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Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu

The Movie: Cameraman Ganga tho RAM BABU

Caption: Director Puri tho Media and Politics

Savvy’s Rating: 3.5/5

Zephyr: Script, Dialogues, and lil comedy. There is couple of punchy dialogues by the writer in the movie that makes you to think over how politicians can manipulate aam jantaa. Jaw dropping!

Brush off:

1) Fighting scene with eunuchs, wonder how they can fight with sarees on ???!!

2) Draggy “One step I, One step YOU” game and screechy yelling in the climax

3) I wish Sonu Sood played RaNa Babu’s role, totally missed him

4) Pawan has improved in dancing compared to Gabbar Singh He didn’t pant much ; he managed dancing to light steps without much heaving

5) Ali, Prakash Raj and Tamanna’s roles are under utilized

6) Melikel Tirugutunte Ammayo song reminded me of Chamka Chamka Chamki re song from Chirutha (remember same Music Director :-/)

Savvy’s Rede: Interestingly penned movie with very good thoughts. Telugu Thalli movement was unbelievably impressive concept. Hope this movie did not give queues to politicians to start a new movement.

Every time I was involved in the movie with great and thoughtful dialogues, Director was successful to distract me with either unnecessary fights or irrelevant and draggy scenes.

I am totally in awe of Pawan’s intensive dialogues on encouraging aam janta to come to save themselves. Sigganedi ledaa song was very apt (I remembered Niggadeesi adugu ee sigguleni janaannni song by Sirivennela). However, that intensity was diluted pretty soon with junk scenes.

Can’t really say what is missing as story is gripping without those unnecessary distractions. Overall, it’s not a movie liked by all. Majority of the story, looks like, is customized for Pawan. It’s not always great stories but Big heroes do drive the movie. This may either end up as a big hit or a super dud.

Director’s Punch:
Disclaimer: These are purely my thoughts and please do NOT politicize them.

1) In terms of confusing public, Kanipinche iddaru dopidee dongalu Politicians and Celebrities aithe kanipinchani aa moodo dongera Media

2) Puri has been always a man behind innovation. From this movie, he has opened a new channel to market political parties by resembling the characters (without actually using the Party names). Example, Chandrasekhar REDDY (with look, gait, dressing similar to late YSR garu) and RaNa Babu (not sure if it is related to Nara Babu garu). I am hoping future movies will be more open and come up with their Party names directly like “this movie is sponsored by Congress I” or “Courtesy by BJP” etc.

3) Puri has taken this movie as a stage to sulk on Media too in a comical way. He made sure mass people know how Media victimized people including his best buddy (read Ileana). Very talented move by him! He slapped media with makhmal cloth. I am talking about Brahmanandam’s comedy in the movie. Remember, atleast for some months, people relate any News posted by media channels as hoax or bogus due to the influence of this move.

Savvy’s Punch:
1) Jagan anna (not YSR Jagan, I meant Puri Jagan), maaku sainmaalo kaavaalne entertainment kosam .. spoon girilu / amul butterlu gitla unte jarra offline cheskoraade!
2) Movies make or break people especially when done by Big heroes. Wish Tollywood take this as a lessons learned and try to come up with novel ideas where aam janta is NOT disturbed
3) If Directors’ take everything too personal and try to show in on screen, little they know that everything becomes public for public

Savvy’s Prophecy:
If you don’t watch you don’t know what it is so Go for it!

Savvy Hearts:
heartheartheartheart – Writer / Story
heartheartheart – Pawan, Brahmanandam, Kota
heartheart – Tamanna, Prakash Raj
heart – Puri

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Oh My God

The Movie: Oh My God

Savvy’s Rating: 4.25/5

Zephyr: Script, Dialogues, and Kanji Bhai Alias Paresh Rawal. There are many times during the movie you will end up saying OMG!. Be it for amazingly penned dialogues, versatility of Paresh Rawal’s acting, solid story line and above all picturization without offending Atheists / Theists in any possible way.

Brush off:

1) Our own stylish Casanova Akshay Kumar playing Kishan Kanhayya’s role. Itnaa jamaa nahi yaar. I wish Salman was opted for this role .. {drooling …. }
2) For the first time, I felt bored seeing Prabhu Deva dancing. He has been my all time fav for creative moves but in the Govinda song he has almost repeated most of his earlier steps. Sonakshi would have been better being bit rough than being so delicate for PD’s mass steps

Savvy’s Rede: Very thoughtful movie. Every time any movie comes on Anti Corruption and any other social awareness theme, audience tends to increase their BPs during those 3 hours in the theatres. Later, it cools down in the same speed. I don’t think Director or Producer really wanted to change anyone. Even if they wish for, unfortunately it raises and drops like Anna Hazare movement However, they have succeeded in putting a question to all – Are you God fearing or God loving!

Director’s Punch:
1) Kanji Bhai narrating how Milk is wasted in a Shiva temple
2) Kanji Bhai showing pooja and donation bills to the judge
3) And many more, watch and enjoy

Savvy’s Punch: Zaraa hatke movie; kabhi kabhi aise movies bhi dekhaa karo yaar (try seeing this kind of movies for a change)!

Savvy Hearts:
heartheartheartheartheart – Director / Paresh Rawal / Producer (for coming forward to produce this movie)
heartheartheartheart – Mithun da

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