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The Movie: Julaayi

Savvy’s Rating: 3.75/5

Zephyr: Dialogues, Dance, Music, Comedy and Sonu Sood :-))

Brush off: Movie’s name is no where related to the story line. Wonder why 3vikram annaay gone for that name .. ;-)) Bahusha, GADUSU (ante SMART) ane peru suit ayyedemo …!

Savvy’s Rede: Tollywood Directors’ – please STOP ‘Vytla’fying the climax! Strong villain roles are diluted to comedians in the end, 1) where can actual comedians go? and 2) Villain flavor is losing its essence

Director’s Punch:
1) Jeevitham hi-way; Gelupu one way; andulo shortcuts ki no way!
2) Logic lu evvaru nammaru; Andari kii Magic lu kaavaali; Anduke jaanalu scientists ni kaadu Babaa lani nammutaaru!
3) Manaki telisina pani free ga cheyyakoodadu; Teliyani pani assalu cheyyakoodadu

Savvy’s Punch: If movie is entertainment then Julaayi is a sport!

Savvy Hearts:
heartheartheartheartheart – Director
heartheartheartheart – Sonu Sood
heartheartheart – All Comedians
heartheart – Bunny
heart – Corrupting the climax :-(( and wrong movie name

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