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The Movie: SKYFALL

Caption: You’ll fall for the villain

Savvy’s Rating: 3.5/5

Zephyr: Adele’s song and showing it aptly during titles, Daniel Craig’s fitness body and Javier Bardem’s acting.

Brush off:
1) Intro conversation between James Bond and Javier Bardem
2) I understand that James Bond is the brand ambassador of all Casanovas in the world; however, did not understand what else he did other than roaming around with 3 gals. As a punishment, I would like to give him a duet song in Indian Style (roaming around trees, hills etc.)
3) These days Villainism is new Heroism. The villain has edge over hero till the last 5 minutes. No matter how much hero tried to save his Mamma, she died in the end
P.S. Even in the recent Batman movie, I recollect how villain was powerful over hero. What’s wrong with Hollywood???!!!
4) Honestly, Naomi and Berenice shared the screen almost equally; didn’t really see “the Bond Girl” angel ring around Naomi. When Bond was busy flirting with many girls for every few minutes, it’s tough to zero-in THE Girl.

Savvy’s Rede: This movie is story-less or has less-story . Entire plot revolves around Judi Dench (M). I have a feeling that this movie is produced only to kill her character. If it is then I am sure it is a great acknowledgement as she has been with the Bond movies for quite some time.

Gone are the days where the Bond was on a mission to fight against evil to save world. Well, in addition to his other mission i.e., flirting with beautiful girls.

Daniel fits the bill as James Bond. I am all for seeing him in couple more Bond movies.

This movie has less Bondism and more Villainism. All scenes between Bond and Villain have come out real good and I wish there were more dialogues between them.

Whoever says, girls fall for Bad boys then it is absolutely true. Bad boys are smart, handsome, IT savvy, impressive, rich and last but not the least can give hard time to Hero.

2 hours of movie is dragged with no story and still audience doesn’t feel tired. If you ask me WHY? It’s always been exciting to see sexy and savvy Bond onscreen with his latest gadgets – sleak guns and suave car (Aston Martin??!!). People have that aura about Bond films.

Ending was very old-fashioned where Daniel was shown shooting a gun in black and white dots.

Director’s Punch:
1) It’s my pleasure and … it’s my pleasure – the way Bond rendered his last dialogue
2) Bond’s conversation with Psychologist during his health check
3) Rats story by Javier
4) M’s commands / questions to Bond
Savvy’s Punch:
1) Mamma ko kyon maar daalaa, kyon???? (Why did you kill Mamma in the end, why???)
2) Savvy is part of 50th Bond anniversary celebrations along with her 16 other colleagues

Savvy’s Prophecy:
Hype will subside soon; not called as a box office hit but certainly grosses profits

Savvy Hearts:
heartheartheartheartheart – Javier Bardem, Title song
heartheartheartheart – Daniel Craig
heartheartheart – Berenice, Director

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