching. In between there are very disturbing scenes of torturing terrorists to get to the truth, kids/women getting killed during the raid etc. Well, reality always sucks and you better get yourself ready to watch the scenes if you are up for this movie.

All in all, one thing to note, there’s no value for a human life anymore. People are getting killed like birds. You are innocent or culprit doesn’t matter.

Director’s Punch:

Disclaimer: These are purely my thoughts and please do NOT politicize them.

1) Torture scenes are as realistic as it can be. At some point I had to close my eyes as if it was real (despite knowing that characters are acting… )

2) Maya’s character was shaped up very well; a very strong, opinionated and confident woman who not only believed in herself but also made her team (including Prez’s office) to believe in her. I am in awe of this character. There’s always a woman behind a man’s success and surprised to learn that there’s this woman behind this successful manhunt.

3) Every character lived their roles.

Savvy’s Punch:

1) I wish I saw “Team Seal Six” documentary on Netflix after watching this movie. Most of the movie’s plot is same as the documentary. However, the documentary was more pro-Obamaish.
2) Wonder why this movie got so many nominations????!!!
3) Stop controversies, this is purely a marketing stint. Hope the Producer got Breakeven already.

Savvy’s Prophecy:
If you want to try something different, go to this movie. Else, just watch feel good movies as usual. No pressure from my side.

Savvy Hearts:
heartheartheart – Writer / Story/ Maya
heartheart – Director
heart – Cheap marketing tricks to market the movie

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